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Bomber & Hoodie - HERE

Hey everyone! I have a new giveaway on Instagram!!! I'm super excited about this one cause I am giving away one of the participants, guys or girls, their own favourite basic bomber jacket from Streetshop One! How cool is that? Those who know, know that the bomber jackets Streetshop One are super great quality and well everyone looks great in a bomber jacket anyway. I love to wear my red one a lot right now, since the weather just doesn't seem to get better. So to get yours, do the following:

1. Find the bright red bomber photo on my Instagram @merylmgi
2. Follow me and @streetshop_one
3. Tag 2 friends

And that is all! If you think a friend of yours or your girlfriend/boyfriend would love a jacket like that then take part for them as well, since don't we all just love gifts!? Winner will be announced on 1st of May, so I wish all of you good luck! x


Hei kõigile! Mul on Instagramis uus giveaway toimumas!!! Ma olen super põnevil selle üle, kuna ma annan ühele teist, poistest või tüdrukutest, omal valikul basic bomber jaki Streetshop One'ilt! Kui ägedalt see veel kõlab? Need, kes teavad, teavad et StreetShop One'ist leitavad bomber jakid on ülikvaliteetsed ning muidugi igaüks näeb ka bomber jakis väga hea välja. Kannan enda erkpunast bomberit hetkel väga palju, kuna tundub, et ilmad ei muutugi kuskil paremaks. Et saada kätte enda lemmik, järgi seda listi:

1. Otsi minu Instagram'ist @merylmgi pilt erkpunase bomber jakiga. 
2. Follow nii mind kui ka @streetshop_one
3. Tag'i 3 sõpra

Ja ongi kõik! Kui sa arvad, et kasvõi sinu sõber, tüdruk või boyfriend oleks õnnelik taolsie jaki üle, siis osale ka nende eest, kuna kõigile ju meeldib kinke saada!? Võitja avalikustan 1.mail, seega soovin teile kõigile edu! x 


Blink Shoes open-toe boots from Showroom Styling.

Well today I exhausted myself both mentally and physically as I studied 5 hours in Espresso House again with Elise and after that spent 2 hours at the gym as well. Can't wait to just lie down, chow down some good food and put on El Clasico game, the best football out there for me. Buuuut since there's a little time until that game, I decided to post the last one from the Lydia Hotel series, where I'm showing you all some perfect finds from the Showroom Styling shoe store at Tartu Kvartal. So I completely fell in love with these open-toe boots and as my long time readers would know, these are my main go-to party shoes as I find them the comfiest out there. The Blink Shoes version is even more exciting as they're really flexible and have those air holes styled in a really cool pattern. Also this kind of boots NEVER go out of style and go with everything. I've had my other pair for like 4-5 years now and I'll never get tired of them haha! Btw, ain't Lydia Hotel's lounge just the prettiest!?

So hopefully I can have a little one day rest from my thesis as I might work tomorrow. Time to cook now! Have a great Sunday night babes! x 


Nii täna ma väsitasin ma end küll lõplikult ära, nii vaimselt kui füüsiliselt. Õppisime Elisega Espresso House'is 5 tundi täna ja pärast seda veetsin jõukas 2 tundi. Ei jõua ära oodata, et lihtsalt pikali visata, midagi head kõhtu pista ja El Clasico peale panna, parim jalka, mis mu jaoks üldse olla saab. Aaaga kuna mänguni on veel aega, siis otsustasin postitada viimase seeria Lydia Hotel'ist, kus proovin näidata erinevaid lemmikuid SHowroom Styling kingapoest Tartu Kvartalis. Nii siis, nende avatud ninaga saabaste fänn olin ma kohe esimesest silmapilgust ning nagu mu pikaaegsed lugejad juba teavad, siis see on mu põhiking igalepoole, eriti just pidudele, sest seda tüüpi kingad on minu jaoks mugavaimad kontsad, mis olla saavad. Blink Shoes variant on eriti vahva, kuna nad on hästi paindlikud ja õhuaugud on tehtud ägeda mustriga. Sellist tüüpi saapad ei lähe KUNAGI moest samuti ning sobivad kokku kõigega, mis sinna juurde sobitad. Mul on paar selliseid saapaid olnud juba 4-5 aastat ega väsigi vast iial neist ära haha! Muide, kas Lydia Hotelli lounge pole mitte imeilus!?

Loodetavasti saan nüüd päeva puhkust oma bakatööst, kuna pean ilmselt homme tööle minema. Nüüd aga aeg kokkama hakata! Vahvat pühapäeva õhtut kõigile! x


Hii all! I'm so happy today, so I figured I would spread some beauty tips with that emotion since who is sad when talking about beauty stuff anyway? I started my morning off by going to 'Kosläpp' in Skurup, which is when they release the cows after a long winter on the farmland and they jump and run around with joy. I recommend this to everyone to see haha, but here it's easier since in Sweden they make a big event out of it. Then Elise and I went to pet baby goats and one of them climbed on my lap and sniffed me and that was enough for a dose of happiness for the day. After that we headed to Lund to study at a cafe and from that happy-goat-cow-dose emotion it was so easy to write so much into my Bachelor thesis yay! But back to beauty talk now haha.. Here are photos and descriptions of the stuff that I recommend you to try out this month. Hope you find something new and exciting for yourself! 

1. Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette - I was on a look out for a Urban Decay large palette as you know, they are one of the most known and use ones. I was going to choose between Naked 2 and 3, but then I noticed the Basics one there. One look at the colour choice and I was sold. It has all the colours that I use and so many pretty shades of nude as well. My most used ones are purple, pink, this reddish-orange and yellow and this palette just has it all. Plus it stays on long and has a super great pigment. Such a must-have!

2. Smashbox Eye Primer - So if you want your eyeshadows to stay on from morning to late night and to make them 5 times more pigmented on your eyelid than normally then that's the go-to product. A girl at Kicks recommended this to me, it was a bit pricy by looking at its size, but now I know that you only need to use a teeny tiny portion and eyes are primed. This thing does exactly what it says on package and I'm never changing it. 

(By the way, that gorgeous rose gold watch is from Wilhelm Bergman!) 

1. Beauty Blenders - Every respectable make-up bag contains one and you all probably already own one-two, but I decided to go further from using the classical one and also tried out the little ones that I now use for eyebrows, eyes and other narrow areas on my face, and I also tried out the Beauty Blusher, which is a medium and made for a blush. They are all in daily use for me and it's natural to carry around 3 different sized 'eggs' now. I also has the change to try out the Beauty Blender cleanser named Solid. It makes the sponge cleaning quick and effortless and it keeps them looking fresh, new and soft! 

