Meryl Mägi


Photos from the Moët Party Day party at Hilton! 

Last Saturday we celebrated the international Moët Party day in Estonia and the party was held at the most perfect location - Hilton Park hotel terrace. The theme was white so everyone looked stunning dressed in all white and the decorations were so so beautiful! Me and my blogger girls had a table reserved just by the best view on the city and the sunset and welll our bunch must've been the funnest anyway haha! We had such a great time there! The terrace was crowded so when it came to the official part of Moët champagne bottle popping, over 120 bottles were finally popped! At the party I realized I had missed Moët so much during the spring and it was so great to enjoy the bubbly with such great company. After the sun went down, we headed to a show with more Moët and sushi at the Hilton hotel Casino and well hours went by too easily there and maybe around 3 we went out clubbing, but were way too tired to stay longer than 15 minutes if I recall right. 

What a night though, will definitely remember this one! Thank you Embassy of Champagne for hosting such a wonderful party and I'm glad everything went well, and of course thank you for having us there! Also thanks to the blogger girls who looked stunning and kept the night alive!

Summer is for all the best stuff so I really really recommend everyone to grab a friend or more, get a bottle of your favourite Moët and go enjoy our short summers at picnic's, beautiful terraces, seasides or brunches with some bubbly. I'm planning on doing it a lot, because it just always feels amazing with a little bit of Moët on the side! x


Eelmine laupäev tähistasime ka Eestis rahvusvahelist Moët Party Day'd ning meie pidu toimus täiesti ideaalses kohas - Hilton Park Hotelli terrassil. Dresscode oli valge ning kõik nägid üleni valgesse riietatult väga kaunid välja ja dekoratsioonid olid super lahedad! Meil blogitüdrukutega oli reserveeritud laud imeilusa vaatega linnale ja päikeseloojangule ning usun, et meie laud oli üks lõbusamaid samuti haha! Terrass oli rahvast üsna pungil seega kui asi ametliku osani jõudis, milleks oli võimalikult paljude Moëti pudelite korraga avamine, siis avati lausa üle 120 neid! Seal peol sain aru, kuidas mul Moët'ist tegelikult kevade jooksul suur puudus on olnud nii et oli väga tore seda oma kambaga taas mullitada. Kui päike alla oli läinud, suundusime edasi show'le Hilton kasiinosse koos rohkema Moët'i ning sushiga ja seal läksid tunnid juba väga kiirelt, ehk 3 paiku lõpuks otsustasime vaadata ka klubisse, aga ei olnud enam piisavalt energiat, et seal vast üle 15 minuti püsida. 

Milline vahva õhtu, jääb kindlasti väga kauaks meelde! Suured tänud Embassy of Champagne'ile selle peo eest ning mul on hea meel, et kõik läks plaanipäraselt. Muidugi suurimad tänud, et meid sellesse kaasasite! Tänud ka mu blogitüdrukutele, kes nägid imeilusad välja ja hoidsid õhtu nii põneva! 

Suvi on kõikide parimate asjade jaoks, seega soovitan teil kõigil haarata sõber või mitu, võtta kaasa pudel lemmik Moët'i ning minna nautima meie väga lühikest suve kas piknikul, ilusal terrassil, mere ääres või brunch'il koos väikese mullilisega. Ma kavatsen seda võimalikult palju teha, kuna see kõik on parem natukese Moët'iga kõrval! x 


Jumpsuit - Lindex/ HERE (on sale!)         Shoes - Quiz/ HERE        Belt - Gucci         Bag - Guess/ Denim Dream          Sunglasses- Ray Ban

Midsummer is over and I hope everyone had the best time! I spent mine with family and J at friend's country side and at some point ma and J took the boat in the middle of the lake, did some fishing and watched the city's bon fire being lit at the beach. Such a lovely night! He's off to Austria today and I can get back to my daily stuff since I have so much to do and plan now.

Before we headed off to our hometown, we visited the new market place in Tallinn and found so many cute photo spots and dining places there. Also took these photos of my new light blue satin jumpsuit that I found from Lindex Showroom the other day. I am a huge fan of satin right now and I just couldn't keep myself from wearing this gorgeous piece, eventhough it requires a belt on me since it's one size too big and heels since it's too long, but I think I will have it adjusted because I just love it too much. It's really flowy and the material glistens so beautifully in the sun, definitely a must-have for a bit more chic look or for any kind of summer party! 


