Meryl Mägi


Boots - Missy Empire/ HERE        Faux Fur - Balmain x H&M       Jeans - Dr. Denim (self-ripped)        Sweater - Seppälä



Hello again Sweden! Weird but so cool to be back again over 1,5 months. It was really fun in Estonia for that long time, but Sweden is where I want to be and where I feel really peaceful and at home. Just before my flight I managed to take photos of these super cool boots from Missy Empire. Really comfortable because of the mid-height heel and well there's just something about dark blue velvet that gets me. They also have them in other colours as well. J was actually the one who came up with this photo spot and I would have never thought of a more perfect and cool background as this..throughout these blogging years he has really developed an "eye" for these kind of things. 

Talking about Estonia...I actually am going back for a week on Sunday, because I will spend my birthday week there and celebrate together with J since his b-day is on 2nd of February and mine is on 9th. Also have some projects I cannnottt miss at that time (more of them soon), so there is a million reasons I have to go back, but I also had to go to uni this week, so that's why I just couldn't stay longer for these. After many years I get to spend my b-day with family and J and guys you have no idea how much this means to me. My friends here have always made my birthdays here remarkable (biggest shout out to Migle who hosted the surprise party), but there has always been this little piece missing you know. So everyone who wants to meet me, I will be in Est from 5th to 12th of February! 

Have a succesful new week! x


Tere taas Rootsi! Imelik, aga samas väga lahe olla taas tagasi pärast 1,5 kuud. Eestis oli väga tore olla nii pikalt, aga Rootsi on ikkagi see koht, kus ma tahan olla ja kus on kodusem tunne. Enne lendu jõudsin teha pildid neist super ägedatest saabastest Missy Empire'lt. Need on väga mugavad just nende keskmise kõrgusega kontsade tõttu ja miski tumesinise sameti juures lihtsalt köidab väga. Neil on neid saapaid muidugi ka teistes värvides  saadaval. J oli see, kes tegelikult selle fotopaiga leidis, mille peale ma poleks ausalt öeldes tulnudki..pärast kõiki neid blogiaastaid on ta tõesti kasvatanud endale juba "silma" selliste asjade jaoks. 

Rääkides veel lähen tegelikult pühapäeval juba jälle nädalaks tagasi, kuna ma veedan seal oma sünnipäeva nädala, mida saan koos J'ga tähstada, kuna tema sünnipäev on 2. ja minul 9. veebruaril. Pluss on mitu projekti, millest lihtsalt ei saaa ilma jääda ( neist juba peagi lähemalt), nii et on kuskil miljon põhjust, miks tagasi minna. Pidin olema see nädal koolis ning sellepärast ei saanud lihtsalt jutti kauem kohapeal olla. Pärast mitut aastat saan veeta sünnipäeva pere ja J'ga ning teil pole aimu ka vast kui hea meel mul selle üle on. Mu sõbrad siin on alati iga sünnipäeva meeldejäävaks teinud (eriline tänu Miglele üllatuspeo eest üks aasta), kuid alati on midagi puudu olnud lihtsalt. Nii et kõik, kes tahavad kohtuda see aeg, siis olen Eestis 5.-12.veebruar! 

Edukat uut nädalat! x


Photos - Pinterest

What a beautiful sunny day it is in Tallinn today! Perfect to take a look at some of the Spring '17 trends that will probably catch your eye on Instagram and on streets soon. As you know, I've usually made a collage of the clothing/accessories, but this time I figured I would do the trend update as a moodboard, an inspiration moodboard to be exact. I also added some budget finds to most of the styles, because I don't support spending a lot on temporrary seasonal styles, only basics and classics. Gosh, I'm way happier to do the Spring one than the Autumn one haha! Let's get started then:



1. Cold- Shoulder - So this trend involves all kinds of tops and sweaters that are either off-shoulder or have shoulder cut-outs. Perfect to wear with skirts and jeans and of course while wearing a jacket off-shoulders at the same time. 


2. Oversized Sweaters - Thanks everyone involved, who kept the sweater trend going for Spring aswell. COMFY! Love the ones from Calvin Klein and Adidas and 

3. Corset Belts - This is one of the coolest things in my opinion. These belts come in so many different styles and the corset really makes the waist look beautiful. Wear it with baggy T-shirt dresses/ sweaters/ dresses etc. Available at and 

4. Band Shirts - This one was sooo unexpected by me, but I like it a lot. Makes everyone look a bit cooler! Favourites are at and 

5. Fishnets - Fishnets as tights, socks, knee-highs, shirts, sweaters - you name it. Everything fishnet is in, but I'm most in favor of the tights. Another unexpected, but such a cool trend! Wear it with metallic skirts, boots, sneakers, dresses and sweaters aaand most importantly with ripped denim! Find them from H&M for example. 

