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Photos from my Lund University graduation!

I am officially a Lund University graduate with a Bachelor's in Development Studies and boy it feels great! The 3 years went by so quickly, but I had the time of my life both when I had fun with everyone I met during that time and also when tackling all the new tasks. Before this Bachelor's I had no clue about what actually goes on in the world and how everything works, so I am very very thankful to all my professors who showed me so many different aspects of so many parts of the world and introduced me to alternative ways of tackling the problems we face. Also want to thank my classmates that came together from so many different parts of the globe and discussed all these massively broad themes together, but more importantly became such a big influence and importance in my life. Even if we didn't chat daily, I will always remember each one of you by your fun nature, funny jokes and bright minds. You are an amazing group really! Aaaand my best best memories involve my best friends in Lund who are now my friends for life and who were just the perfect people to have around through harder study times and less harder, you all know who you are, but one super special girl is pictured above and another one who I missed so much at the graduation was already doing her business in the big Apple NY! More thank you's? Yes, PARENTS AND MY J! They were such a strong part of my studies that I probably wouldn't have done it with out their everyday support haha! They listened to alll of my naggings, helped me solve the issues that came up and motivated me all the time. 

The graduation itself was super grand! It was also short, which kept it exciting through-out and I really loved the food and champagne mingle after. Eric's speech was so spot-on and could crack us all up a lot! I could just feel the history and royalty of the university in the white main building and I couldn't help to feel so attached and proud to all of this. Lund University was the best choice I've made and I will never get tired of talking about its professors and breath-taking-Harry-Potter-style-350-year-old campus. I was also so glad that my parents came to my graduation and that J showed up by surprise one day before! I had such a happy day depiste the weather thanks to everyone, so thank you thank you thank you for everything!

Probably everyone who knows me knows that this university is one of the top ones in the world having remained its 60th-73rd spot during my studies and I am truly too proud of myself to be holding its diploma. I knew I wanted to study abroad from elementary school already and since from early age on I noticed I have a good head on my shoulders, so I set it as my goal to get the best grades through elementary, basic and high school and learned to speak English from when I was six. Of course with that dedication I achieved it all and soon after I met J who introduced me to Sweden and once I moved in with him there, I knew immediately I wanted to apply to uni there too (previously had UK plans). Lund University was the top choice obviously and honestly having no idea what I just got myself into, I was beyond excited. It turned out to be an amazing journey, so I want to urge everyone to go study abroad, study things that matter, and could make a difference, and chase your dreams! Work hard on your grades, they do matter, and make sure not to forget yourself when studying because it's super important to always have a hobby you love on the side, because the more multifunctional you are, the more choices you will have in life. Of course there are a lot more options than university studies, but I can't imagine right now that I would've actually missed out on all these experiences, knowledge and people. Now let's see about that Master's Degree soon! 


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