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Hey all! At first I thought about listing some more fun facts here, as you really liked them back in...Spring? Anyway long time ago, but then I started seeing these Fall tags all over blogs and decided to go for that instead. More exciting for me and hopefully for you aswell, although the fun fact one will come soon too! So I went on a look out for my favourite set of questions and loved Kenza's one the most and also added 2 more from other blogs just to get that pretty 15, so let's get it! 

  1. Best beauty product?

    - Oh it's pretty hard to pick just one, but I would probably go with my newly found Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel right now, since as a natural blonde I have really light eyebrows, so this gives both colour and shape to my brows. Gotta appreciate that it keeps eyebrow make-up in place all day!

  2. What colour do you prefer on your nails? 

    - Nude in the Spring and Summer, Black in Fall and Winter and red on rare occasions.

  3. Favourite piece of clothing?

    - For a really long time it has been my white Mango double-buttoned boyfriend blazer (pictured under). It's just so perfect that I will never ever give it away and I wear it rarely cause I'm afraid to ruin it. At times I can be a real monkey with my white clothing haha! And I would say my newest favourite addition for Fall is the Lindex wool coat (pictured above). Just gotta love things that are so beautiful and yet keep you warm too. 

  4. Favourite accessory?

    - I think it could be a pair of really cool sunglasses or a furry clutch since I have so many of those...but on a bad hair day it's definitely a New Era cap. Irreplaceable accessory to keep that wild wild hair hidden that day.

  5. Favourite colour of clothes? 

    - Actually had to peek over my shoulder into my closet now, because I just don't know!! I've always low-key loved pink, but you can't really stuff your clothes with that colour, sooo maybeee...the basics, white & black & nude are my most owned and loved colours right now. 

  6. What is the best thing about Fall?

    - For the last three years it has been definitely the beginning of university life again, getting back to all the challenges that I strongly dislike because of all the material that has to be read, but at the same time kinda look forward to because they are like exciting puzzles, where the things run well so you get overly happy about what you are doing, but then comes the part where you find nothing and get that little panic, but it always turns out well. Shortly...routine haha. And also the moments when I have no massive amount of work to do and it rains outside, so I just cuddle into a fuzzy blanket, drink tea and blog or watch now. Of course I can't leave unmentioned Fall fashion, which as far as I've heard, is everyone's favourite any way! There is so much to wear, so much to want, from trenchcoats to bombers, from over knees to cut out boots, from fuzzy scarves to sweaters, but I think when people talk about Fall fashion, they talk about the early days of Fall, when you don't have to layer up 4 times to get some warmth in our North. 

  7. What is the bad thing about Fall?

    - The cold. And I would also like to mention the thing all bloggers probably do, that it's hard to blog when there's not much light during the day anymore for photos, but what I actually like about blogging in Fall is that people spend more time behind the screen again and engage more. Also a lot more is happening in the fashion world, when everyone comes back to routine from Summer. Did I mention cold with rain and wind? That's the worst. Oh and also during last two years it has been leaving home and J after a long Summer..really bad sad thing to do each September. 

  8. The best drink?

    - Ladies and gentlemen I present to you...ICE TEA!! Oh my god I am addicted to this and not for a few months but probably two years at least now. I always have ice tea in my fridge, doesn't matter if I'm in Sweden or at J's place or at my parents place, I have to have this. It is the only thing that I can drink when nauseus during long car/train/bus rides and the only thing I can never have enough of. My favourite is the Nestea's green tea one, but here in Sweden I am a fan of that huge 2 litre carton box ice tea they have at Hemköp. J already knows when going food shopping that he always has to get a bottle of ice tea for the girl haha! 

  9. What do you listen to right now? 

    - Fun fact, not a fan of listening to music daily, but I do it when blogging so I can at least answer that now. So right now it's "Still Falling for You" by Ellie Goulding, adore her voice so much!

  10. Favourite TV show?

    - I'm a basic, so currently Grey's Anatomy and I just can't stop watching random Gossip Girl episodes over and over and over again. Another addiction in my list of addictions for weird things. Also waiting up for the new season of Devious Maids, really recommend this to everyone! It's so fun but also you never know what to expect!

  11. The best scent?

    - Hmm, good question. Is saying 'dusty basement' too creepy!? Hahaha well, from pleasant scents it would be these different scent pearls from the Estonian brand Joik. Also the smell of rain after a dry period, when it's dusty..Okay back with the dust again. And I really like the smell of Chanel no 5, it's so sophisticated and just..different. In Spring I really love the smell of everything blooming early in the morning.

  12. Are you going away on a trip?

    - In 4 days, I'm visiting Estonia, my home and in a month me and J are going to Puerto Rico for two weeks! It has been sooo long since we could match our schedules to go on a vacation together, but now it's finally happening again and I can't be more excited! Really tricky to plan a trip somewhere with a footballer.. By the way, believe it or not, but it's gonna be my very first trip outside of Europe! 

  13. What do you prefer doing on a rainy day? 

    - Oops I think I already gave up too many answers to that under other questions, but either peacefully working on my uni stuff without any 'pretty weather' distractions and cuddling inside a blanket with tea and Gossip Girl or a movie. Nothing to surprise you guys with here! 

  14. What is the last thing you bought? 

    - Plane ticket home for Christmas and if they mean clothing then a floral lace dress for the Puerto Rico trip.

  15. When were you really embarassed lately? What happened?

    - Haha I picked this one as an additional, because I manage to do silly stuff too often, but hey, at least everyone gets a good laugh out of it, including me! So among the first things that immediately popped my mind, I would pick the one where I was hanging up laundry upstairs and on my bra, I saw this moving thing and I was absolutely sure it was that really long legged spider, so I screamed and ran downstairs to get my housemate and when he got upstairs I was like "over there, see, on the laundry basket" and hid myself somewhere in the background. He leaned over, took the thing from the laundry basket in his hands and said "Meryl that's your tangled hair" and to make it even worse, I didn't even believe him at first. They still remind me of this every time.. 

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