6. Frills - Such a cute thing! Frills go on everything, but my favourites are the sweaters and knits with frills as I pictured the one with the Gucci belt up there. My favoruite frill blouse is from

7. Chokers - Probably will still stick for a while, but mostly with lace-up style and gemstones. A lot of pretty ones are at and

8. Hot Pink - The brightest most Barbie looking pink is coming girls! Just feeling sorry for all the car drivers out there, who will be blinded with this bright colour in the sun haha (talking from personal experience). I found a really cute sweater on

9. Dirty Pastels - Same stuff every year - pastels, but this time a bit worn off, washed off, dirty pastels on everything. 

10. Red Lips - Because yes. 

11. Flames - And the list goes on with the stuff I never expected to come in fashion, but here it is, stuff with flames is alrady on celebs and available in online stores. I kind of dig the sneakers though. Especially the Vans looking ones. Some flame stuff is available at

12. Geeky Glasses - I've already shared my deep love for those, so no need to go more into that! You can get them for example from

13. Tracksuits - As in matchy-matchy of your top and pants. I have a pink velvet set (from I really can't wait to wear in Spring without any jackets. Just white sneakers and that set. 

14. Shirts Gone Wrong - Basic white shirts with some cool details or cuts are a really cool thing to wear this Spring. Wear it with denim I saaay. You can find a bunch of cool ones from my new fav shirt site

Hope you found this little post helpful and make sure to leave any trends I missed in the comments! x


Puffer Coat - Monki        Turtleneck - Mohito       Velvet Pants - oldies         Boots - Zara

I am sooo sorry everyone who kept checking back for the new post yesterday, I completely forgot to press 'publish' last night haha! So this pink puffer coat has been my most favourite thing to wear when it's frosty outside. Feels like curling yourself into a big warm blanket and it has the cutest pink colour! Because of this it's almost sad that Winter will end soon. Okay not really though.

Today I'm gonna meet up with last friends in my hometown and then will pack and pack and pack some more, because I'm heading to Tallinn tomorrow and then few days later to Sweden. Just finished another at-home paper for uni, but I really need to get to Lund fast because I have to start with my thesis real soon. Scaaaryy with all the thesis, graduation and all of 2017 stuff.. Buuut I'm gonna have a really great time now in Tallinn, since J and I have a lot of things planned and I have some projects there as well. Btw, in tomorrow's newspaper Sakala there's a lot of talk about me and my blog! 


Okay, time to get busy now! Bye babes! x


Väga väga vabandan nende ees, kes eile seda postitust siin otsimas käisid, kuna ma täiesti unustasin vajutada 'publish' eile õhtul haha! Nii siis, see roosa puhvis jope on olnud mu täielik lemmik see talv, eriti just nende jäiste ilmadega. Selline tunne nagu keriks ennast suure sooja teki sisse ja pealegi on sellel super armas roosa värv samuti. Selle jope pärast on isegi kahju, et talv kohe läbi saamas on. Okei tegelt ei ole.

Täna saan kokku veel viimaste sõpradega kodulinnas ning siis juba pakin, pakin ja pakin veel, kuna võtan homme suuna Tallinna ning mõni päev hiljem juba Rootsi. Saatsin just ära ülikoolis kodutööks jäetud essee, kuid pean ikkagi väga kiirelt Lundi tagasi minema, kuna bakatöö tahab alustamist saada. Väga hirmus on tegelt kõigi nende lõpetamiste, bakatööde ja üldse 2017 teemadega.. Aaaga enne veedan mõned väga toredad päevad Tallinnas, kuna J'ga on plaanitud palju vahvaid asju ning mõned projektid on seal samuti veel. Muide, homses Sakalas on minust ning mu blogist päris pikalt juttu!

