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the accessories

Watch & Cuff - Daniel Wellington/ HERE & HERE        Love Tag Necklace - Jane Koenig       Rose gold necklace - from a gold shop

In Spring everything is new again and so are the accessories! Love to match the new classic DW watch with their cuff. The shade of gold is gorgeous! The 'J' letter love tag is a Valentine's gift from my best J and I've been wanting the Jane Koenig one since I remember, but it always felt wrong to buy it myself. The third one is a bit older, but one of my favourite jewellery to wear. I call it the setting sun since it looks exactly like one. 

the shoes

Sneakers - Tommy Hilfiger/ Denim Dream

After long Winter I always get the urge to get myself a new pair of fresh white sneakers that will stay waiting for the first warm and dry days. Since my Nike's still look really good, I decided to get a pair with a bit more narrow soles and the TH ones are just the perfect pair!

the leather jacket

Leather jacket - Chiquelle/ HERE

Leather jacket is the ultimate piece that just screams Spring all over. I have many versions in my closet now, so I decided to get something more fun this time and the ones with the pearls and studs from Chiquelle totally won me over! I just cannot wait to wear this baby!


the corset details

Corset - oldie from the depths of my closet

Corsets are such an unexpected trend, but I really dig them. I decided to get one as a belt since I already had this top version in my closet from who knows when. I always knew I shouldn't sell it or throw it away as I might just need it one day and now I love it so much! 

ripped jeans

Ripped jeans - Chiquelle/ HERE

During Winter I probably gathered way too many ripped boyfriend jeans into my closet haha, but hey, with the fishnet and denim trend, these are really reasonable things to have in your closet. I also decided to get the bit cheeky version from Chiquelle with the ripped part on the back of the thigh. These jeans make the bum and legs look sooo good! 


Hope you liked this little tutorial on what I've gathered into my closet for the upcoming Spring! Today is just the perfect weather in Sweden to do this as well! These are just some close-ups, but I will have outfits ready with these in no time! Talk to you soon! x

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