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Just like that we suddenly have September and already the mid-part of it! Where does time go honestly? I think the best way to deal with another summer coming to an end is to prepare your fresh new Fall wardrobe, because we all know the fashion world is just so in love with everything A/W. So now that most people have already managed to throw these summer clothes into a seperate place and filled their closets with knits and coats, it's the best time to check what to keep for autumn and what new to get. Good quality basics are the key to a good Fall wardrobe, but if you wanna add some seasonal trends and something to spice up the basics with then follow my little inspo-guide for Fall '17.

Fur - Once (FAUX) fur came to trend a few years back it seems to never go away. Fur stays, but the trendy colours and designs have changed over the years. So this year what you should keep an eye on is pink fur (light and hot), vintage (you know the natural animal fur looking long ones) and multicoloured! 

Sock Boots - They suddenly emerged last year when Yeezy made the design famous, but like fur, they're here to stay another season, but in addition to nude and black, you can now see these boots in red, pink and literally with stripy socks. 

Hot Red - Talking about red sock boots, one of the most major trends this Fall is hot red and not just a sweater or pants in red, but the. whole. outfit. all. red. I really like that look, because it's hot and it's eye-catching and it flatters blondes like me so so much! My favourites are large red cozy knits and powrful red suits with suit pants and flare pants. 

Patent Leather - I'm so glad I kept this patent leather jacket in my closet despite people finding it funny in my closet over the years, because now I'm like HA!, it's fashionable as hell peoplee. Patent comes with skirts, pants, jackets and coats. It's a pretty daring trend, but looks really good on photos and if you can pull it off, it looks awesome.

Oversized - Another trend that came from 2016 to 2017 is puffer coats and oversized everything. Puffer coats are more colourful as the most popular ones are gold, silver and red, but also pink is a really cool one to have. When it comes to oversized then wool coats are bigger than ever, going almost all the way on the ground (see Rihanna's style). 

Plaids - The 70's plaids were already seen everywhere during summer, but they will continue to shine Fashion Week streetstyle and runways. My favourite plaided clothes include pencil coats and suits. 

Suits - As you can see I mentioned suits a lot already, so I will stop a little on these too. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the fact that Hillary Clinton uses power suits or maybe fashion has changed from more casual and gone back to strict again, but suits are everywhere now. Still they are dressed down as crop tops are added in-between the two-pieces and even hoodies and of course sneakers are there too.

Silver/Glitter/Gold/Metallic - It's pretty much all the same - metallic tones are in. It's just not one type of clothing but it's everywhere, so I'll just list my favourites - golden skirts, glitter knee high boots, silver knee high and ankle boots and golden puffer jackets.  

Dark Florals - Not my favourite as I've never been a fan of florals. Usually the floral trends end with Fall but hey, they're here again, but in a little bit darker shades than in spring. Probably the best place to fetch a piece or two for floral lovers is the new H&M designer collaboration with ERDEM. 

Feathers - Feathers are mainly on skirts and dresses, so they are included in more dressy outfits this Fall. I really love the feather dresses you can find at Missguided. Also wore one to the Moet party in the beginning of summer and got so many compliments! 

Sporty - Sporty stays because fashion world has learned to love everything comfortable. This includes leisure suits, track suits, hoodies, logo sweaters, sportswear and those pants with poppers you've probably seen around recently. Thinking of getting a pair of these to myself too! 

So that's all I felt like needed a mention from Fall '17 trends, but it's not all. We also will see a lot of military boots, cozy asymmetrical knits, plastic looks and still - velvet stuff. Hope you found some ideas and inspiration from the moodboards or my little texts! I really enjoy creating these boards and if winter brings a lot of new things, I will make sure to post them here the same way. Anyways, happy shopping girls! x


Tekst on ainult inglise keeles seekord! 



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