Okei, aeg hakata tegutsema nüüd! Tsau babes! x


Forests in Estonia are so magical right now! It snowed a lot a few days ago, so I decided to take my eldest doggie Yuke out on a forest walk, because she really loves these and that's what we always did together when she was younger. She's already 10, turning 11 soon, but oh she's so alive and hyper! So so happy for her that's she's all fine and healthy, besides some teeth missing haha! I guess it must be the puppies that keep her so young. She has always been even smarter than some big dogs and so so beautiful, but damn she is hard to get still on photos and that answers the question 'why I always take photos with the pups' that some of you were asking. 

Now I'm on the train on my way to Tallinn for a few days. I though I would stay longer at home, but I kinda wanna send J off to his game and I have some things to do in Tallinn after all. Anyway, I hope you all like this kind of personal/about life posts now and then! 

Talk to you soon! x


Eesti metsad on hetkel nii maagiliselt ilusad! Mõned päevad tagasi sadas paks lumi maha, seega otsustasin oma vanima koera Yuke metsa jalutama viia, sest talle väga meeldib seal ja see oli miski, mida me alati koos tegime kui ta noorem oli. Ta on juba 10, kohe saamas 11, kuid ta on niii elav ja energiline! VÄga hea meel ta üle, et ta tervis on nii hea ja korras. Muidugi mõned hambad on küll juba puudu haha! Ma arvan, et kutsikad on need, kes hoiavad teda nii noorena. Ta on alati olnud targem kui mitmed suured koerad ja nii nii ilus, aga oi temaga on raske pilti saada, mis vastab küsimusele 'miks sa ainult oma teisi koeri pildistad', mida mõned teist küsinud on. 

Nüüd olen rongil taas teel Tallinna mõneks päevaks. Arvasin, et jään koju kauemaks, aga tekkis tahtmine J ikkagi mängule teele saata ja mul on Tallinnas tegelikult päris palju asju korda ajada. Igatahes loodan, et taolised personaalsed/elulised postitused siin-seal ikka meeldivad!

Räägib peagi! x


Blouse & Boots - Misspap/ HERE & HERE       Skirt - H&M         Belt - Zara

Helllooo favourite blouse! I'm not a fan of frills, but this Misspap one stole my heart because of its super long sleeves and the most beautiful dusty pink colours. Really obsessed with dusty pink these days! I think it goes so well with leather and these super comfy nude 'sock' boots that make my little legs look sky high, hehe. If you love these as much as I do, then you can use my discount code MERYL10 for 10% off at Misspap! 

Yesterday I applied for four Master's programmes in Sweden and might send in a late application to some other countries during Spring, but I will have these as a back up because my first idea is to have a really busy year off from uni and also see where J is going. Huh, scared of the unknown.. I'm a bit sad I only have less than two weeks at home, because I haven't done so many things I wished to do and so many projects are half-done..buuut I also miss Sweden too, so it's fine I guess. I'll try to visit home as soon as I can again. 

(Btw, sorry for the poor quality of photos! My camera or lens settings are a bit messed up right now.)


Teree lemmik pluus! Ma pole suur sitside-satside fänn, kuid see Misspap'i oma sai minust küll võitu oma väga pikkade varrukate ning imeilusa tuhmroosa värviga. Ma olen vist täiesti tuhmroosa sõltuvuses viimasel ajal. Ma arvan, et see pluus sobib nii hästi kokku mustade nahkasjadega ning nende super mugavate 'sokksaabastega', mis panevad isegi mu lühikesed jalad tunduma pikana, hehe. Kui sulle meeldivad need asjad sama palju kui minule, siis ära unusta kasutada allahindluskoodi MERYL10, et saada Misspap'is 10% alla!

Eile kandideerisin nelja magistrisse Rootsis ning ehk saadan ka mõne hilise kandideerimise teistesse riikidesse kevade jooksul, kuid need on mul tagavaraks kuna esialgne plaan on võtta üks väga töökas vaba aasta ülikooli vahepeal ning vaadata ka, kuhu J suundub. Huh, tundmatus on päris hirmus juba.. Pisut on kahju, et kodus on jäänud veel alla kahe nädala, kuna ma pole veel teinud paljusid asju, mis plaanisin ning paljud porjektid on ka pooleli..aga siiski tahaks juba väga Rootsi ka tagasi, seega kõik okei vast. Proovin külastada koduseid jälle nii kiirelt kui võimalik.

(Vabandan pisut halvema pildikvaliteedi pärast ka! Mu kaamera või objektiivi sätted on hetkel jubedalt paigast ära.) 


At the iLocked 'Saw' room (sorry for the bloody situation!)

