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Hejjj, today it's time to head back to Sweden again. Sitting on the sun deck of a cruise ship, having a Coke, updating the blog on my phone and looking at the skyline of Tallinn getting farther and farther. Oh man it was sad to leave home the other day, but even sadder to drive the opposite directions with J at the ship port today. It's always way too sad for me, even when this time I'm away just over a month. Never gets easier, just becomes more real. Now I'm just gonna remember these cute gestures through car windows until we see again. Blah, hate this!!

Tomorrow it's gonna be a super exhausting day for me. In the morning, when I get off the ship, I'm gonna have to drive from Stockholm to Lund, which is gonna be a rough 7-hour drive. Hope it goes by quickly and smoothly! Good luck Mer haha! The day after I'm already going to university. I'm so excited about this!! It's been so long since I've seen everyone and felt my brain burn!

Oh yesterday was super fun though! J had another important football match that ended 1-1, but literally killed my nerves haha! After the game some peeps from the team, including me and J, had to get to another teammate's place real quick, because his girlfriend had arranged a surprise birthday party for him. Ooh we were so good at lying, that he didn't notice a thing before stepping through that door. The party was fun with so many lovely people and great food and in the end, boardgames!

I really had an amazing Summer in Estonia! Thank you so much friend and family, J and everyone new I met! Swede life aeaits and I will see you all on 20th of October if everything goes according to plan!

Okay long talk already, time to go buy tax free make-up, yaaay! <3

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