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Chia drinks by Chia Humara

I located the chia drinks under Beauty category since chia seeds are so good for your appearance and health! 

I was on a look-out for something new and exciting when in Hemköp one day and found these chia drinks on the shelf. I decided to give them a try since obviously chia seeds are the best thing, and I loved them so so much that I just had to give them a shoutout. Fortunately, they liked my enthusiasm and sent me a few boxes of these, so now I was able to try out each taste yay! The drink gave me so much energy like a red bull does and it's so good to drink it knowing it's only good for you! 

The super drink Chia Humara comes in so many different tastes like apple, strawberry and pomegrenade, ginger and beetroot, mango and passion fruit and is sold in ICA, Hemköp, CityGross, COOP, LIFE and Convini all over Sweden. The drink gives you more protein than an egg, more calcium than milk, more omega 3 than lax and more fibre than porridge, I mean how good does that sound!? 

It fills your stomach quite well, so it can be used as a pre snack or even as breakfast. I know the sound of a seed drink might soudn a bit weird, but it's really flowy and has a lot fruit juice in it, so it doesn't feel like oatmeal or so. I used to say that my favourite one was the strawberry and pomegrenade one, but it's actually the one with ginger and beetroot now that I finally dared to try it haha! I don't like beetroot, so I was really curious about this one, but it's perfect and even more perfect than the other ones! 

So make sure when you visit Sweden (or are in Sweden) to give a try to this amaaaziiing thing! Can't express enough how much I love it and it's a valuable part of my everyday now!


Postitus on inglise keelne, kuna tutvustan kahjuks ainult Rootsis müüdavat chia seemne jooki Chia Humara'lt. Soovitan soojalt see imeline jook järele proovida, kui Rootsi satute! Annab energiat, toidab ning maitseb imehästi. Kuna tegu on chia seemnete ning puuviljadega (s.h ingver ja peet), siis annab see jook väga palju juurde tervisele ning välimusele. Seetõttu on ka postitus paigutatud Beauty kategooria alla. Rohkem infot eesti keeles saab minult kommentaarides! :) 

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