1. Supermood Egoboost Facelift Serum - When that product was described to me together with its friend Eyelift serum it made me laugh since they said it's gonna pull your face so tight that you can feel it. I don't feel it thank god, but as I tried it the first two times, I couldn't see the difference between my tired morning face and after using this. I kind of left it on the side from my daily make-up routine, but then one day I gave it another go when going to the gym and I checked the mirror like 2 minutes after and bam, I looked so tight and fresh in my face! Now I've been using it daily ever since and I don't know what happened, but it suddenly works? Still not feeling the tightness, but it's really visible around eyes and cheeks. 

2. It's Skin Ye Effector - I heard a lot of good things about this one and saw it's sold out in a lot of online stores, but I wasn't really sure what it did more than boost something with yeast, but I tried it on anyway and eventhough I don't recognize any other effects, it's a super great primer! Somehow after applying this on my face, make-up blends and sticks A LOT better. If anyone knows what the actual effect should be, comment below! 

3. Supermood Youth Glo Radiance Serum - This again does what it says - makes the face glow. I use it together with the Egoboost one and I just love how good it smells and feels on face. Just a little perfect glowy thing. 

1. Focallure Silicone Sponge - I was really curious about the sponge, so I had the change to test it out real soon after. It blends nicely and is really easy to use, but it's probably only me who doesn't love the feeling of silicone rubbing face. Nevertheless, I use it everytime I run out of any liquid product because this one makes your products last two times longer as it absorbs zero product, saves every drop and is so easy to clean. One sponge should last many many months. 

2. GHD Advanced Split Therapy - We got to test this one out after a Polhem event and it's something I really recommend for everyone! What it does is that after washing your hair, you apply a little on your ends, then blow dry and then straighten your hair, and after that the ends feel sooo smooth! They look healthy even when they aren't really (that's me after another bleach) and they help to keep the ends straight and to straighten them faster if you don't have GHD perfect straightener that is (I don't). Love it!

1. Egoboost Beauty Chocolates - Saved the weirdest beauty product for the last! The creator of Supermood is an accomplished Finnish supermodel who longed for her own beauty line and she created everything that she missed from other beauty products. The line is quite new and there are so many exciting products to try out because she really seems like super talented at creating these. I also tried the Beauty Mist of her series, but I couldn't show it here due to handluggage restrictions (aka the mist is at J's place in Tallinn), so I'll introduce that later in summertime. But but one of her most interesting products is the chocolates. She is said to love chocolate so so much, so she decided to create beauty chocolates that either make you get a great dose of beauty sleep or give you a youthful look due to the ingredients that people lose from their skin when getting older. I gave the chocolate to mom since well I don't need it yet, but I tried both of them out. Their taste wasn't my cup of tea and you probably have to eat a lot of those to see some result, but hey, how fun is to try out beauty stuff like that!? 


Coat - Vila       Bodysuit - H&M      Jeans - Topshop       Hoodie - New Look      Boots - Bronx/ from Showrrom Styling        Bag - Guess        Phone Case - Ideal of Sweden/ HERE

Been a busy day today! Finally had the change to meet up with my thesis supervisor to get answers to my final questions before beginning and I left the office sooo happy haha, I actually feel really good and positive about this thesis and it seems like everything is falling into place. Well I know that will change from 0 to 60 real quick too, but let me enjoy the moment. I got a compliment for my red suit pants from some random guy today right after the meeting, so my mood was really good about so many things and then I went to sit in my car and well...I saw that the whole day, my zipper had been open. My mood was crushed, but it's sooo typical of me to ruin a good flow of events with something simply stupid. I really hope no one noticed but well it was hard not to to be honest. Ah I just feel so bad about it that I feel like I'm obligated to mention it here as well. That just plain old me. 

By the way, you can get a -20% discount from Ideal of Sweden if you use the code "idealSS17" when ordering any case in their website! I really love the cases as they are quite thick, just gorgeous and really good quality. 

I have a paper to send in by tonight, so hope you like today's look and talk to you real soon! x


Täna on olnud üpris töökas päev. Sain lõpuks aega, et kohtuda professoriga, kes nõustab mind bakatöös ja sain kõik vajalikud vastused viimastele küsimustele enne kui asjaga päriselt pihta hakkan. Lahkusin kontorist niiii rõõmsana, sest ma tundsin end väga enesekindla ja postiiivsena oma bakatöö osas, kuna kõik tundub olevat paika loksunud ja sujub nii ilusti. Ma tean, et see suhtumine võib muutuda nullist sajani kiirelt haha, aga las ma naudin seda momenti korraks. Pärast kontorist lahkumist ütles keegi võõras poiss, et mul on nii ilusad püksid, mis tegi tuju muidugi veel paremaks lisaks kõigele muule ning läksin istusin autosse ja noh...terve selle päeva oli mul olnud püksilukk pärani lahti. Tuju oli kohe kiirelt pühitud, kuid see on on ju nii tüüpiline minu puhul, et ma toreda asjade kulgemise millegi jube lihtsa ja lolliga ära rikun. Loodan väga, et keegi ei märganud, aga kui aus olla, siis seda ilmselt oli raske mitte märgata. Oh mul siiamaani nii halb tunne sellepärast, et ma pidin sellest siin ka rääkima. Lihtsalt tavaline Meryl.

Muide, Ideal of Sweden'i netipoes saab koodiga "idealSS17" 20% alla kõigist telefonikatetest! Mulle nii meeldivad need katted, kuna nad on sellised tugevad, super ilusad ning väga hea kvaliteediga.

Täna öösel on vaja siiski järjekordne bakatööpaber teele panna. Loodan, et tänane look meeldis ja räägime peagi! x 


Hey all! So here's finally the Denim Dream Jeans commercial video starring me, Sandra Ude, Jaan Roose and Kristjan Kasearu. Just for all of you who have missed it on TV haha. This is the very first denim collection by Denim Dream and I am so so happy to be such a big part of this! Hope you guys like the video as much as I do! x

Thank you Widescreen Studios and Denim Dream team! 


Hei! Siin on siis lõpuks Denim Dream Jeans reklaamvideo, kus löövad kaasa mina, Sandra Ude, Jaan Roose ning Kristjan Kasearu. Lihtsalt teile, kes te seda veel telekast pole jõundud näha haha. Tegemist on Denim Dream'i päris esimese teksakollektsiooniga, seega mul on suur au ja väga hea meel olla nii suur osa sellest! Loodan, et teile meeldib reklaam sama palju kui mulle! x

Aitäh Widescreen Studio ja Denim Dream'i tiim! 