Jaanipäev on läbi ja loodan, et kõigil oli super tore aeg! Mina veetsin enda oma koos pere ja J'ga sõprade juures ning mingi aeg võtsime J'ga kaatri ning läksime keset järve kala püüdma ja linnajaanitule süütamist vaatama, mis toimus sealsamas rannas. Nii tore õhtu! Täna suundub ta Austriasse ning ma saan taas asuda oma igapäevaste asjade kallale, kuna hetkel on nii palju teha ja planeerida.

Enne jaanipäevale sõitmist käisime läbi ka uuelt Baltijaama turult ning leidsime nii palju armsaid pildistamiskohti ning häid söögikohti. Tegime ka need pildid mu uue helesinise satiinist jumpsuit'iga, mille haarasin kaasa viimati Lindex'i Showroom'ist. Ma olen suur satiini fänn hetkel ning ei suutnud seda võtmata jätta, kuigi pean kandma seda hetkel vööga kuna see on ühe numbri võrra suur ja tahab kontsasid kuna on ka liiga pikk, aga ma arvan, et lasen selle enda järgi kohandada, sest see on tõesti üks super ilus ese. Riie on mõnusalt lendlev ja särab päikese käes, kindlasti üks must-have kui tahta välja näha rohkem šikk ja sobib absoluutselt igale suvepeole ka! 


Feather Dress - Missguided/ HERE        Shoes - Nelly/ similar ones HERE        

I actually didn't want to do a seperate post with this dress from the Moet Party Day at Hilton, but I got sooo many questions about where it's from, so just under the photo you can find the direct link to it! It's from Missguided and as soon as I saw that the dresscode at the party was white & chic, I knew I had nothing like it in my closet, so I searched around webshops and found this absolutely spectacular feather dress. It's just so perfect with its tight fit and playful feathers that move around with a breeze. I got so many compliments, so I am really happy I picked this one out for this amazing party, which I'm gonna tell you all about really soon! Sorry I look so grumpy on these photos, the happier ones happened to be a little bit too blurry hahah! I mean it was a champagne party after all...

After the football match against Swedish AIK today, me and J headed straight to our hometown for midsummer's, which we are gonna spend super quietly this year and J is also off to Slovenia for euro league games already on Sunday. Hope everyone has super fun plans whereever in the Nordics you are! Enjoy the longest sunlight! x


Ma tegelikult ei tahtnud postitada eraldi seda kleiti Moet'i Party Day'st Hiltonis, aga minult küsiti nii nii palju kust see pärit on, seega piltide alt leiab otselingi kleidini! Kleit on Missguided'ist ning kohe kui ma nägin, et peo dresscode'iks on valge & šikk, siis ma teadsin et kapis mul midagi sellist küll ei leidu, seega hüppasin kiirelt läbi kõik netipoed kuni leidsin selle täiesti fantastilise sulgedest kleidi. See on nii ideaalne oma kitsa lõike ning mänglevate sulgedega, mis liiguvad iga tuulepuhanguga. Olen saanud nii palju komplimente nii et oma kleidivalikuga selleks vahvaks peoks olen super rahul. Peost endast räägin juba kohe-kohe! Vabandan, et ma pisut pahur piltidel tundun, aga rõõmsad olid liiga udused, et postitada hahah! Siiski ju šampapidu...

Pärast tänast jalkamängu Rootsi AIK vastu, suundusime J'ga otse kodulinna jaanideks, mille veedan väga vaikselt see aasta ning J läheb juba pühapäeval Sloveeniasse, et alustada euroliiga mängudega. Loodan, et kõigil on toredad plaanid jaanideks olemas ja nautige aasta pikimaid päevasid! x 


Photos from my Lund University graduation!

I am officially a Lund University graduate with a Bachelor's in Development Studies and boy it feels great! The 3 years went by so quickly, but I had the time of my life both when I had fun with everyone I met during that time and also when tackling all the new tasks. Before this Bachelor's I had no clue about what actually goes on in the world and how everything works, so I am very very thankful to all my professors who showed me so many different aspects of so many parts of the world and introduced me to alternative ways of tackling the problems we face. Also want to thank my classmates that came together from so many different parts of the globe and discussed all these massively broad themes together, but more importantly became such a big influence and importance in my life. Even if we didn't chat daily, I will always remember each one of you by your fun nature, funny jokes and bright minds. You are an amazing group really! Aaaand my best best memories involve my best friends in Lund who are now my friends for life and who were just the perfect people to have around through harder study times and less harder, you all know who you are, but one super special girl is pictured above and another one who I missed so much at the graduation was already doing her business in the big Apple NY! More thank you's? Yes, PARENTS AND MY J! They were such a strong part of my studies that I probably wouldn't have done it with out their everyday support haha! They listened to alll of my naggings, helped me solve the issues that came up and motivated me all the time. 