Hello hello y'all! Starting this blog week off by talking about our experience at the Tallinn iLocked escape room. They currently have two rooms, one is 'Saw' and the other is 'Mummy', we of course picked the scarier and more disturbing version haha! As you guys know, I've previously posted about this kind of rooms because me and J are obsessed with them by now. The idea is to solve different puzzles and mysteries in the room in order to escape it the end aaand you only have 60 minutes to do it so it's TENSE! 

So the Saw one was reaaallly close to the real movies. We started off by being unable to move at first (not gonna tell you more than that) and many of the tasks reminded the things you've seen in the saga. It was really exciting and I really loved the puzzles there, even though we got stuck with the last one and weren't able to escape haha, but I think we did super good since they are not easy at all. I think I don't even have to mention that at some points it was sooo scary as F that we had jump-scares? Definitely got our hearts racing.

So if you have a cool bunch of friends and want to spend a super fun and exciting hour in Tallinn, then pick one of the iLocked rooms from their website HERE and book a time (also in English)!

Thank you iLocked for the awesome experience and thanks bright cookies Liis and Brent for joining us! Can't wait to try the other one!


Hei hei kõigile! Alustan seda bloginädalat rääkides meie kogemusest Tallinna iLocked põgenemisruumis. Neil on hetkel kaks tuba, üks on 'Saag' ja teine 'Muumia' ning meie muidugi valisime selle hirmsama ja häirivama versiooni haha! Nagu mu pikemaaegsed lugejad juba teavad, siis ma olen postitanud taolisest ruumidest ka varem, kuna me Joonasega oleme täiesti sõltuvuses neist juba. Nende tubade ideeks on erinevate mõistatuste ja ülesannete lahendamine, et siis lõpuks nende kaudu toast põgeneda jaaa muidugi on selleks ainult 60 minutit aega, seega see on üks suur PINGE!

Saagi tuba oli väga sarnane nendele päris filmidele. Alguses ei saanud me kuhugi liikuda (rohkem ma ei täpsusta) ning paljud ülesanded meenutasid saagades nähtut. See oli väga väga põnev ja ülesanded olid väga lahedad tehtud, kuigi me jäime plindrisse viimasega neist ega saanudki toast põgenetud haha, aga ma arvan, et meil läks ikkagi väga hästi kuna need mõistatused pole absoluutselt kergete küllast. Ma arvan, et ma ei pea isegi mainima, et mingitel hetkedel oli asi nii õudne, et me ehmatasin kõvasti ikka? Süda vahepeal käis kiirelt ikka küll.

Seega kui sul on üks lahe punt sõpru ja tahad veeta ühe super ägeda ja põneva tunnikese Tallinnas, siis vali välja üks iLocked ruumidest nende veebilehel SIIN ja broneeri aeg! 

Aitäh iLocked laheda kogemuse eest ning tänks tarkpeadele Brendule ja Liisule, et meiega kaasa tulite! Ei jõua ära oodata, et järgmist proovida!


Coat & Boots - Zara       Jeans - old self-ripped Dr.Denim's       Shirt - Calvin Klein       Glasses - Topshop

Happy Sunday baes! I'm still feeling a bit tired from yesterday night's dinner party, but have to hop on board the train soon, so I gotta keep it short today. Wanted to show you guys my favourite combo these days - animal print coat and those geeky retro glasses. That coat is the most adorrrable thing, it's super soft so I kinda wanna rub myself all the time haha. I've had glasses most of my life because yes, super poor set of eyes, so I'm not a fan of wearing them anymore, but these golden ones I just can't resist! They make my face really soft somehow and the gold gives like some kind of a glow in to the face as well and obviously they look hella stylish. 

Have to rush off and pack my stuff now. J is gonna head off to some games across the border next weekend, so I'm gonna stay in Viljandi for a long time now.  Hope you guys had a great weekend! x


Armsat pühapäeva bae'd! Ma olen siiani pisut väsinud eilsest õhtusöögist, kuid kohe-kohe tuleb hüpata rongi peale, seega pikka juttu mul täna pole. Tahtsin teile näidata oma viimase aja lemmik kombinatsiooni - loomamustriga mantel ja need nohikulikud retro prillid. See mantel on niiii nunnnu! See on super pehme ja mul kogu aeg tunne, et tahaks oma käsi mööda külgi ja varrukid vedada haha. Ma olen kandnud tegelikult prille enamiku elust, sest jah, väga ebakvaliteetne silmapaar, nii et ma pole enam selle väga suur fänn, aga need prillid panid mu täiesti meelt muutma! Nad teevad näo kuidagi hästi 'pehmeks' ning kuldne värv annaks näole nagu sellise ilusa kuma juurde ning muidugi on nad vägagi stiilsed ka.