Trench & Top - Lindex/ HERE     Boots - Bronx from Showroom Styling       Jeans - Ginatricot

And back in Sweden again! Now for good (okay until the Paris trip) but hopefully no more short trips to Estonia before June when I graduate. Time to dive head first into my thesis and that's gonna be my priority for the next two months. Okay, now that the goals are set here, time to talk about shoes haha. I found these Bronx Selectors sneaker-boots (I don't know how to call them) when I was going through the selection at Showroom Styling and I just couldn't handle how cute and cool they were, so I took them with me. These boots are a perfect thing to wear right now with this unstable weather, they come in all kinds of pretty colours that make them suitable for spring but at the same time they are still boots that prepare you for anything that might come down the sky right now. Today it snowed in South Sweden...I mean I sunbathed a year back at the same time. I love to wear these with skinny jeans with a laid-back look and let the boots shine. These are really something I've never seen before and so practical yet pretty, so if you want a pair go grab them quick from the Showroom Styling store as the sizes are going super fast! Find the store at Tartu Kvartal. 

Now I'm gonna go fill my fridge properly and write down my very first words into the thesis. Funny that I already did retail therapy twice today and I haven't even started yet, sigh. Hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend! x


Ja tagasi Rootsis ma olengi! Nüüdseks kohe päriseks tagasi (okei kuni Pariisi reisini), aga loodetavasti on nüüd nende ettearvamatute Eestisse sõitudega selleks korraks kõik ning tagasi alles juunis, kui olen ülikooli lõpetanud. Aeg on pea ees hüpata oma bakatöösse ja see saabki olema mu prioriteet järgnevaks kaheks kuuks. Okei nüüd kui eesmärgid paika pandud on aeg rääkida jalanõudest haha. Leidsin need Bronx Selectors saabas-ketsid (ma ei tea kuidas neid kutsuda) kui vaatasin üle Showroom Styling'u valikut poes ja ma lihtsalt ei suutnud mööda vaadata, kui armsad ja vahvad nad olid, seega võtsin nad muidugi endaga sealt ka kaasa. Need on praegu just ideaalsed saapad selle ebastabiilse ilmaga. Nad tulevad erinevates ilusates värvides, seega on nad just sobilikud kevadeks, aga samas hoiavad sind valmis selleks mis iganes sealt taevast järsku alla sadada võib. Täna näiteks sadas Lõuna-Rootsis ei tea, aasta tagasi ma päevitasin samal ajal siin. Mulle meeldib neid kanda kitsaste teksadega ning väga laid-back viisil, mis laseb neil saabastel särada. Pole tõesti taolisi jalanõusid kunagi näinud. Nii praktilised, aga samas nii ilusad, seega kui tahaksid ka ühte paari, siis rutta kiirelt SHowroom Styling'usse kuna suurused lähevad nagu soojad saiad! Poe leiad Tartu Kvartalist. 

Lähen nüüd täidan oma külmiku korralikult toiduga ning kirjutan esimesed sõnad oma bakatöösse. Naljakas, et ma olen täna ostuteraapiat juba kaks korda omale korraldanud, aga ise pole veel bakatööga algustki teinud, oeh. Loodan, et kõigil on toredad lihavõttepühad! x


Everything is from the Guess store at Viru Keskus.

Another one where I'm wearing Guess from head to toe. I already saw the bling knit (haha) last time I visited the store and it has been pulling my heart strings ever since. I don't know what it is about it..probably that it is a almost turtleneck while the sequin goes all the way up and maybe the way the sequin matches the grey shade of the knit or possibly the fact that it is loose but at the same time figure-hugging. Since the knit itself is already so eye-catching then I matched it with simple leather pants that are the most comfortable leather pants I've ever tried in my life, so soft! Also added a pair of sneakers with polka dots and well I just couldn't leave that really cool leather jacket out of it as it goes so well with the outfit anyway right? All these pieces and many many more beautiful ones are available at Guess store in Viru keskus and porribly in other big malls in Tallinn as well. 

Yesterday I spent my evening at the Denim Dream denim party modelling for the fashion show, celebrating the new collection and having such a great time! I will post seperately about this event really soon. Now I'll send some e-mails, make some calls and off to hairdressers soon. Tomorrow is the last day at home before summer. My mom and dad will also go to Stockholm tomorrow so I'm meeting them in Tallinn before my flight and we're all gonna have enough time before our departures to watch J's football game. Happy we get to do this before I leave! 


Veel üks postitus, kus kannan peast jalatallani Guess'i. Ma juba nägin seda bling kampsunit (haha) eelmine kord, kui poodi külastasin ja see on hingel olnud siiamaani. Ma ei tea, miks see mulle nii meeldib..võib-olla sellepärast, et see on pooleldi kõrge kaelusega ning litrid lähevad täiesti üles välja või äkki on see just see, kuidas litrid sobivad kampsuni halli tooniga nii ilusti või võib-olla on asi selles, et see pole selline ümber kampsun aga istub ikkagi ilusti kehasse. Kuna kampsun ise on juba päris pilkupüüdev, siis sobitasin selle juurde väga lihtsad nahkpüksid, mis on muide kõige mugavamad nahkpüksid, mis ma endale elaes jalga tõmmanud olen, nii pehmed! Lisasin paari täpilisi ketse ega suutnud muidugi jätta juurde lisamata seda super lahedat nahktagi, mis sobib outfit'iga ju hästi samuti. Kõik need riided ja palju palju muud ilusat on saadaval Viru keskuse Guess'is ning kindlasti ka teistes suuremates kaubamajades Tallinnas.

Eile veetsin õhtu Denim Dream'i teksapeol, kus astusin üles modellina nende moeshow'l ja tähistasime nende esimest teksakollektsiooni. Mul oli tõesti super vahva õhtu, aga ma kirjutan sellest eraldi vähe pikemalt peagi. Saadan nüüd mõned e-mailid, teen paar kõnet ja varsti juuksurisse. Homme ongi viimane päev kodus enne suve. Ema ja isa lähevad homme samuti Stockholm'i, seega saan nendega kokku enne meie väljasõite ning meil on isegi võimalus vaadata ära üks J jalkamäng enne. Super hea meel, et meil see võimalus on enne, kui ma jälle kauaks ära! 


