Meryl Mägi


Jacket - Lindex/ HERE        Turtleneck & Boots - Zara        Pants - ICANIWILL/ HERE         Belt - Gucci         Phone case & wallet - Ideal of Sweden 

Since it was Black Friday yesterday and the hype continues until Cyber Monday ends then I think it's really in theme to post an all black outfit. I really love Black Fridays, but not in the sense that you buy everything you like on sale, but it's the time to make these a bit more expensive smart choices or you can just buy all you really currently need and can get a super sweet price on them. I have a gala coming up so I used the discounts to find a cute gala dress and shoes and bought a swimsuit from stores for my spa weekend. If you would really need a new phone case or a wallet for your phone then I recommend Ideal of Sweden this weekend because they have an amazing 50% off everything until Sunday and well from the photos you can find my two favourites - Antique Roses phone case and the black wallet with golden details. So elegant! The outfit of today consists of some really super good basics. First is the amazingly soft Lindex jacket that one my heart the minute I tried it on in the showroom. We've been unseparable ever since and I really love the oversized style of this jacket so I got another one in a bright orange colours that you will see soon (it's not from Lindex though)! I wore the jacket to the last football games and it kept me perfectly warmed up with its faux fur lining. Oh also Lindex has 25% of all this weekend!
On Instagram I briefly showed you guys the new kind of pants that ICANIWILL has. They're not for gym, but they are as comfy and tight as gym pants, but actually casual ones! They fit like a glove and make that butt of yours look amazing haha! Also I couldn't imagine a more stylish but comfortable pair of pants to wear to your work out session, to the store, to a city shopping stroll or on planes/trains, etc. ICANIWILL also has a Black Friday deal with almost 70% off selected items! 

Thursday I spent the day blogging in freezing cold and snow (lol) and afterwards we had an amazing dinner at Tabac with Embassy of Champagne where we again got to food taste with different champagnes. Congratz Tabac for becoming a EOC member restaurant, the food was delicious! Then I headed home on Friday where I am now, waiting for our family guests to arrive and then I'm off to Talinn tomorrow to wait for Monday when J finally comes back from his Oceania tour! Ugh just can't wait for him to finally be home for a while! By the way, thank you so much for lending your camera and taking the photos Kristjaana! Saved me a bunch! 

Hope you found these deals exciting and happy shopping weekend guys! x


Kuna eile oli Black Friday ning kogu see haip kestab terve nädalavahetuse vältel kuni Cyber Monday'ni välja, siis on vist eriti sobilik postitada üks temaatiline üleni mus outfit. Mulle väga meeldivad Black Friday'd iga aasta ja mitte sellepärast, et kõike mis meeldib peaks allahindlustega endale kuhjama vaid sellepärast, et selleks päevaks saab jätta mõned kallimad ostud, mida ammu tahtnud või osta just neid asju, mida parasjagu vaja läheb väga magusa hinnaga. Kuna mul on üks gala tulekul, siis saingi ilusa kleidi ja kingad eile ära tellitud ja poodidest spa nädalavahetuseks trikoo. Kui sul aga läheks vaja just uut telefonikatet või kaarditaskut, kuhu telefon sisse panna, siis ma soovitan just Ideal of Sweden'it kuna neil on kõik tooted -50% kogu nädalavahetuse! ja fotodelt leiab ka minu kaks lemmikut - Antique Roses telefonikatte ja musta kaarditasku kuldsete detailidega. Nii elegantsed! Tänane outfit koosneb mitmetest super headest basic'utest. Kõigepealt muidugi räägin teile sellest ülipehmest Lindexi jakist, mis võitis mu kohe üle, kui selle selga panin showroom'is. Sellest alates oleme olnud lahutamatud ja kuna mulle nii meeldib selline oversized jakistiil, siis nüüdsest on mul ka selline erkoranz, mida peagi ka blogis näeb (see pole Lindex'ist)! Kandsin jakki selle aasta viimastel jalkamängudel ning see hoidis mind ilusti soojas oma kunstkarvast sisuga. Ah muidugi, Lindex'il on ka Black Friday diil ju, 25% kõigest all kogu nädalavahetuse! 
Näitasid Instagram'is vilksamisi uut sorti ICANIWILL pükse, mis hiljuti välja tulid. Need pole küll jõuka jaoks, aga on täpselt sama kitsalt ümber ja mugavad kui jõukaretuusid, aga lihtsalt igapäevased! Istuvad nii hästi nagu kinnas kätte ja teevad taguotsa kohe eriti ilusaks haha! Ma ei kujutaks ette ka teisi pükse praegu, mis oleks mugavad nagu need kuid samalajal ka stiilsed, et kanda trenniminekul, poodi, linnapeale shoppama või lennule/rongile, jne. ICANIWILL pakub Black Friday'l kuni 70% allahindlust! 