Pean nüüd minema kähku oma asjad kokku pakkima. J suundub järgmine nädal välismängudele, seega pean Viljandi jääma nüüd pikemaks ajaks. Loodan, et kõigil oli äge nädalavahetus! x 


Lindex Spring-Summer 2017

So yesterday I hopped by the Lindex SS17 at the Lindex Showroom and checked out what they have in store for the coming season. As always, Spring-Summer is really colourful and has again mostly pastel tones. There's a lot of new patterns, cool mom and boyfriend jeans, bow ties and floweers. I picked out my favourite from the collection which is a super long dusty pink trench coat. Loooove this!! The most beautiful thing to wear on top this Spring, I just got to have this! 

Thank you Lindex for the fun event and these super yummy snacks from Miam aaand the grapefruit Lemonade that fit so damn well with the collection! x


Eile hüppasin läbi Lindexi kevad-suvi 17 ürituselt, mis toimus Lindex'i Showroom'is ning vaatsin järgi mida eelolev hooaeg poodi ka toob. Nagu alati, kevad-suvi kollektsioon on väga värviline ning enamasti pastelsetes toonides. Kollektsioonis oli palju uutmoodi mustreid, lahedaid mom ja boyfriend cut teksaseid, lipsukesi ja lillekesi. Valisin välja ka oma kõige lemmikuma, milleks osutus kindlalt üks super pikk tuhmroosa trench mantel. Oiii kus see meeldib!! Kõige ilusam asi, mida see kevad peal kanda. Selle lihtsalt peab saama!

Aitäh Lindex vahva ürituse, super maitsvate Miam snäkkide ja greibilimonaadi eest, mis sobis nii mõnusalt kokku kollektsiooniga! x


Coat - Lindex        Sweater - Topshop       Jeans - NAKD      Boots - Bronx/from Showroom Styling        Sunglasses - Rayban          Bag - River Island   Belt - Zara

What a busy blog day! Took the early morning train from Viljandi to Tallinn, rushed to the apartment to drop off my things and headed to Lindex SS17 event to check out the upcoming season. I'll post more about it tomorrow. Then I met up with Marii to take some much needed photos and besides one cozy cafe, we also ended up drinking tea at some Medival place that had only candle light in a basement and everything was done in a medival way haha. Plans for tonight were cancelled, so I can just relax tonight. Feeling a bit weak too, because of the freezing wind that literally went through my bones today. Can't wait for this cold to end. I even read that there's a snow storm in Lund right now, so even Sweden won't save me. Oh and about that, I will go back to Sweden on 29th of January, so everyone mail me, call me, blabla, just want to meet everyone before! x 


Oh milline töökas blogipäev! SÕitsin varahommikuse rngiga Viljandist Tallinna, viskasin asjad kiirustades korterisse ära ja jooksin Lindex'i kevad-suvi kollesktiooni üritusele, et vaadata üle eelolev hooaeg. Postitan sellest juba homme. Siis sain kokku Mariiga, kellega tegime ära vajalikud pildid ning peale ühe väga mugava kohviku sattusime teed jooma ka mingisse keskaegsesse kohta, mis asus keldris ning kõik toimus vaid küünlavalgel ja nii nagu keskajal haha. Täna õhtused plaanid jäid ära, seega saan rahulikult pikutada. Vähe nõrk tunne on ka peal, kuna tänane jäine tuul tõmbas läbi kontide täiesti. Ei jõua ära oodata, et see külm aeg juba läbi saaks. Lugesin, et ka Lundis on lumetorm, seega Rootsi minek mind ka ei päästa. Ah jaa, sel teemal veel miskit! Ma lähen Rootsi tagasi 29. jaanuar, seega kõik kirjutage mulle, helistage mulle, blabla..tahaksin kõiki veel näha enne! x 


Photos from my Instagram @merylmgi. 

Oh god, I haven't posted the Insta feed here since Fashion Week in October... reallly really need to remember to do this more often, otherwise it's gonna be a huge bunch of photos again. The photos here are as usual the ones I haven't posted or don't remember posting on the blog. Feel free to follow me @merylmgi, since this is where I post daily! x

Oh yea, here's my Snapchat as well - MerylMagi

Have a great week guys!!