Bomber & Sweater - Streetshop One/ HERE       Jeans - Misspap/ HERE      Sunglasses - Lindex/ HERE       Sneakers - Tommy Hilfiger

Hey all! Wanted to introduce you guys to this little store and netshop in Tallinn where me and J get our comfy and sporty clothing including the best quality bomber jackets - Streetshop One. Last time I visited their Showroom in Tallinn, I found this gorgeous bright red bomber and just had to take it with me since I am a huge fan of bright red currently and I decided to get this oversized sweater as well. When I got home J wanted a bomber like that right away so we went to get him the black one with orange inside haha. I definitely recommend checking out their web store (link under photos) since they have different brands that are not very mainstream and have these edgy street clothes. My favourites are the bombers since they are padded and have way too many colours to choose from. Yesterday me and J did a little 'modelling' for their brand Nickelson as well, which you're gonna see here real soon! 

I'm gonna have a giveaway for one of the bombers really soon, so keep your eye on the blog and Instagram. Until then make sure to use my discount code merylspring10 for 10% off Streetshop One webstore! x 


Tere tere kõigile! Tahtsin teile tutvustada ühte veebipoodi ning väikest poodi Tallinnas, kust mina ja J hangime oma mugavad ja sportlikumad riided, sealhulgas super kvaliteediga bomber jakid - Streetshop One. Viimati kui nende showroom'i Tallinnas külastasin, leidsin endale sealt selle erkpunase bomber jaki ning loomuliukult krabasin selle kaasa, kuna olen hetkel tohutu erkpunase fänn ja lisaks sellele võtsin endale ka piltidel oleva oversized dressika. Kui koju jõudsin tahtis J kohe endale samasugust bomberit, seega läksimegi ja hankisime talle ühe musta bomberi oranzi voodriga haha. Soovitan kindlasti pilk peale visata nende veebipoele (link piltide all) kuna neil on palju erinevaid brände, mis pole sellised mainstream ja riided on sellised ägedad, tänavastiilis. Mu lemmikud on just bomberid, kuna need on sellised 'kohevad' ja värvivalik on samuti väga väga suur. Eile tegime J'ga pisut 'modellitööd' Nickelsoni brändile, mida samuti veebipoest leiab ning varsti on need pildid ka siin nähtaval! 

Korraldan ka giveaway peagi, kus annan ühele teist omalvalikul bomberi, seega hoidke silm peal nii blogil kui ka Instagram'il. Seniks kasutage kindlasti mu allahindluskoodi merylspring10, et saada 10% alla Streetshop One veebipoes! x 


Jacket - Chiquelle/ HERE        Jeans - Topshop        Shoes - Misspap/ HERE       Shirt - Mohito 

Just me and my Wayne's Coffee haha. Had such a nice chat with Elise that day in the town, had some hours before my sudden flight to Estonia. Now I'm on the train again, on my way back to Tallinn as I have a photoshoot with J and Nickelson brand coming up today and another photoshoot tomorrow and some events as well. One of the events is the Denim Dream denim party for the launch of their new collection where I am the campaign face with Sandra and Kristjan Kasearu. Make sure to come say hi to us and enjoy the party at Rocca al Mare on the 12th. You can find all the additional information on their event page HERE. It's gonna be a lot of fun and everything is with -20% discount during the event! I'm really looking forward to meeting you guys and seeing you all there! 

I found these pearl jeans a while back and they have been my favourites ever since. I love the high cut and how they're not too baggy and the pearls and the charcoal shade make them look the coolest! This kind of jeans call for some good simple basics, so I'm wearing them with the Moto jacket by Chiquelle. I think the moto jacket must be the most popular product Chiquelle has had for many years. They are always sold out quickly in different colours, because the jacket is light, but not like saggy, and has awesome details on sides and front. Just a really really good leather jacket to wear with anything, so grab one before they sell out agaiiin. Cool pants also call for cool shoes and since weather in Sweden is finally good enough (but who knows how long) to actually wear open-toe boots then these midheel ones from Misspap are a perfect fit to that outfit. I love these shoes because they are so easy to wear with a lot of things and their heel is really low which makes them really comfortable. 

Trying to get back on track with blog as I missed two days due to a very sad event in my family, so I'm gonna start editing tons of photos now, blah. Have a great week guys! x 


Mina oma Wayne's Coffee'ga haha. Vahva oli Elisega kokku saada ja jutustada see päev kuna mõni tund oli aega mu ettearvamatule lennule Eestisse. Nüüd olen taas rongi peal, teel Tallinna, kuna täna ootab ees pildistamine Nickelsonile koos J'ga ja homme on veel üks pildistamine ning siis järgnevad juba mõningad üritused. Üks üritustest on Denim Dream'i poolt korraldatav kuum teksapidu, kus tähistame nende uut teksakollektsiooni, kus mina koos Sandra ja Kristjan Kasearuga kampaanianägudeks oleme. Tule kindlasti ütle meile tere 12.ndal Rocca al Mares. Kogu info leiab nende ürituselehelt SIIN. Tuleb üks lõbus üritus ning ürituse ajal kehtib ka -20% DD poes, seega tasub kohale tulla! Loodan teiega väga kohtuda ja teid kõiki üritusel näha!

Leidsin need pärlitega teksad mõnda aega tagasi ning nad on mu lemmik valik olnud sellest alates peale. Väga meeldib nende kõrge pihaga lõige ja et nad pole väga kotakad jalas, ning muidugi pärlis ja see halliaks toon muudavad need nii ägedaks! Sellised efektsed teksad käivad hästi kokku just ilusate basic'utega, seega enamasti lisan nende juurde Moto tagi Chiquelle'ilt. Mul tundub, et see tagi on Chiquelle'i üks populaarsemaid tooteid juba aastaid. Need müüakse alati nii kiirelt välja igas värvitoonis. Ilmselt sellepärast, et nad on sellised kerged, aga mitte lõtakad, ja külgedel ning ees on palju detaile. Ongi lihtsalt üks väga mugav jakk, mida kõigega kanda nii et krabage endale üks enne kui nad jälle välja müüakse. Kuna lahedad püksid klapivad lahedate jalatsitega ning ilm lubab viimaks Rootsis käia avatud ninadega saabastega (ei tea küll kui kauaks muidugi), siis lisasin outfit'ile juurde oma Misspap'i madala kontsaga saapad, mis sobivad kui valatult. Mulle väga meeldivad need saapad just seetõttu, et need sobivad nii paljude asjadega kanda ning on äärmiselt mugavad oma kontsa tõttu. 

