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Snapshots from Paris, Iphone and camera 

Kind of funny that I happened to be with my Guess cardigan on most of these haha, but as I said, it was y fav pick there anyway! Listed quite a few snaps here, but Paris is just such a wonderful city where you just can't help but take snaps of EVERYTHING. During these 5 days, I think I managed to do everything, see everything and feel everything I planned to and it felt so great. It took my 3 days to fully grasp what people mean when they talk about Paris and I just can't wait to go back! Some things were of course left undone and unseen, but I know I will be going back as soon as possible to that amazing city. I didn't want to get all touristy with this post and talk about all I did and all the places I visited, but I thought I would just list you 10 favourite things I experienced during that time in Paris and recommend to you guys as well! So here we go in random order: 


1. Outdoor cafes - Something to be enjoyed on those warm days and something no other city can probably beat. Just the feeling of sitting down at a beautiful corner cafe with people around you reading books, smoking cigarettes and having a glass, ordering some crepes, cappuccino and fresh pressed orange juice on your marble pattern table and gazing at all the people passing and breathing the Paris vibe in - I am pretty sure if you do the exact same in another city then it just won't be the same feeling. 

2. Printemps rooftop - Printemps is a shopping mall full of luxury and less luxury goods for men and women, but the best part of this is on the rooftop of men's Printemps. The view up there is amazing as it is 360 degrees above Paris with sights on Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe and Montmartre. Plus there are a lot of seats, beautiful photo spots and a cafe to enjoy as well.

3. Bars - I think one of the most awesome parts of the Parisian vibe is to find some local bars that are packed with Paris people havng a traditional drink after work. The atmosphere is loud and lively and shows you the super cool night life habits of the locals. 

4. Shopping - Printemps, the wonderful street Champs Elysee, Gallerie Lafayette, boutiques, cute little jewellery stores...all these shopping experiences prove that this indeed is one of the capitals of fashion. 

5. Walking around - Once I got lost while trying to find this metro stop near Luxembourg gardens and I just wandered around the city trying to find any metro stops to hop on and I happened to get lost in the most amazing little streets. Hopped by a local bakery, bought some warm soft croissants and just looked at the daily life of the locals. Also walking around in Luxembourg gardens, visiting the sights and other parks is also so relaxing and amazing in Paris. I think I don't even have to mention the breath-taking architecture that makes your neck hurt?

6. Louvre - Yes that is a very mainstream recommendation and probably a lot of you won't want to stand in line for hours to get in, so I recommend dropping by Louvre later in the evening when all the tourist groups have gone away, because it really is a wondeful experience to walk around in that enormous building full of such rich art and history. As a art fan I really appreciated the Louvre experience and was completely baffled away by the Napoleon apartments. 

7. Restaurants - Paris hides some really wonderful restaurant gems and the food is to die for. Also I never experienced one glass of wine that I didn't adore haha, this is just so gooood. We ate out every night in a diffrenet place, but my most exciting memories include Brasserie Barbes which is a completely local place with no tourists and the pasta was amazing there and the really traditonal and very very weird place called Le Bouillon Chartier that had a 30 minute waiting line outside, eventhough the place is enormous. Service is super fast and has remained the same traditions for ages together with the very traditional simple food. I was encouraged to try their traditional dessert which is a bagel soaked in rum and well this is one of the funniest and coolest things I've tried. So stupidly simple but also very effective haha! Also if you want to have a good lunch I recommend having the sandwiches they offer at basically every cafe and restaurant, yum! 

8. Sugary stuff - You just have to try all the sweets from cakes to bagels to macarons. Just eat it all girl, trust me you'll love it. 

9. Montmartre - My friend Helena recommended that part of the city to me so I went to visit it on the last day and I wish I had had one more day to walk around there, because it is just the cutest place! This is where all the artsy people hang out and the buildings are all very very adorrable and little. The streets are narrow and the people seem to be more loose. I think above like 30% of my snaps are taken there because the views were amazing as Montmartre is on top of a hill. Also will get a good work out by climbing alll these stairs!

10. Ferris wheel - The ferris wheel is another super touristy thing and I was scared as hell when I got on it because it goes pretty high up, but the views on Arc de Triomphe and all the building was again breath-taking. You get to spin two rounds and you get to be up there for a pretty long time too. Definitely a must-go during evening when the sun is low and the city has this humid sunlight over it, ah amazing!!

Hope you got some tips of this list and make sure to visit Paris in this lifetime, it's so worth it! Next time I'll make sure to dine at Cafe de Flore, climb up the Arc and visit Versaille's and do the things on my list all over again! For more snaps check back to my Instagram @merylmgi! Also let me know if you have any quaestions regarding Paris or my visit, will be happy to answer all! x


Kuna tegemist on päris pika postitusega, siis on seekord vaid inglise keeles! 

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