Meryl Mägi


the black


Nothing beats black coloured basics as they stay pretty longer and all black is just such a chic look. Here I combined the black basics that every lady should consider having in her closet. They are also notes for myself to follow. I think most of these are obvious picks - over knee boots, a turtleneck, a classic watch and black sunglasses, LBD and a wool black coat, but I would explain the open-toe ankle boots and the lace bra. I spontaneously bought open-toe boots a couple of years ago when I didn't know anything about them and now there sis nothing that could replace them in my shoe closet, nothing is so comfortable and simply cool as these are! The lace bra is a must because it can be used for these occasions when you want to have a more open cleacage but want to make that un-buttoned shirt look classy and fashionable. Also feels great under a T-shirt on a hot summer day. 


denim & black

Here I gathered basics in black and denim both because there is just so much black to add to closet haha! So here I have the classics - strap sandals, white sneakers, black ankle boots, a leather jacket and a classic good sized handbag with very good quality. I also added the simple black T-shirt because I couldn't live without this probably and then I proposed that everyone should have at last one pair of Levi's in their closet, either shorts or classic straight cut ones, because they never go out of style and well the backside looks just so so nice with them! I forgot to add classic black jeans though, what a shame Meryl!

white & nude

And now some happier shades! Again with the classics - white tee, straight cut camel coat, white Oxford and nude stilettos and strap heels, because these make your legs look really long! I decided to add silver aviators and a ribbed knit dress here, because I think of them as a must-have as well. The ribbed knit is again a really multifunctional thing to have as it fits every occasion and the aviators are a really good touch that can make any outfit look cooler immediately. 


Hope you found this little basics guide useful babes! I am definitely gonna start following this myself since I am missing so many necessary pieces to have a great complete wardrobe. It's really important to have good quality basics, so they would last long and you could mix other statement pieces or seasonal fashion pieces together with them! Make sure to leave a question in the comments if you want me to link you something from the collages or if you're looking for some specific basic clothing piece! Always happy to help! x 


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