Proovin nüüd tagasi järjele saada oma blogiga, kuna kaotasin kaks päeva väga kurva sündmuse tõttu meil peres nii et asungi edasi hunnikutes pilte töötlema, blah. Vahvat nädalat teile kõigile ! x


Red Laptop cover by Katvos.

A while back I decided to change my black marble cover to something happier and more colourful, so I got together with Kätlin from the Katvos brand and picked out this bright red-pink cover that is just so gorgeous! It's really eye-catching and shines bright when light hits it. Kätlin is super talented in creating these covers and she creates new ones really often. All the covers and new updates are visible on her Instagram @katvos_ (HERE) and you can order them both there and on the Katvos Facebook page HERE. Yes the covers are pretty but they also prevent your device from scratches, so they're perfect if you're not a fan of phone cases or laptop bags. 

By the way guys! She now makes covers for all laptops and phones, so happy picking!! (it's hard haha) 


Veidi aega tagasi otsustasin vahetada oma musta marmori kleebise läpakal millegi rõõmsama ja värvilisema vastu, seega saingi kokku Katvos'i brändi Kätliniga ning valisin välja selle erkpunase-roosaka katte, mis on nii nii imeilus! See paistab kohe kaugelt silma ja helgib kui valgus peale langeb. Kätlin on super andekas erinevate ilusate katete loomisel ja ta teeb uusi ikka päris tihti. Kõik kleebised uued-vanad on olemas ta Instagram'i lehel @katvos_ (SIIN) ja neid saab tellida nii Instagram'i kirjutades kui ka Katvos'i Facebook'i lehele (SIIN). Kleebised on muidugi väga ilusad, aga nende peamine eesmärk on ikkagi kriimustuste eest kaitsmine, seega need on ideaalsed just neile, kes pole telefonikarpide või läpakakottide fännid. 

Muide! Ta nüüd teeb katteid kõikidele läpaka ning telefoni brändidele, seega rõõmsat valimist!! (mis on omakorda päris raske haha) 


Denim Jacket - Misspap/ sold out right now, similar HERE       Jeans - Guess       Bodysuit - Chiquelle/ HERE       Sneakers - Nike 

I've been waiting to post this look for soooo long now ugh! The weather just ever allowed me to have so little on until today. I just love having denim on denim, but it's such a seasonal thing only. I bought these Guess jeans a while back, but recently I found this perfect Misspap denim jacket that matches the colour and ripped parts of the jeans like a glove. I also love the pockets since they are a bit side-ways, which makes it look both cool and it's really comfy to just have your hands there haha. A figure-hugging bodysuit with white sneakers was the best match with the other baggy pieces. I love that you can adjust the straps on the Chiquelle bodysuit and it has that straight neckline that I like. Definitely a super worthy basic in my closet, perfect for any outfit in summer time. Don't you just love simplicity!?

I'm in Tallinn now, landed around 1am last night. Spent a lovely day here today, also met the representative of Converse in Estonia, which is really exciting for me since I am part of the super awesome Converse crew this year and got to pick out my very first pair already (in addition to the 6 I already have in the closet haha). Can you guess what colour they were? A lot of cool events coming up with the team, can't wait for summer to come! I have a lot of busy days ahead of me, so I'll take my time to relax with J for the rest of the night. Tomorrow heading to my hometown. Take care all! x


Ma olen oodanud juba niii pikalt, et seda look'i postitada siia uhh! Ilm pole lihtsalt veel kordagi lubanud mul seda teha kuni tänaseni. Denim denim'il outfit'id on ühed mu lemmikute hulgas, kuid kahjuks on see nii hooajaline variant. Ostsin need Guess'i teksad juba päris tükk aega tagasi, kuid nüüd leidsin Misspap'ist ideaalse teksajaki nende juurde, mis sobib nendega nii värvi kui ka katkiste kohtade poolest. Vahva on see, et taskud on pisut rohkem külje peal seega sinna on oma käsi päris mugav panna ja näevad muidugi väga lahe välja samuti. Üsna kotaka denim'i juure on seega ideaalne kooslus üks 'kehakallistav' boysuit koos valgete tossudega. Chiquelle'i bodysuit'i 'trakse' saab reguleerida, mis mulle väga meeldib taoliste toppide puhul ning super ilus on ka sirge kaelus sellejuures. Kindlasti on see üks väga vääriline basic asi kapis olemas, mida suvel kõige juurde kanda. Lihtsus on siiski parim asi, eksole? 

Olen nüüd Tallinnas taaskord, maandusin umbes 1 paiku öösel. Veetsin siin toreda päeva täna, samuti kohtusin Eesti Converse'i esindajaga, mis on minu jaoks äärmiselt põnev, kuna olen sel aastal super ägeda Converse'i tiimi liige ning täna sain juba oma esimese paari Converse välja valida (lisaks 6'le, mis mul juba kapis on haha). OSkate arvata, mis värvi valisin seekord? Tiimiga on palju vahvaid üritusi tulekul, seega jään väga suve ootama! Kuna tulekul on palju töökaid päevi, siis võtan täna J'ga aja maha ja puhkan. Homme sõidan juba kodulinna. Olge tublid kõik te! x


Trench - Vila/oldie      Pants - Zara       Turtleneck - Mohito       Sneakers - Tommy Hilfiger      Bag - Moschino      Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Here's a look from two weeks back when we visited the Polhem PR Showroom to get familiar with brands like Vita Liberata, Supermood and GHD. I'll share some more info and photos of the event really soon. I found these bright red pants from Zara when I was visiting Tartu and I wanted them so bad the minute I tried them on. We all know red is one of the main colours this season to wear anyway! Obviously still trying to figure out that belt that comes with it though haha.

So I came back to Sweden thinking I can sit down quietly and work on my Bachelor Thesis, but then I learned I will have to fly back in a week to attend the Denim Dream jeans party event where I am the campaign face and where I will be modeling at (more info coming here soon). That was okay since it's still a bit far away, but unfortunately 2 nights ago I learned about a really sad and terrible loss in our family so I am already flying back to Estonia tomorrow after my seminar. I was planning to blog and blog a lot during the last days, but I hope you understand it's a bit complicated right now. I couldn't even stay 3 days in Sweden, but what can you do, life is just unexpected in that way. 