Neljapäeval veetsin päeva blogitööd tehes jääkülmas ja lumes (lol) ja hiljem õhtul oli meil ülitore õhtusöök Tabac'is koos Embassy of Champagne'iga, kus saime proovida erinevaid toite šhampanja juurde. Palju õnne Tabac EOC liitumise puhul, söök oli super maitsev! Reedel sõitsin koju, kus olen ka praegu, ja ootame siin parasjagu perega külalisi ning homme sõidan juba Tallinna tagasi, et oodata esmaspäeva, mil viimaks Joonas oma Okeaania turneelt tagasi jõuab! Ugh ei jõua ära oodata, et ta lõpuks korraks ka kodus pikemalt oleks! Ja suured tänud lähevad Kristjaana poole, kes laenas oma kaamerat ja aitas pilte teha! Aitasid mind nii palju sellega! 

Loodan, et leidsite mõne põneva diili siit ja ägedat shopingu-nädalavahetust kõigile! x


Coat - Misspap/ HERE        Pants - Zara        Knit - Topshop         Sneakers - Converse/ Sportland

This week work has been hectic as so many different tasks pile up at once, but so many fun things have kept me going with the happiest mood. For example yesterday I went to see Triinu's husky baby who I absolutely loved! It's weird how I am dying to visit everyone who gets a new puppy or kitten, but when someone has a baby, then first, I'm like meh, and then when I visit, I have no idea what to say or do that it's to the point of awkward. It's so easy and natural with puppies though haha! Some animal-loving works well for an animal crazed person like me as my dogs are all in another city. Also this morning we had a lovely Christmas brunch event with Kaubamaja, where we had some snacks and designers performing. This was the first time this year when I had some serious Christmas feels with all these gift ideas and decorations! And it was all made better when I won a personalized 'M' necklace from New Vintage by Kriss Soonik. It's similar to my Jane Koenig golden plate one, but this one is a lil bit smaller and in silver and exactly how I like my jewewllery. Perfect morning!

By the way this white coat is amazing with all black and white looks! I've seen it on basic black dresses and with casual black tee and jeans and it somehow manages to be so eye catching eventhough so simple. The stripe pants I styled it with are of course everyone's favourites and mine too. Can't get over them! 

Tomorrow I'm gonna go shoot some outfits with Kristjaana, do some modelling for Tallinn Dolls, shop some much needed hair products and then we have another Embassy of Champagne dinner party! This time with my most favourite Ruinart, so can't wait! x


Wearing everything from Guess (Denim Dream stores) 
      Jacket - HERE        Pants - HERE        

Happy Saturday! Spending a few more hours ta home with doggies and fam and off I am to Tallinn again. Tonight we're gonna have a Christmas collection launch event with River Island at the Polhem PR Showroom and then the whole gang is gonna head to Dark Nights Film Festival's Fashion Cinema opening event and after that we're of course gonna watch a cool fashion movie. So excited for tonight! 

A few days ago I went to the signature shop of Denim Dream and decided to put together something winter chic as the weather gets colder and colder everyday here, but hey, style doesn't have to leave with that. I paired my favourite Guess studded boots with matching faux leather pants and since they were so high waisted, I could actually wear a cropped sweater underneath. Cropped knits are really awesome and definitely don't need a ditch from the closet as winter comes, because high waists and warm coats can allow you to still wear these. I really loved the thick turlteneck on that one that matches the velvet winter jacket perfectly! Velvet jackets have been in for a long time now and I'm happy they haven't left the stores. I have a puffy one in my closet from Calvin Klein and I really like that slimming one from Guess too. They are usually very soft and keep warmth so well. I don't know why but this 'roll neck knit - sunglasses - slim fit winter jacket' combination really gave me some Switzerland Alps Ski Trip feels. I think this kind of an outfit would be perfect for a hang out there and it really made me miss snowboarding suddenly. Definitely need to plan a trip like that soon, would be the dream! 

