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Hey guuuys, hope you had a fantastic Midsummer! I spent mine with my two best friends at Pühajärve and spent the next day sunbathing on the lake. The party was a lot of fun, got to see Inna live whose songs I've always enjoyed during summertime. Now I decided to come visit Joonas in Tallinn, so I'll be here until 30th. As I'm waiting for him to get back from training to go to the beach, I figured I should show you my new make-up favourites again. Have discovered a bunch of those lately, in addition to my fav make-up posts HERE and HERE. So here come my Summer make-up recommendations for you:

1. I discovered this little blunt brush, finally something I can contour eyebrows well with. No idea why I haven't found this one before, such a helper elf. 

2. Yves Saint Laurent Touché Eclat foundation - I know I recommended this one in another post, but the foundation now has a new formula that is as light on the skin as the old one, but has even better coverage. The beautiful glow still remains, now it's just even better! 

3. Another thing I only recently discovered and now can't survive without is the make-up fixer. I bought the Pierre René one. I don't know how I went to parties and events without it until now..I mean you need your make-up to stick on your face for the whole night, right!?

4. Aaand finally tried out the Beauty Blender products I recieved from Beauty Blender Estonia. I will soon post more about those on blog, but these little fellas are so helpful!

5. Urban Decay Naked concealer...I mean...WHAT IS THAT? I love it so so much, it is hard to get and rare and I totally understand why. Perfect coverage, perfect light yellow shade for my skintone, perfect in every way basically! A must have!

6. Then I felt like having a pinkish orange eyeshadow tone to use for shading on the eyes and as a fun colour during Summer. Also saw it on many of my favourite bloggers, mixed with brown eyeshadow. I got my perfect orange tone from Make-Up Store

7. Of course I didn't stop with Candy K by Kylie Cosmetics and also got a bit more pink and light shade Koko K. I think these lip kits need no more hype, everyone already knows how gorgeous these are. So addictive!

8. And lastly, the matte hydrating primer by Bioderma I like to use under my foundation, you can find more talk about the new Bioderma products HERE.

Hope you found those tips helpful and gave you some cool new products to test out! Gotta run now, so let this be in English only this time! x

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