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Set & Earrings from River Island

I come here late, but I come with big news!! I have a new job next to my blog! I started working for a design furniture retail company and my title says project manager- interior designer, but it's more of doing everything from social media to projects, so I'm really happy and busier than ever as it can be seen from my activity here haha! Exciting new start! Also I wanted to refer to this issue that my blog has faced. Many of you have written to me that you can't see my photos and you see the tezt as blue boxes and I am very very aware of that issue. It comes with certain wifis and repetetive refreshing usually gets it back to normal, but I know it's frustrating and I just wanted to let you guys know I am already working on it with portal and hopefully we will get this fixed by the next. Thank you so much for coming back and for your patience! The blog should work fine on phone and other connections (and some wifis like my home one). 

So what else has been going on...well just the fact that J became ESTONIAN CHAMPION with his football team again!! I am beyond proud of him and his season. I've seen him work himself up this year with such dedication and motivation to be the best and thanks to that he has achieved it all this year. It was such a joy to see the game where they made their title 100% sure eventhough the season ain't over yet. J even scored from basically half a pitch haha. I'm so glad to be here this year when they receive their trophy tomorrow and can't wait what comes next for him! 

Now that the bigger life news are covered, let's talk fashion too. I picked this River Island plaid set up from showroom, because I was just blown away by these amazing details on the back, the pants and sleeves. I love that this set is another way that you can wear a crop top during winter time as well. I felt like this outfit is so dope altogether that it would go well with this late night vibe as I was just showing down some MC fries when I had this idea. It's a reaaallly different post from what I usually do, but I like a bit of artsy stuff too in-between the outfit posts and this River Island set itself is also art. 

So my weekend will be all about the championship title celebration with the Flora guys and girls. Hope you will have a fun weekend too! x 

3 november 2017 17:08 | FASHION |


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