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Dress - Dry Lake/ HERE and HERE      Sneakers - Alexander McQueen

Friday night and I'm here with my blog haha, but I'm so happy with my Nööp snoring into my ear, looking at his little dog dreams and waving paws. It's really nice to spend time with my dogs alone so much. I've been taking them on so many car rides and we've had so much fun together, but it's also been so much work again. I feel like my work pile goes up and down so much and I somehow take up my blog a lot more when I'm the busiest. Guess I'm in some zone then haha! I've been to Tallinn for a few times now to meet up with showrooms for the upcoming AW collections and seeing my friends, having lunch and pizza dates and my favourite rose wine. Oh it was so great to see everyone and also hop from showroom to showroom discovering cute stuff coming up but I also got reminded why Tallinn made me really anxious and how a month in Norway has turned me into this super calm peaceful person real quick. You know sometimes you fit well with a city and sometimes you don't and that's why I'm happy to just keep visiting but no longer live there. And Norway means amazing spa-hotels by the sea which hasn't been any harm hahah! So when we went to Stotvig again I had just received my gorgeous Dry Lake dress which is the best thing to wear right now, especially when it's late Summer. My followers must think I'm crazy to be wearing a fully floral maxi dress because of my minimal self but hey, it has slits which I LOVE and I tend to get a bit affected by the environment and these dresses are worn by so many girls here in Norway that I simply got inspired by the beauty of these dresses and now I live in this beauty! With white sneakers..that's a must for me! 

So what can I tell you about Fall news...ANIMAL PRINTS! Lots and lots of different styles in different prints but mainly the cheetah print and the snake. Also cowboy boots continue to be a thing together with bright red colour and the mustard tones we had last Winter as well. Oh and teddy jackets continue to be in (yassss) aaand plaid doesn't go anywhere. I think I should gather up a moodboard real soon to show the trends coming up, right? Yes. But what I'm on a hunt for this Fall-Winter are more classic. I definitely would need a pair of a bit more platform chunky ankle boots and a really well tailored wool coat in either beige, camel or nude colour. I'm always on a look-out for really perfect basics I guess as they lay the main platform for a good style! 

Planning to book a flight back home and was thinking of 22nd of August, because then I get to spend time with Norwegian summer a bit more and I will be coming back to Estonia for a week in the beginning of September anyway, so I would have plenty of time there then. J has been doing so well with his league and European games both and I sooo wish I could be on spot watching these games but hey, it's been so great at home too that I'm alright either way (no really I could use teleportation for sure). I have a beauty post planned for you next, but I'm gonna write another blog post for PSI as well and then off to bed, so enjoy your weekend everyone! x

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