Enjoy your Satruday everyone! x 


Juhhei laupäev! Veedan veel mõned tunnid kodus kutsude ja perega ja siis suundsungi juba tagasi Tallinna. Täna õhtul on River Islandi jõulukollektsiooni avaüritus Polhem PR Showroomis ja siis kogu kamp liigub sealt PÖFF'i moekino avaüritusele edasi ning muidugi pärast seda vaatame ka kohe üht ägedat moefilmi. Väga põnevil tänase õhtu pärast! 

Mõned päevad tagasi hüppasin läbi Denim Dream'i originaalpoest, et panna kokku midagi talvist ja šikki, kuna ilm läheb aina külmemaks ja külmemaks iga päevaga. Aga ega stiilsus ei pea ju kuhugi selle pärast kaduma. Panin oma lemmikud Guess'i saapad kokku nendega klappivate kunstnahast pükstega ja kuna need olid nii kõrge pihaga, siis oli nii hea lisada juurde hoopis crop kampsun. Crop kampsunid on nii lahedad ega pea tingimata lendama talvekappi kui külmaks läheb, kuna kõrge pihaga püksid ja soojad kasukad/mantlid lubavad neid jätkuvalt kanda. Selle kampsuni juures on mu lemmikosa see lai rullkaelus, mis sobib samet talvejopega super hästi. Sametjoped on juba päris pikka aega moes olnud ja selle üle on ainult hea meel. Mul on endal kapis üks kohevam Calvin Kleini must sametjope, kuid see kitsa lõikega on samuti väga ilus. Need on tavaliselt väga pehmed ja hoiavad ka hästi sooja. Ma ei tea miks, aga see 'rullkaelusega kampsun - päikeseprillid - slim fit talvejope' kombinatsioon tekitab mulle mingeid Sveitsi alpide suusareisi tundeid. Selline outfit oleks ideaalselt sobiv taolisel reisil (kui suusad just all pole) ja ma hakkasin järsku nii lumelauaga sõitmist igatsema. Kindlasti peaks varsti sellise reisi organiseerima, what a dream! 

Mõnusat laupäeva kõigile! x 


Watches - Daniel Wellington
His - HERE
Hers - HERE 
Cuff - HERE

What a week last one has been! Nothing exciting, just so many troubles at once happening and I've been trying to fix these everyday. I am tryng to hard to get my Mac to download the new Lightroom CC, but it keeps erroring about everythiiing and I can't edit all photos I've been taking. Plus all my memories are full and so many updates need to be done and on top of all that, no one seems to fix my blog, so I'm gonna have to take some serious measures soon. It's so important for me that you all could read my blog clearly and easily. Doing all I can to fix it everyday! 

My new job has been very busy, but really exciting as well. Learning so much new stuff all the time, especially about the world of furniture business. It was also really difficult yetserday to send J off for two weeks in Oceania. He was just away for a week with the national team and now again. We haven't seen much or been able to go out and do stuff by ourselves lately, so it's pretty sad to wait some more week, but I'm really busy with all the new collaborations and job that I will be fine of couuurse. Can't wait to show you what I've been working on and all the new stuff coming up! 