Ohhh eii, ma pole postitanud Instagram'i feed'i siia Tallinn Fashion Week'ist saati juba...tõeeesti pean endale rohkem meelde tuletama seda, muidu koguneb jälle selline hulk pilte siia. Pildid nagu ikka on siin need, mida ma pole blogisse postitanud või vähemalt ei mäleta, et oleks. Oleksin väga rõõmus, kui mind follow'ksite @merylmgi, kuna sinna postitan ma põhiliselt iga päev! x

Ah ja muidugi, Snapchat ka siia - MerylMagi

Rõõmdat nädalat kõigile!! 



 Knit and Top - Lindex/ HERE and in stores        Jeans - NAKD

Hellooo readers! Lindex has the cutest little basics right now. I really love this oversized shirt with huuuge sleeves, it's such a nice thing to wear under different cardigans and simply with a pair of jeans for a cool laidback look. The knit is really cozy and warm, perfect for our 'WTF' weather right now. Yes, it's really really freezing right now in Estonia, makes me think of vacation again...

Talking about vacation, something really cool is going on with my blog right now. Maybe many of you have noticed by now that I am the top blogger at with 5 times more unique readers than the other girls there. This is due to my previous travel post about Puerto Rico that was shared so widely around the internet that it became super popular and gained tens of thousand of readers to my blog. I feel sooo great about this and I am so happy so many of you enjoyed this post and hopefully gained some tips for going to this pretty island. Makes me think that maybe I should be writing travel posts more than fashion haha, but hey, I'm a student and right now I can write about fashion more than travelling. Also big thanks to all you lovely Puerto RIcans for all these nice words and lovely letters you have sent me! It means a lot and I'm really happy so many of you left a lot of further tips where to go/what to do/where to eat under comments for other people to take notes from. 

Right now I'm on the train back to Viljandi, cause it's time to spend some days in the local library and finish this final exam. As you might have noticed from my Snapchat and Instagram, I finally had the campaign shoot for Denim Dream that I was sooo excited about! It took us 9 hours to finish the commercial and the photos and it was one of the coolest things I've done in my life so far. The team and other models for this campaign were so positive and such lovely people to work with that I felt completely comforatble with whatever tricks I had to do there haha! Thank you so much to the whole Widescreem crew, Denim Dream crew, make-up artist, stylist, designer and of course Sandra and Kristjan and everyone else involved! It's gonna look amazing and once it's out, you will see the result on my blog aswell! But boy it was tough aswell.. Next day my abs, back and legs were so in pain that I couldn't get out of J's place the whole day. Just wasn't possible to move. From now on I admire models so much for doing these things so often, it is hard work, but the experience is so worth it anyway.

So grateful for this, 2017 started off well! Hope it's the same for you! 


Tere tere lugejad! Lindex'il on praegu väga armas valik basic'uid. Mu lemmikuks osutus see oversized T-särk tohutute varrukatega. Super hea asi, mida kanda kardiganide all ja muidugi teksadega, et saada see äge laidback välimus. Kudum on väga mugav ja soe, ideaalne meie 'WTF' ilmaga praegu. Eestis on tõesti väga väga jäine praegu, mis paneb juba soojale maale tagasi mõtlema...

Rääkides reisidest, siis midagi väga lahedat toimub sellega seoses mu blogis hetkel. Mõned teist on juba ehk tähele pannud, et ma olen blogijate top'is number 1 kohal hetkel, kuna mul on 5 korda rohkem unikaalseid lugejaid tekkinud kui tüdrukutel pärast mind. See juhtus nii, et mu viimane postitus Puerto Ricost osutus ülimalt populaarseks, mida jagati netis tohutult palju igasugustel platvormidel ja see tõigi mulle kü,neid tuhandeid lugejaid kohe. Mul on nii nii hea meel selle üle just eriti seetõttu, et nii paljudele teile selline postitus meeldis ja loodetavasti said paljud ka erinevaid vihjeid selle imeilusa saare kohta. Paneb mõtlema, et ehk ma peakski edaspidi hoopis reoisipostitusi koostama rohkem kui moodi haha, aga ei, ma olen hetkel õpilane ja saan rohkem tegeleda moega kui reisimisega. Suur tänu kõigile armsatele Puerto Rico inimestele nende vahvate sõnade ja kirjade eest, mis te mulle saatnud! See tähendab mulle palju ja on tore näha, et väga paljud teist jätsid kommentaaridesse veel vihjeid erinevatest kohtadest/tegevustest/söökidest Puerto Ricos, kust inimesed saavad nüüd head infot leida. 