Just wanted to let you all know what's going on and why I am suddenly going back home again. I'll be on spot there from 6th to 14th April. I'll better continue packing since tomorrow's gonna be a long loong day for me. Have a great week everyone! x


Siin on üks hilisem look kaks nädalat tagasi sellest päevast, kui külastasime kõik Polhem PR Showroom'i, et tutvuda brändidega nagu Vita Liberata, Supermood ning GHD. Jagan rohkem infi ning pilte selle kohta juba peagi. Leidsin need erkpunased püksid Zarast, kui viimati Tartus käisin ega suutnud neid enam pärast proovimist poodi jätta. Me kõik teame, et punane on see hooaeg üks põhivärve nagunii! Ilmselgelt ma alles üritan muidugi aru saada, kuidas see vöö peale käib, mis nendega kaasas oli haha. 

Nii siis ma tulin tagasi Rootsi ootusega, et nüüd istun siin rahulikult maha ning keskendun bakatööle, kuid siis sain teada, et peaksin lendama tagasi Denim Dream'i teksapeole, milel kampaanianägu ma olen ning kus osalen ka moeshow'l (rohkem infot ka sellest peagi siin). See oli väga okei, kuna sinnani on veel pisut aega, kuid kaks ööd tagasi sain teada suurest ja väga kurvast kaotusest meie peres, seega lendan ma tagasi Eestisse juba homme kohe pärast seminari. Plaanisin blogida ja blogida palju viimasel ajal, kuid loodan, et saate aru, et praegu on sellega olnud vähe keeruline. Ma ei saanud veeta isegi 3 täispikka päeva Rootsis, kuid elu ongi selline vägagi ettearvamatu ja midagi ei ole sinna teha. 

Tahtsin teile siin lihtsalt teada anda, mis toimub ja miks ma nii järsku jälle Eestisse lendan. Olen seal kohapeal 6.-14. aprill. Jätkan nüüd pakkimisega, kuna homme tuleb üks pikk pikk päev minu jaoks. Loodan, et teil on tore nädalake! x


Wearing everything from the Guess store at Viru Keskus/ find them on

Hello Sweden, here I am again! I had such an early flight today, so I'm just gonna post this here and go back to sleep probably haha! I had a lot of blog work during the last couple of days and one of them was this fun collaboration with Denim Dream, more precisely their Guess store at Viru Keskus, where I put together my favourite outfit. So I decided to go for the sporty chic. I picked out these striped joggers as this kind of pants are really in right now and a matching ribbed crop sweater to it and matched the look with heels, sunglasses and a large handbag with the largest GUESS all over it haha. I just love this kind of outfits where you match heels with something sporty, it's always so exciting! This look actually comes with a matching crop bomber jacket and a skirt as well, which is so cool since you can mix & match everything. Is it me or does Guess really start getting so much better and better with every collection? I feel like they have become so youthful and playful with clothes and I really enjoy hitting the store now and then because I always find something fun to wear from there. 

Talking about Denim Dream..the DD magazine is finalllly out with me on the cover! I will show some bits on blog soon as well. The campaign photos are starting to emerge everywhere, some of them are already in Denim Dream stores and on the website, so make sure to say hi haha! I Okay okay, I'm really proud of being such a big part of this campaign and I think Denim Dream did so well with fulfilling its dream of having their very first denim collection. Hope you guys like it too! x


Tere Rootsi, siin ma taas olen! Mul oli täna nii varajane lend, et ma kirjutan selle siin valmis ja lähen ilmselt tagasi magama haha! MUl oli palju blogialast tööd viimastel päevadel, millest üks oli koostöö Denim Dream'iga, täpsemalt nende Viru Keskuse Guess'i poega, kus ma valisin siis välja oma lemmik outfit'i. Otsustasin seekord minna sportliku, kuid šiki look'i kasuks. Valisin välja need triipudega kotakad püksid, kuna sellist tüüpi püksid on super moes praegu ning selle juurde valisin samast kollektsioonist crop kampsuni. Juurde panin veel kontsad, päikeseprillid ning suure käekoti, millel on tohutu GUESS ette kirjutataud haha. Mulle hullult meeldivad seda tüüpi outfit'id, kus omavahel on kokku pandud midagi sportlikku ja kontsad, sest see on alati kuidagi nii põnev! Lisaks kampsunile ning pükstele on samas kollektsioonis ka samasugused seelik ning crop bomber jakk, mis on väga väga lahe, kuna neid asju saab omavahel erinevalt kombineerida. Kas see tundub vaid mulle või läheb Guess aina ägedamaks iga kollektsiooniga? Mul on tunne, et nad on muutunud nii palju nooruslikumaks ning mängulisemaks riietega ning mulle väga meeldib hüpata Guess'i poest läbi aeg-ajalt, kuna alati leidub seal midagi uut ja põnevat, mida kanda! 

Rääkides veel Denim Dream'ist...DD ajakiri on lõpuks välja tulnud, mille kaanel olen kampaanianäona mina! Näitan pilte peagi ka blogis. Lisaks sellele, kampaaniapildid on hakanud vaikselt igale poole juba ilmuma, näiteks mõned on juba üleval Denim Dream'i poodides ning veebilehel, seega minge öelge ikka tere ka mulle haha! Okei okei, ma olen tegelikult väga uhke, et ma saan olla nii suur osa sellest kampaaniast ning minu arvates sai Denim Dream super hästi hakkama täites oma unistuse päris esimesest teksakollektsioonist. Loodan, et ka teile kõigile see meeldib! x


Golden olive tan by Vita Liberata products. 

Hey all! I've been waiting to post this here for a pretty long time now. Before Tallinn Fashion Week I had this idea to try self-tanners for the first time and after a long 'research' I realized Vita Liberata sounds like the best options, even more since I'm a beginner at this. So I met up with lovely Reelika at Decoris Showroom who introduced me to all of Vita Liberata natural tanning products and let me know how to use them, so I can be a pretty good quide to you guys now if you would like to try out Vita Liberata products as well, but have any questions. The following will be my personal quide as how I like to use them and what I think of each of the product, so let's go! 


Hei te kõik! Ma olen päris pikalt plaaninud juba seda postitust siia teha. Enne Tallinn Fashion Week'i hakkasin mõtlema, et peaks ka lõpuks need isepruunistavad ära proovima ja pärast pikemat 'uurimustööd' jõudsin järeldusele, et Vita Liberata oleks parim, mida proovida eriti kui olla algaja selles. Nii siis kohtusin ma armsa Reelikaga Decoris Showroom'is Tallinnas, kes tutvustas mulle kõiki Vita Liberata looduslikke päevitustooteid ning seletas täpselt kuidas mida kasutada tuleb, seega saan ka teile siin olla päris heaks nõuandjaks, kui tahate Vita Liberata tooteid järele proovida, aga juhtub mõni küsimus enne olema. Edasi räägingi oma perosnaalsest kogemusest, kuidas mulle meeldib neid kasutada ja mida ma igast tootest arvan, seega let's go! 