Until he comes back, we can both keep an eye on our Daniel Wellington watches to keep an eye on the time (to pass quickly I hope). We both love simplicity and minimalistic clothes mostly, so it's the perfect watch for the both of us and it's fun to match stuff as a couple. Mine is a pure white one paired with the golden cuff and J has a brown one with super cool bright blue details. I think a matched DW watches would make a perfect couple's Christmas gift and if you think so too, then make sure to use the discount code 'merylmgi' for 15% off any watch on DW website! x 

Gonna go have a lil sleepover at Sandra's and off to hometown in the morning. Good night! x 


Milline nädal! Muidugi ei midagi väga põnevat, aga lihtsalt nii palju probleeme on korraga kuhjunud ja kõik päevad on olnud mingit lahendamist täis. Proovin juba tükemat aega saada uut Lightroom CC'd oma Mac'i, aga sada errorit tuleb kogu aeg ette ja ma ei saa siiamaani töödelda kõiki neid pilte, mida olen vahepeal loonud. Kõik mälud on saanud otseloomulikult ka täis ja nii palju update vaja teha ja kõige tipuks tundub, et keegi ei suuda mu blogi korda teha. Pean tõesti lähiajal vähe karmimad meetmed ette võtma, sest mulle on kõige olulisem, et mu lugejad saaksid hõlpsasti ja probleemideta blogi lugeda ja vaadata. Teen kõik mis saan iga päev, et see asi korda ajada! 

Uus töökoht on olnud väga väga töökas, kuid samal ajal nii põnev. Õpin iga päev midagi uut, eriti just mööbliäri kohta. Samuti oli eile päris raske saata J kaheks nädalaks Okeaaniasse ära. Ta just oli nädala koondisega ära ja nüüd jälle juba. Kuna me pole viimasel ajal eriti näinud ega saanud kuskile ainult koos minna, siis on päris kahju veel nii pikka aega oodata, kuid mul on nii palju teha, et loomulikult kõik saab olema tore ikka. Ei jõua ära oodata, et saaks juba näidata teile, mille kallal olen töödanud ja mida uut on toimunud! 

Kuniks aga J tagasi tuleb saame mõlemad hoida ajal silma peal oma Daniel Wellingtoni käekelladel (loodetavasti aeg läheb ka kiiresti). Kuna meile mõlemale enamasti meeldivad lihtsad minimalistlikud riided, siis need käekellad on meile mõlemale ideaalsed käekellad ning muidugi on vahva omada kokkusobivaid aksessuaare. Minu oma on puhas valge ning koos kuldse käevõruga ja J oma on pruun üliägedate siniste detailidega. Arvan, et DW kellad oleks super jõulukink paaridele ning kui sa ka nii arvad, siis kindlasti ära unusta kasutada minu allahindluskoodi 'merylmgi', et saada lausa 15% alla kõigist kelladest DW kodulehel! 

Liigun nüüd Sandra juurde ja sealt hommikul kodulinna nädalavahetuseks. Head ööd! x


Set & Earrings from River Island

I come here late, but I come with big news!! I have a new job next to my blog! I started working for a design furniture retail company and my title says project manager- interior designer, but it's more of doing everything from social media to projects, so I'm really happy and busier than ever as it can be seen from my activity here haha! Exciting new start! Also I wanted to refer to this issue that my blog has faced. Many of you have written to me that you can't see my photos and you see the tezt as blue boxes and I am very very aware of that issue. It comes with certain wifis and repetetive refreshing usually gets it back to normal, but I know it's frustrating and I just wanted to let you guys know I am already working on it with portal and hopefully we will get this fixed by the next. Thank you so much for coming back and for your patience! The blog should work fine on phone and other connections (and some wifis like my home one). 

So what else has been going on...well just the fact that J became ESTONIAN CHAMPION with his football team again!! I am beyond proud of him and his season. I've seen him work himself up this year with such dedication and motivation to be the best and thanks to that he has achieved it all this year. It was such a joy to see the game where they made their title 100% sure eventhough the season ain't over yet. J even scored from basically half a pitch haha. I'm so glad to be here this year when they receive their trophy tomorrow and can't wait what comes next for him! 

Now that the bigger life news are covered, let's talk fashion too. I picked this River Island plaid set up from showroom, because I was just blown away by these amazing details on the back, the pants and sleeves. I love that this set is another way that you can wear a crop top during winter time as well. I felt like this outfit is so dope altogether that it would go well with this late night vibe as I was just showing down some MC fries when I had this idea. It's a reaaallly different post from what I usually do, but I like a bit of artsy stuff too in-between the outfit posts and this River Island set itself is also art. 

So my weekend will be all about the championship title celebration with the Flora guys and girls. Hope you will have a fun weekend too! x