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Hey girls! As I know some of you have really liked the "favourite beauty products" posts, so I'll try to create one for you guys often and it's easy cause new favourites come along and I get a lot of recommendations myself too. So this time it's not only hair or make-up, but a mix of all kinds. Hope you will find this post useful and well, let's get to it! 

Make-up is probably what I love changing the most, so here are the latest new finds. 

1. Clinique Redness Solutions with SPF - to be honest, I used that one more during the Summer, because of the SPF. This foundation-like creme reminds me of CC cream, it's lighter than a normal foundation so perfect for hotter days and coverage is great!

2. Pupa Bronze Palette - I regret not having an opened photo of it here, but it consists of 4 different shades and an introduction how to make the best out of them when contouring. The colours match my skin so well and there is also a highlighter in the mix.

3. Clarins Lip Perfector - I know I know, I've already reviewed that one, but now I got a shade lighter from the cruise ship. It's still light pink, but has more of a brownish undertone. Definitely better for Fall!

4. Pupa Eye Pencil - Basically I could add here which ever Pupa black eye pencil. I think I've tried them all and they are all super good! Pigment is really strong and it stays on so well.


Here are two treatment products I've loved for a long time now and both are recommendations from others who have gotten great results from aswell. 

1. Franck Provost Expert Nutrition Masque - I use hair masks a lot and this has been my favourite for a couple of years now. Sometimes I use it as a 3-minute mask in the shower, instead of conditioner, and sometimes I leave it into wet hair overnight and wash it off in the morning. Hair is super silky after using this and smells just as good as the mask and for a long time. 

2. Eveline 8 in 1 Nail Care - So the story behind this is that I went to my friend's party and since I hadn't seen my friend over such a long time, I got blown away by her SUPER long nails. So when I asked how the hell did she grow those, she told me about this nail polish. I immediately bought this for myself, but you need to use it exaclty as they describe, otherwise the result will be slow. So I managed to somehow keep up with the routine and my nails grew soo fast and they were really strong. So hard to believe when you've had fragile nails all your life, it's like some miracle. Now I bought a new one after breaking my nails again and I can again see it already work it's magic. 

And lastly, I have a really good quick make-up removal tip for you.

1. Make-Up Eraser Cloth - so I had the chance to try this out and I wasn't really sure this could actually work, but this amazingly soft thingy actually removes make-up so easily! Of course I still prefer to use micellar water daily, but this is so perfect when you have to stay over at someone's or travel. I used it on my latest cruise ship trip for example. Much more convenient to have this little cloth than a bottle of micellar water and pads and all that. How it works is that you make it wet, swipe your face with it and wash it, that's it. Really. 

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