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What a beautiful sunny day it is in Tallinn today! Perfect to take a look at some of the Spring '17 trends that will probably catch your eye on Instagram and on streets soon. As you know, I've usually made a collage of the clothing/accessories, but this time I figured I would do the trend update as a moodboard, an inspiration moodboard to be exact. I also added some budget finds to most of the styles, because I don't support spending a lot on temporrary seasonal styles, only basics and classics. Gosh, I'm way happier to do the Spring one than the Autumn one haha! Let's get started then:



1. Cold- Shoulder - So this trend involves all kinds of tops and sweaters that are either off-shoulder or have shoulder cut-outs. Perfect to wear with skirts and jeans and of course while wearing a jacket off-shoulders at the same time. 


2. Oversized Sweaters - Thanks everyone involved, who kept the sweater trend going for Spring aswell. COMFY! Love the ones from Calvin Klein and Adidas and 

3. Corset Belts - This is one of the coolest things in my opinion. These belts come in so many different styles and the corset really makes the waist look beautiful. Wear it with baggy T-shirt dresses/ sweaters/ dresses etc. Available at and 

4. Band Shirts - This one was sooo unexpected by me, but I like it a lot. Makes everyone look a bit cooler! Favourites are at and 

5. Fishnets - Fishnets as tights, socks, knee-highs, shirts, sweaters - you name it. Everything fishnet is in, but I'm most in favor of the tights. Another unexpected, but such a cool trend! Wear it with metallic skirts, boots, sneakers, dresses and sweaters aaand most importantly with ripped denim! Find them from H&M for example. 

6. Frills - Such a cute thing! Frills go on everything, but my favourites are the sweaters and knits with frills as I pictured the one with the Gucci belt up there. My favoruite frill blouse is from

7. Chokers - Probably will still stick for a while, but mostly with lace-up style and gemstones. A lot of pretty ones are at and

8. Hot Pink - The brightest most Barbie looking pink is coming girls! Just feeling sorry for all the car drivers out there, who will be blinded with this bright colour in the sun haha (talking from personal experience). I found a really cute sweater on

9. Dirty Pastels - Same stuff every year - pastels, but this time a bit worn off, washed off, dirty pastels on everything. 

10. Red Lips - Because yes. 

11. Flames - And the list goes on with the stuff I never expected to come in fashion, but here it is, stuff with flames is alrady on celebs and available in online stores. I kind of dig the sneakers though. Especially the Vans looking ones. Some flame stuff is available at

12. Geeky Glasses - I've already shared my deep love for those, so no need to go more into that! You can get them for example from

13. Tracksuits - As in matchy-matchy of your top and pants. I have a pink velvet set (from I really can't wait to wear in Spring without any jackets. Just white sneakers and that set. 

14. Shirts Gone Wrong - Basic white shirts with some cool details or cuts are a really cool thing to wear this Spring. Wear it with denim I saaay. You can find a bunch of cool ones from my new fav shirt site

Hope you found this little post helpful and make sure to leave any trends I missed in the comments! x

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