Pre-Tan and Moisturizer

Before the tanning process make sure to shower and properly scrubby scrub to avoid any changes of uneven spots. After that make sure to moisturize, especially elbows, knees and heels as these are the really dry spots usually and if you have any certain dryness anywhere then have it there too. I use the Vita Liberata Moisture Boost, but I am sure any other good moisturizer would do the trick as well. I just prefer to use the same brand one as this probably is more specialized in making the tan look good. 


Enne päevitamisprotsessi tuleks käia pesus ning korralikult igaltpoolt koorida ja koorida, et vältida igasuguseid võimalusi laiguliseks muutuda hiljem. Pärast pesu tuleks kindlasti kreemiga niisutada, eriti just kandasid, küünarnukke ning põlvi, kuna need kipuvad tavaliselt olema kuivemad kohad ja kui kuskilt juhtub veel olema kuivem, siis kindlasti sinna ka korralikult niisutavat kreemi. Mina kasutan Vita Liberata enda toodangut Moisture Boost, kuid ma usun, et mõni teine hea niisutav kreem on ka selleks super hea. Ma lihtsalt eelistan kasutada sama brändi oma, kuna eeldan, et sellega on meldud otseselt isepäevitava peale kandmise peale. 


A bit about application products as well. I have two Vita Liberata self-tanner gloves, a big one and a small one for the face. These can be used with the mousse, the oil and the 10-minute tanning lotion. For the powder I recommend kabuki or blush brushes and for the body blur a foundation brush is the best one. 


Natuke ka asjadest, millega päevitust peale kanda. Mul on selleks kaks Vita Liberata kinnast, suur ja väike näo jaoks. Neid saab kasutada nii vahu, õli kui ka 10-minutilise kreemi jaoks. Puudri jaoks soovitan kas kabuki või puudripintslit ning body blur'i jaoks on parim lahendus jumestuskreemipintsel. 

Self-Tanning Mousse

After the moisturizer it's time for the main stuff - the self-tanning mousse. As I tested the self-tanner for the very first time, I didn't dare to try the darker one so I used the medium (big white one). What I immediately loved was that I could actually see where I had already put on the self-tanner as Vita Liberata has pigmented mousse for that. I used the big glove for that and after you feel there's no product left on the glove, just squeeze it in your hand and you'll get more. With the leftover mousse on the glove, I covered hands and feet and face as you don't want these to get overtly covered. As the mousse leaves no spots I did that before sleep and went straignt between my white sheets and by morning I had such a nice golden olive tan! It's so dummy proof it's funny, I had no uneven spots on my body! Can't wait to try a bit darker mousse since I would like a bit more extra somtimes. The mousse tan should now last 1-2 weeks. 


Pärast niisutamist on aeg asuda põhi asja kallale - isepruunistav vaht. Kuna ma katsetasin isepruunistavat päris esimest korda, siis ma ei julgend kasutada seda tumepruuni tooni vaid kasutasin keskmist (see suurem valge). Mis mulle kohe hullult meeldis oli see, et ma nägin kuhu ma seda peale kandsin, kuna Vita Liberata isepruunistavad sisaldavad pigmenti selle jaoks. Kasutasin peale kandmiseks suurt kinnast ja kui tundus, et kindal enam toodet väga järel pole, siis tuleb pigistada seda käes ja tegelikult on veel päris palju järel. Sellega mis kindale järele jäi tõmbasin üle jalalabad, käed ja näo, kuna neid väga suure kihi alla katta ei taha igaksjuhuks. Kuna vaht ei jäta plekke, siis kandsingi kõik peale nne magamaminekut ning ronisin otsa valgete linade vahele. Hommikul ärkasin nii ilusa oliivi tooni kuldse päevitusega! See on nii lollikindel, et naljakas hakkab. Mul polnud ühtegi ebatasast laiku kehal! Ei jõua ära oodata, et proovida juba seda veel tumedamat tooni, kuna vahest tahaks natuke ikka rohkem seda päevitust ju. Päevitus peaks kestma nüüd 1-2 nädalat. 

10-Minute Tanning Lotion 

On that picture you can somewhat see that the colour of the products is very olive'ish, which in my opinion is just the most prettiest tan as it won't leave you orange in any way and fits everyone. So I decided to give my medium tan a bit of a more boost and use the 10 minute tanning lotion on top of it the next day. I left it on for 15 minutes for a bit stronger tan, but didn't apply any on my face, hands or feet anymore. After 15 minutes I rinsed everything off in the shower and could see the result in about 5 hours, especially strongly on my back and stomach as these parts normally tan the strongest on me anyway. The result was again goldenish oliveish but a bit stronger pigmented. This one is super good if you want a quick fix and don't want it to stay on too long. 


Sellelt pildilt on näha, millist tooni VIta Liberata tooted üldiselt on, sellist oliivikarva rohkem, mis minu arvates ongi ilusaim toon päevituseks ning sobib kindlasti kõigile. Otsustasin siis anda oma keskmisele vahutoonile pisut lisa boost'i ning kasutasin 10 minuti isepruunistavat kreemi selle peale järgmisel päeval. Jätsin selle peale 15 minutiks, et tuleks pisut tugevam toon, kuid ei pannud midagi näole, labajalgadele ega käelabadele. Pärast 15 minutit loputasin duššiall kõik maha ning tulemust sai näha juba 5 tunni pärast umbes, eriti tugevalt kõhul ja seljas, mis mul tavaliselt ka kiirelt päevituvad. Tulemus oli jätkuvalt kuldne-oliivikas, kuid pisut tugevam. See on super hea toode, kui tahad kiirelt jumet peale saada, aga ei taha et see super kaua peal kestaks ka. 

Body Blur

Living the robe life while cooking my 10 minute tan here haha and showing you my most favourite product, okay second most favourite. Eventhough the mousse does the main trick, this thing is just unbelievable here. If you open VIta Liberata Instagram and see those comparison pictures with legs where one of the legs is pale and the otherone looks like it has been dipped into a golden shiny sea of unicorns then that is this product right there. As I didn't have time to do the self-tanner routine before fashion week, but I still wore something really open, then I decided to cover my chest and stomach with this one. Using the foundation brush, I covered these areas twice with the body blur, as you can always regulate how dark you want it with layers. It looked so amazing! I got an incredible glow on my skin and face (mixed it with my foundation as well) and I was so tan instantly! This can be used as make up as well and basically anywhere you want and it doesn't require a lot of drops to cover areas. As you can see from the photo below, I had the tan on and wore a bright white suit that of course got a lot of brown stains on it, but as Vita Liberata products are all organic then it came off really simply with one wash. This is something I am never gonna give up anymore!


