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Happy Valentine's Day!! <3 

Found these two sunset photos from Puerto Rico I haven't shared here yet. So after 2 years I finally got to be with my valentine on this day! The day itself is nothing highly important to me, because I don't think there should be only one day for cherising those around you, but I guess it's still nice that it is there to just remind us of our best of the best? But to be honest, I still felt a little bit sad every year, when my couple friends spent such lovely days together and J was far far away. This day just makes some people feel bad sometimes, but it shouldn't since it's just a commercial thing, right? Make sure you never take it seriously and treat your friends, family and loved ones this well everyday!

Today was sooo nice though! Woke up with the sun outside and it really felt like Spring warmth already. J treated me with the necklace I've been wanting for as long as I can remember. I would've bought it myself a long time ago, but it's that kind of a necklace that just has to be gifted specifically by him. I'll show it when it arrives, then you'll know what I mean! Then I headed to midtown to meet my girl Sandra since I had a little gift for her. Thanks to the #bravolution campaign at Lindex, we both got to pick out our favourite set of lingerie from the store and take it with us yaaay! One of the best ways to treat a girl haha and it was super fun! Make sure to check out their beautiful lingerie range now, because everything there is -20% off in stores! In the evening, when J finallly arrived home from trainings, we went to get his fav ice cream with pistachio nuts, yum! 

He's already asleep and I also have to call it a night now since I have to hop by Denim Dream store in the morning to pick out my favourites for their upcoming magazine where me and Sandra and Kristjan are starrring on cover! So excited for this SS17 campaign to come out, I'll be seeing my face literally everywhere which is really new for me obviously! Hope everyone had a lovely sunny day and good night! x

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