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Velvet set from Misspap

Took a few quick snaps (with a horrrrible lightning!!!) of my velvet set with the help from Rebecca last night. On Friday I went out for Sandra & Laura's birthday sittning and after that we went out to dance. Felt good to go out again over a little while.. definitely before everyone starts to call me "the grandma of the house" again like last year hahah, but sometimes you just don't want to party at all, for pretty long periods, and it's totally normal for me. 

Today I basically spent recovering from the lack of sleep and watched J's football game. Tomorrow I have to be a busy bee again with uni work and probably will snap an outfit for you aswell, and also full cleaning of the house is planned and a little bit of packing already, because I'm going home in 4 days already! So excited for so many reasons - seeing my J and family again, Tallinn Fashion Week, some meetings and of course seeing my friends aswell! Have to manage everything I've planned in 9 days, ugh. I'm staying from 20th - 29th of October and after I get back I have a final project presentation immediately, sooo no fun at home without work anyway.

Hope your weekend was dope! <3

15 oktober 2016 21:00 | FASHION |


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