Pildil elan hommikumantli elu küpsetades oma 10-minutilist jumet haha ning näitan seejuures ka oma lemmik toodet, okei teist lemmikut. Kuigi isepruunistav vaht tegi ära põhitöö, siis see siin pildil on uskumatu asi. Kui avada Vita Liberata Instagram ning näha seal neid võrluspilte, kus üks jalg on tavaline kahvatu ja teine kõrval oleks nagu kastetud kuldsesse läikivasse ükssarvikute merre, siis see toode täpselt seda teebki. Kuna mul polenud aega isepruunistavat vahtu peale kanda enne fashion week'i, kuid mu outfit oli ikka päris avar, siis otsustasin kanda dekoltee ja kõhu sellega üle. Kasutades jumestuskreemi pintslit, kandsin need kohad üle kahekordse kihiga, kuna sellega saab reguleerida kui tugevat jumet tahad kihtide arvuga. See nägi nii imeline välja! Nahk helkis ja säras nii näol kui kehal (segasin seda pisut jumestuskreemiga ka kokku) ja ma olin kohe nii pruun! Seda saab kasutada kui meiki ning igal kehaosal ja samalajal ei nõua suurt kogust. Nagu on näha alloleval fotol, kus mul see päevitus peal on, et mul oli seljas lumivalge pükskostüüm, mis muidugi sai üsna pruuniks seespoolt pärast üritust, aga ühe pesuga tuli kõik ilusti maha kuna tegemist ikkagi 100% orgaaniliste toodetega Vita Liberata puhul. See body blur on miski, mida ma ei jäta enam kunagi endale ostmata! 

Tan by Vita Liberata Body Blur.

Bronzing Mineral Powder

And here it is! The second favouriiiite! This mineral bronzer is something brand new that Vita Liberata has come up with and I got to test this one thanks to both Polhem Showroom and Decoris Showroom. So this one is magical. I have the medium colour so instead of just contouring my face with it that I would do if I had no tan on, I like to cover my whole face and neck with it so it matches the rest of my tan. So after applying this like a normal bronzer, this one actually stays on you for 5 days! Amazing right?? I put a little extra on cheekbones and forehead too. The key is that you have to apply it on something liquid like a moisturizer or foundation, otherwise it won't work. The colour is really beautiful and it fits me so well. Again something that I will never stop buying haha, this one is just the most ideal thing for Summer as I don't get tanned easily on my face. 


Ja siin see on! Mu teine lemmmmiik! See mineraalpuuder on midagi uut Vita Liberatalt ning tänu Polhem SHowroom'ile ning Decoris SHowroom'ile sain ka lõpuks seda testida. See on nagu mustkunst. Sain proovida keskmist tooni seega selleasemel, et sellega lihtsalt nägu kontuurida (teeksin seda ilma päevituseta), katan ma sellega kogu näo ja kaela, et see mu praeguse päevitusega hästi sobiks. Peale kannan nagu iga teist puudrit, kuid pärast meigi eemaldust püsib selle jume veel 5 päeva! Super lahe eks?? Ma panen natukene rohkem seda põsesarnadele ning otsaette ka. Muidugi asja võti on see, et seda tuleb kanda niiskele pinnale ehk siis niisutava kreemi või jumestuskreemi peale, muidu see ei toimi. Värv on hästi ilus ning sobib mu näole. Jällegi midagi, mille ostmisest vist ei saa enam kunagi loobuda, sest see on ideaalseim asi suveks, eriti minu näo jaoks, mis ei taha üldse pruuniks minna. 

Make-up with the Vita Liberata mineral bronzer. 

Dry Oil Self-Tanner

So this one I haven't tried yet, but I know I'm gonna be using this a lot when it possibly, probably, hopefully gets warm here in Summer. I'm gonna let you know once I've tried it, but I would like to try it seperately from my current tan. So this dry oil is different from all the other VIta Liberata products as it has SPF in it, so it's meant to portect you from sun, but at the same time you stille can be tan. This is especially good if you're like my boyfriend who is not allowed to be in the sun too much but he does love his tan haha! This one is like body blur as you can build your tan up with layers, depending exactly on how dark you want it. Another thing that is just sooo useful to have in your tanning routine and it smells really nice too!


Seda ma kahjuks pole jõudnud veel proovida, kuid kindlasti kasutan seda siis kui loodetavasti, ilmselt siis kui on soe ja suvine. Annan teile teada kui olen selle järele proovinud, kuna tahaksin seda praegusest päevitusest eraldi katsetada. Nii siis see kuiv õli on teistmoodi kõigist teistest Vita Liberata toodetest, kuna sisaldab SPF'i, mis tähendab et see kaitseb sind päikese eest kuid saad ikkagi olla väga päevitunud. See on eriti hea just siis kui sa oled nagu mu peika, kes ei tohi päikese käes kaua olla, kuid tahab ikkagi pruun olla haha! See on nagu body blur, kuna päevitust saab üles ehitada kihiti täpselt nii palju kui pruun olla tahad. Järgmine asi, mida on lihtsalt nii kasulik omada ning lõhnab väga hästi ka!

Hope you found this tutorial useful and if you happen to have any questions ask ahead in the comments! I will be happy to help you with any questions that may pop up! Also I truly and really recommend these products if you are a beginner, since they are really easy to use and the results are so wonderful! You can read more info from the Vita Liberata website, where you have video tutorials and all the info! 

Thanks for the long read babes! Happy tanning! x


Loodan, et see juhend oli teile igati abistav ning kui tekkis ükskõik milliseid küsimusi, siis kommentaariumis vastan meeleldi kõigele! Ma tõesti väga soovitan neid tooteid just eriti neile, kes pole varem isepruunistavatega kokku puutunud, kuna nad tõesti on väga kergelt kasutatavad ning tulemused on imelised! Rohkem infot leiab Vita Liberata Eesti lehelt SIIN, kus on ka väga vahvad õpetusvideod üleval. VIta Liberata tooteid leiab Decoris SHowroom'ist Tallinnas, TanTan salongist ning paljudest kauplustest üle Eesti. 

Aitäh pika lugemise eest armsad! Vahvat päevitamist! x