Istun hetkel rongis tagasi Viljandi, sest on aeg veeta taas mõned päevad kohalikus raamatukogus kirjutades lõpule oma viimane eksam. Võib-olla märkasite mu Instagramis või SNapchatis, et paar päeva tagasi toimusid ka kauaoodatud Denim Dream'i kampaaniavõtted. Võtted ning kampaaniapildid võtsid aega 9 tundi ja see oli üks lahedamaid asju, mida ma olen oma elus teinud! Tiim ja teised modellid olid nii positiivsed ja väga armsad inimesed, kellega koostööd teha, seega ma tundsin end kogu võtete vältel väga mugavalt ükskõik, millisedi trikke mul ka teha ei tulnud haha! SUur aitäh kogu Widescreen tiimile, Denim Dream'i tiimile, meikarile, stilistile, disainerile ja muidugi Sandrale ja Kristjanile ning kõigile teistele, kes kaasa aitasid!  Kindlasti on tulemus super ning kui kampaania lõpuks välja tuleb, jagan seda teiega ka siin. Aga oii see oli ikka päris suur katsumus ka. Järgmisel päeval olid mu kõhulihased, selg ja jalad täiesti läbi omadega, seega ma ei lahkunud kordagi J juures see päev. Polnud lihtsalt võimalik. Nüüdsest imetlen modellide tööd veel rohkem, kuna nemad teevad selliseid asju tihti ja kuigi see on väga raske töö, siis see on igati väärt igatahes!

Nii tänulik selle võimaluse eest. 2017 aasta on alanud hästi! Loodan, et ka teil! 


As the last travel post I decided to list 10 things I liked about Puerto Rico and what I managed to see/do during the two week stay there. Hope you find it useful when you plan on visiting this wonderful small country yourself! So here goes:

1. Paradise Beaches - Puerto Rico is full of too many beautiful beaches to visit with one stay and they all look different. Some are wild, some looks like postcards from paradise, some have light blue sea while others have darker and each coast has its own landscape that makes the beaches look drastically different aswell. Our favourites were the ones on the east coast as they had really light sand and turquise water. Surprisingly, beaches are never full of people, so you can often enjoy complete privacy. Oh and also the beaches in Isla Verde were amazing aswell and had those fun high waves. 

2. Rainforest - The only tropical rainforest in the US forest system. We visited the El Yunque Rainforest hiking trails and I loved it soo much! I've never obviously been to a rainforest and the hiking trails had a lot of sights. My favourites were the La Mina waterfalls where me and J took a swim in and also the tower where you could see all the mountains covered with that huuuge rainforest. Truly an amazing sight to see. Make sure to listen to all the noises there and pay attention to the tiny details in the forest.

3. Food - We genuinely found our hand down favourite restaurant there - Olive Garden. It's from the US of course, but me and J and our travel buddies have never experienced such high quality service, fantastic Italian kitchen food and appetizers. We went there literally everyday to have lunch or dinner, because we just couldn't resist the delicious pasta they had. Makes my mouth water just by talking about it. Also another place I really liked was The Cheesecake Factory.

4. Different Places - Puerto Rico is really different on every side. South coast has desert beaches, west coast has caves and rocky veaches, north coast has typical sandy beaches and San Juan and the east coast looks like a paradise and there's a huge rainforest in the middle of the island. Talk about colourful huh? So the best thing to do is to rent a car as we did and go see and experience all this (especially my favourites - waterfalls yaay). Driving a car is pretty awful there because of the traffic and the holes, but really reallly fun nevertheless! Me and Kristi also fell in love with the Puerto RIcan radio stations that had reggaeton and latin pop al day long haha! We even found our current favourite songs from there! 

5. Culture - Well we experinced a lot of local culture there surprisingly, because we went out of the tourist zones many times and got to see things we've never seen anywhere else before, cool and weird. Would definitely recommend keeping your eyes open when driving around, but make sure not to walk into dangerous areas, especially at night time.

