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Tallinn Fashion Week 2017 S/S was held from 15th to 17th of March and I attended the two last days. I loved the venue a lot this year as TFW was held at Tallinn's Hilton Par Hotel, the new luxurious hotel in the city centre that certainly lives up to its name. TFW keeps getting better and better during the times I've attended and I really enjoy it every time! I attended all the shows on the 2 days and picked out my favourites that are listed below. Thank you for the invitation, organizing team, the cool people I met there and everyone involved for this really cool event! Estonian fashion and design  is on its way up for sure!

So here come the fav shows this Spring.


Tallinn Fashion Week 2017 kevad-suvi toimus 15.ndast 17.märtsini ning ma jõudsin kahele viimasele päevale. Asukoht oli see aasta super, kuna TFW peeti uues luksuslikus Tallinna Hilton Park hotellis, mis asub kesklinnas ning on tõesti üks kaunis paik. TFW muutub minu jaoks iga korraga ka aina paremaks ning alati on rõõm sellest osa võtta! Käisin kõiki show'sid kahe päeva jooksul vaatamas ning allpool toon välja oma kõige lemmikumad. Suur tänu kutse eest ja tänud ka korraldustiimile, inimestele keda kohtasin seal ning kõigile, kes selle väga vahva üritusega seotud! Eesti mood ning disain on kohe kindlasti tõusuteel! 

Nii siis, siit tulevad selle kevade lemmik show'd.




Not a fan of emroidery myself, but I just appreciate fantastic art work and beautiful garment when I see it. Mammu Couture definitely got a huge applause for me for it's beautiful creation and I would do whatever to get this beaded golden dress into my closet, just to wait for that possible black tie event I've never had haha! And of course these bunny sneakers are just the cutest to this dress, also WANT!


Loved by all and didn't disappoint once again. I just love how Iris Janvier keeps its design original, but always adds something really seasonal and exciting to the lines. It's visible from far away already how good quality the fabrics are and how well thought-through the details are. I just want 80% of everything I saw into my closet asap, especially the hoodies, the flowy dresses and that light pink dress with a blazer neckline on the back (OMG). So sad I didn't get any proper pictures of it, but here google and TFW website help out! Thanks Iris Janvier for being such an eye candy! 


As I already posted on my Instagram (@merylmgi) that pink cake of a dress is a dream piece to have for a really fashionable cool edgy photoshoot or just in my closet waiting for the perfect event! Monton is usually so classy and minimal, but I loved how they gave freedom to the designers for this special collection and out came something spectacular. Really loved the idea and pieces of it! Such a nice job y'all! 



I just love that kind if dresses that are pictures and Riina Põldroos had so many of them. A huge hint for those looking for a gorgeous wedding gown or just something extra beautiful that looks amazing and requires obvously a lot of hours to make. Really loved this show because it was just simple and elegant! 


Another designer whose choice of fabrics and cuts was really lovely to look at. It was also the very first show I saw and eventhough I wasn't truly amazed by the whole collection, the dress pictures is something I would really love to wear. The way it shines just couldn't be more perfect! 


Looking forward to the A/W shows already, just know they are gonna be even more amazing! x


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