The graduation itself was super grand! It was also short, which kept it exciting through-out and I really loved the food and champagne mingle after. Eric's speech was so spot-on and could crack us all up a lot! I could just feel the history and royalty of the university in the white main building and I couldn't help to feel so attached and proud to all of this. Lund University was the best choice I've made and I will never get tired of talking about its professors and breath-taking-Harry-Potter-style-350-year-old campus. I was also so glad that my parents came to my graduation and that J showed up by surprise one day before! I had such a happy day depiste the weather thanks to everyone, so thank you thank you thank you for everything!

Probably everyone who knows me knows that this university is one of the top ones in the world having remained its 60th-73rd spot during my studies and I am truly too proud of myself to be holding its diploma. I knew I wanted to study abroad from elementary school already and since from early age on I noticed I have a good head on my shoulders, so I set it as my goal to get the best grades through elementary, basic and high school and learned to speak English from when I was six. Of course with that dedication I achieved it all and soon after I met J who introduced me to Sweden and once I moved in with him there, I knew immediately I wanted to apply to uni there too (previously had UK plans). Lund University was the top choice obviously and honestly having no idea what I just got myself into, I was beyond excited. It turned out to be an amazing journey, so I want to urge everyone to go study abroad, study things that matter, and could make a difference, and chase your dreams! Work hard on your grades, they do matter, and make sure not to forget yourself when studying because it's super important to always have a hobby you love on the side, because the more multifunctional you are, the more choices you will have in life. Of course there are a lot more options than university studies, but I can't imagine right now that I would've actually missed out on all these experiences, knowledge and people. Now let's see about that Master's Degree soon! 


Eesti keelne tekst hiljem. 


Top - Miss Bardo/ HERE        Jeans - Levi's


Talk about awkward hand poses... I was fighting the wind you know haha! Being back at home is so great. J also had a little break from football so we spent that time in our hometown and mainly on my family's boat on the lake, fishing, watching the sunset and sunbathing. So happy for all this! Have had a good rest and peace of mind for a couple of days but now I hopped on the train to Tallinn because tomorrow I start with the blog work again and have some interviews as well. Gonna hop by hometown on Friday, but then back again. So much to do in the following days and I still feel like I haven't had enough rest, but at least the weather went bad so I don't regret not spending my days on the boat instead haha! 

I found my little ruffle crop from Miss Bardo and I just love it so much on hot days! So easy to pair up with high waist shorts or jeans or why not wide leg pants with a high waist as well? It's the cutest top and I just love that the middle part is so tiny and the sleeves are HUGE! 

Have to start packing up stuff on train now, gonna reach Tallinn soon and will immediately hop to the cinema with J and friends. Have a good Tuesday night guys! x


Rääkides veidratest käepoosidest... ausalt ma kaklesin tuulega, teate ju küll haha! Kodus on nii tore olla praegu. J'l oli samuti väike paus jalgpallist seega veetsime selle aja kodulinnas mõlemad ning peamiselt mu pere kaatril järvel püüdes kala, päevitades ja vaadates õhtupäikest. Nii hea meel, et selline võimalus alati kodus on! Sain nüüd puhata mõned päevad, kuid täna juba hüppasin rongile ning olen teel Tallinna, kuna homsest algab jälle töö blogiga ning mõned intervjuud ootavad samuti. Reedel hüppan korraks kodulinnast läbi, aga siis kohe jälle tagasi. Nii palju on teha järgnevatel päevadel ja tunnen, et pole veel piisavalt ära puhanud, kuid õnneks keeras ilm halvaks seega ei pea kahetsema, et ei veeda oma päevi keset järve hoopis haha! 

Leidsin selle väikese crop top'i Miss Bardo'st ning see on parim asi palavatel päevadel! Nii lihtne kokku panna kõrgepihaga lühikeste pükste või teksadega ning miks ka mitte alt laienevate kõrge pihaga pükstega? Top on super nunnu, kuna keskosa on selline pisike triip, aga varrukad on TOHUTUD. 