6. Shopping - Ooooh my I could've shopped all day everyday there! First you have the designer outlet, then the Plaza where you had all your favourite US designers and brands alll in one place and then there was San Juan Mall that had more high end brands. The malls were both in San Juan CIty Centre and the outlet was in Barceloneta. 

7. Islands - You also have the chance to visit the bigger islands Puerto Rico has - Visques and Culebra. The ferry takes you to both and I'm telling you, you have to visit at least one! We went to Culebra and it's a literal paradise island one can imagine. You can go surfing, snorkelling, fishing or whatever you want to do. It's really small so it takes 2 minutes to reach another beach. We went to Flamenco beach for some amazing views (the beach with a tank in the water)and tanning and to another closeby one for snorkeling. As aI said in another previous post, that was my favourite part!

8. Nature - Also have a close look at everything outside the rainforest aswell, as the island is really really beautiful and has interesting things to see. My favourites were the huge iguanas that lounged by the poolside whom I fed and petted there. Such funny creatures haha. I also really enjoyed the singing frogs in the evenings. Heard they are the national animals in Puerto Rico and they had pictures of these frogs everywhere. Couldn't see them though. 

9. Old Town San Juan - The old town is reaaaally cute looking. It's small, but ypu can really get lost between these streets there. The houses are colourful with some of them looking like doll houses and the old town is surrounded with walls and two forts on both sides you can also visit. I recommend visiting the fort at the end of the town during the sunset around 5pm. Amazing view! Old town is where all the nice restaurants, clubs and different boutiques are.

10. So Many Things To Do - So what made us feel sad about this vacation was that we weren't able to do everything we wanted and planned, because there is just too much to do there. They have the largest zip line in the Caribbean wheer you can swing over the rainforest for one mile. Then they have of course all the stuff you can do in the ocean, so for example, J wasn't able to go on a fishing trip that disappointed him a bit haha. Because of all the different activities, I recommend you to ask for an actvity map from hotel or car rental place that has everything on it from the island. Makes it easier to notice everything and make a plan. We were passed out asleep 8-9pm every evening basically, because the days were really tiring unless we stayed at the local beach or pool all day. 



As always, I get better photos of fireworks on New Year's Eve than myself and my friends haha! Such a blurry mess, but hey, still want to post some memories here! We spent our New Year's with our favourite travel buddies Kristi and Karol that joined us in Puerto Rico and we stayed at Isabel's place all night with a lot of other people. We watched the shows, played some boardgames and "Who am I" and had a lot of fun there. I really liked to watch the fireworks this year, because Isabel's house is on the sea shore with a view on the coast of Tallinn city, so we could see all the fireworks on the coastline in a row and boy was that amazing to watch! Much better than just staring up until your neck hurts haha, but we still had a lot of fireworks by locals on the shore aswell that were really beautiful. I was a bit sad on that night to be honest, because I lost my favourite Tiffany's teardrop earring some hours before in Tallinn and it was really precious to me. Oh well..

Hope everyone had a really lovely New Year's Eve and I wish you all have a wonderful 2017!! Make it the best year yet! 



Nagu alati saan ma aastavahetusel paremad pildid ilutulestikust kui endast ja oma sõpradest haha! Hirmus udupallide kogumik, aga noh, tahan ikkagi mälestused siia ju postitada! Me veetsime oma aastavahetuse oma lemmik reisisemudega Kristi ja Karoliga, kes meiega Puerto Rico's ühinesid ja olime terve öö Isabeli juures koos paljude teistega. Vaatasime saateid, mängisime lauamänge ja seda arvamismängu, kus silt nimega on otsaees. Väga vahva ja tore õhtu oIi! Eriti meeldis mulle see aasta ilutulestiku vaatamine, kuna Isabeli maja on Kakumäel mereääres ning sealt olid kõik Tallinna linna ja ranniku ilutulestikud järjest näha ja oii seda oli super äge vaadata! Palju etem kui tavaliselt üles vaatamine kuni kael kangeks jääb haha, aga muidugi neid oli ka piisavalt kuna kohalikud lasid üksteise võidu enda omi ka, mida oli samuti ilus vaadata. Ma olin see õhtu ausalt öeldes päris kurb, kuna kaotasin mõned tunnid enne ära oma Tiffany teardrop kõrvarõnga kuskil Tallinna peal ja see oli mu jaoks väga väärtuslik. Oeh.

Loodan, et kõigil oli vahva aastavahetus ja soovin teile kõigile imelist 2017 aastat!! Tehke sellest oma parim aasta!