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Coat - Misspap/ HERE        Pants - Zara        Knit - Topshop         Sneakers - Converse/ Sportland

This week work has been hectic as so many different tasks pile up at once, but so many fun things have kept me going with the happiest mood. For example yesterday I went to see Triinu's husky baby who I absolutely loved! It's weird how I am dying to visit everyone who gets a new puppy or kitten, but when someone has a baby, then first, I'm like meh, and then when I visit, I have no idea what to say or do that it's to the point of awkward. It's so easy and natural with puppies though haha! Some animal-loving works well for an animal crazed person like me as my dogs are all in another city. Also this morning we had a lovely Christmas brunch event with Kaubamaja, where we had some snacks and designers performing. This was the first time this year when I had some serious Christmas feels with all these gift ideas and decorations! And it was all made better when I won a personalized 'M' necklace from New Vintage by Kriss Soonik. It's similar to my Jane Koenig golden plate one, but this one is a lil bit smaller and in silver and exactly how I like my jewewllery. Perfect morning!

By the way this white coat is amazing with all black and white looks! I've seen it on basic black dresses and with casual black tee and jeans and it somehow manages to be so eye catching eventhough so simple. The stripe pants I styled it with are of course everyone's favourites and mine too. Can't get over them! 

Tomorrow I'm gonna go shoot some outfits with Kristjaana, do some modelling for Tallinn Dolls, shop some much needed hair products and then we have another Embassy of Champagne dinner party! This time with my most favourite Ruinart, so can't wait! x

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