Pean oma asjad kokku panema nüüd, hakkan vaikselt Tallinna jõudma ja kohe rongilt on ka kinno minek J ja sõpradega. Ilusat teisipäeva õhtut armsad! x 


Dress - C/meo Collective         Shoes - Misspap/ HERE 

I have a lot of photos from my university graduation, so I decided to have my graduation look as a separate post. As some of you might have read, I was struggling to find the perfect look for that day since in Sweden it's kind of "wear whatever you want to" attitude at graduations and so I had to pick between fun princess-y and sophisticated, but then I was like "you know what Meryl, you're not gonna wear a huge pink princess-y gown when you're 40, so go for it" and there we have it! The dress is a previous season C/meo Collective Wild Fire dress that I spontaneously found from a random girl's instagram. Since it was sold out basically everywhere, then I had to get the last S size from the Fashion Bunker and had it sewn to my size. I got so so many compliment from girls and guys that day because this dress definitely is an eye-catcher, but as I told everyone after the compliment, the dress was so heavy that I just had to keep adjusting it all the time, but totally worth it right!? I've never seen anything more stunning than the cut and movement of this dress and the best part was of course the fact that it has a glossy pink fabric, but also that it has pockets and people who know me know how much I love pockets on dresses.I felt like a true princess in it and thank you so much Misspap for sending me the cutest pair of Minnie-eared heels to match the dress perfectly! Also thank you everyone for all these lovely words, you all looked so gorgeous that day! x


MUl on ülikooli lõpuaktusest väga väga palju pilte, seega otsustasin teha oma look'ist täiesti eraldi postituse. Mõned teist ehk lugesid, et ma olin mõnda aega tagasi kleidivalikuga tõsiselt hädas, kuna Rootsis on selline üsna "kanna mida tahad" suhtumine lõpuaktustel, seega minu valik koondus lõbusa printsessiliku look'i ning viisaka elegantse look'i vahele, kuid siis ma mõtlesin, et "tead mis Meryl, sa ei kanna tohutu suurt roosat printsessikleiti kui sa oled 40, seega läheb see" ja nii saigi! Kleit on eelneva hooaja C/meo Collective kollektsioonist ning kannab nime WIld Fire ning leidsin selle juhuslikult ühe võõra tüdruku instagramist. Kuna selleks ajaks oli kleit põhimõtteliselt igaltpoolt välja müüdud, siis pidin tellima viimase S'i Fashion Bunker'ist ning lasin selle õmmelda enda suuruse järgi. Sain lõpetamisel kõigilt nii palju komplimente, sest see kleit on tõesti silampaistev, kuid nagu ma kõigile juba peale kompliemnte ütlesin, siis see kleit oli nii raske, et ma pidin kogu aeg seda paigale sättima, aga minu arust täiesti väärt ka seda, eksole!? Ma pole siiani midagi ilusamat näinud, kui selle kleidi lõige ja liikuvus, ning muidug parimaks osaks on kindlasti selle sillerdav roosa material ja taskud. Kõik, kes teavad mind teavad, et mu lemmik kleidid on just taskutega. Tundsin nagu printsess sel päeval ja suured tänud Misspap'ile, kes saatsid mulle need super nunnud Minni-kõrvadega kontsad kleidi juurde, mis sobisid kui valatult! Suured tänud ka kõigile armsate sõnade eest, te nägite kõik nii ilusad välja sel päeval! x


Crop Top - Guess A$AP Rocky collection/ HERE       Jeans - Miss Bardo/ HERE (on sale!)        Shoes - Din Sko       Sunglasses - Ray Ban

And here I am Estonia! The last days have been hectic! A day before graduation I learned that J is also actually coming to Sweden for the event and so did my parents so I had to meet all of them seperately in different cities and then of course I had my university graduation day which is gonna be my following post here on blog of course and the very next day we woke up 6am to start dricving towards Stockholm which took 6-7 hours (following 14 hours ship ride), so you can imagine how exhausted I am right now haha! It was devastating to leave Sweden but I think my mind hasn't grasped it fully yet. I just need two days of unpacking alllll my things and realizing I'm back here and will try to figure out things for myself. Right now I'm sitting in Tallinn at J's place and decided to blog a little before I head to the city for a quick meeting and then we're heading to our hometown.

So this is my new fav crop top for the summer with a huge vintage Guess logo, but I love how the A$AP Rocky's collection one has dollar signs instead of the two S's. Just a little more different and fun! Paired it up with some super cute pearl covered jeans and my favourite part of them are the ends which have a really cool cut. They're from a webshop named Miss Bardo and due to the stretchy material, they are just the perfect fit! 


Ja siin ma olengi Eesti! VIimased päevad on olnud täielik hullumaja! Päev enne lõpetamist sain teada, et J tuleb ka ikkagi Rootsi selleks päevaks, seega pidin lisaks vanematele ka temaga teises linnas kohtuma ja siis oli muidugi järgmine päev juba lõpetamine ise, millest tuleb loomulikult pikem postitus juba järgmisena siia ning siis kohe järgmine päev ärkasimegi kell 6, et asuda Stockholmi poole teele, mis võttis nii 6-7 tundi (lisaks veel 14h kruiisisõitu), seega võite ette kujutada kui kurnatud ma praeguseks olen haha! Rootsist ära minek oli nii raske, aga ma arvan, et see pole veel õigesti kohalegi jõudnud. Mul on nüüd vaja paar päeva aeg maha võtta, pakkida kõik kõik oma kraam lahti, saada aru et olen tagasi siin ja kindlasti peab mõned asjad nüüd selgeks enda jaoks mõtlema. Istun praegu Tallinnas J juures ning otsustasin blogida pisut enne kui suundun linna kiirele kohtumisele ja siis edasi kodulinna. 

Leidsin omale suveks ideaalse crop top'i suure vintage Guess logoga, aga mis selle eriliseks teeb on see, et A$AP Rocky kollektsiooni omal on dollarimärgid S'ide asemel. Pisut erilisem ja vahvam kui tavaline! Topi panin kokku super nunnude pärlitega kaetud teksadega, kuid mu lemmik osa nende juures on muidugi säärteotsad, millel on väga äge lõige. Need on päris netipoest nimega Miss bardo ja on hästi mõnusast stretch materialist, nii et istuvad väga ilusti! 


1. HERE   2. HERE   3. HERE
1. HERE   2. HERE   3. HERE

I've been craving for colour now that June is here and I continue to have this deep love for pink and red details. I already ordered the super cool A$AP Rocky designed Guess shirt because of its large red logo (so cool with dollar signs as S's!) and now I juts can't wait to get my hands on that bright red set! Also so so surprisingly I find myself wanting these lemon patterned clothes, especially that super cute jumpsuit by Aeryne. And to be honest, my wardrobe seriously screams for some silky gowns, a pair of Chiquelle's pink dreamy bikinis and flowy striped pants. 

What are you planning to get yourself for summer babes? x


Iphone cases by iDeal of Sweden/ HERE & HERE 

iDeal of Sweden has just the most gorgeous phone cases! My favourites are the blueish cases with Marrakech and similar patterns and all the marble ones. I actually as of yesterday can confirm that they do protect your phone when you smash it on the stone floor haha, not a scratch! When it started to fall it took the side of the cover and landed on that and both the cover and phone were good to go. Gotta love when things are beautiful but practical as well right? I also wanted to show you guys the pretty bronze one I have as well, but as my photos got deleted off the phone by my phone then these pictures were deleted too and the case is in Estonia with J who loved it and took it haha! 

Have a great day loves! x 


iDeal of Sweden'il ongi vist ilusaimad telefonikatted, mis ma näinud! Minu lemmikute hulka kuuluvad sinakad katted Marrakech'i ja sarnaste mustritega ning muidugi kõik marmorkatted. Pärast eilset saan kinnitada, et need tegelikult ka kaitsevad su telefoni kui sa selle vastu kivipõrandat kukutad haha, pole kriimugi! Kui telefon kukkus keeras ta kohe kattepoolse külje ja maandus sellele ja kate ning telefon olid mõlemad omadega okei. PEab lihtsalt meeldima, kui asi on koraga nii super ilus kui ka praktiline eks? Tahtsin näidata ka seda ilusat pronks katet, mis mul lisaks neile kahele on, aga kuna mu telefon kustutas endast kõik pildid ära, siis pildid sellest läksid samuti ja kate ise on praegu Eestis, kuna J'le see hullult meeldis ja võttis selle minult ära haha! 

Ilusat päeva armsad! x 

In collaboration with iDeal of Sweden