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Whole outfit from River Island (Tallinn store) 

Ahhhh finally my dear blog!! I've missed writing here and now I'm up for a such a mess here because so much has been going on haha! Well FOREMOST, we are now done with all the moving from Norway to Estonia. It became vlear J will not continue playing for Sarpsborg 08 and therefore we moved our things to Estonia until we know where J will head next in his career. We have an idea where he might go, but I probably shouldn't say anything just in case haha! The moving was HARD, but it was better as my parents visited us with all the dogs 2 weeks before moving so they could take some of the stuff with them on the car, but we still had the car straight up full of stuff when we drove home. It honestly looked so bad haha but we made it and it's so important J will get a longer contract now as I'm a bit done with all that moving for a while. J had his away games so I had to pack away most of the things and organize the furniture to our friends. So I had no time for the blog whatsoever during that time. Now the HARDEST part was actually saying bye to my really new home. I really enjoyed Sarpsborg because of its location to many cool cities and the sea, but it was the first football club where I made so many amazing friends! It was really difficult to leave because of them as these girls are the nicest and funnest bunch of ladies I've ever met in football clubs and I really hope to see them again some day. We had a huge Christmas party a few weeks before I left and it got so out of hand just ike in Spring when we had the meeting party haha! We went to a dinner at the hotel, but already had pre-drinks at the hotel room and after dinner we went to the hotel Christmas show which was so dope that we all got crazy there. The other businesses that had come to enjoy the show must've been looking so weird at the front row girl gang from Sarpsborg 08 hahah! Then we went bar hopping plus karaoke, but the main part was that it had been so long I had laughed so hard for hours that my cheeks hurt badly! Such a great girl bunch and I'm jealous of the girls that get to join them next year. Another thing is that I am so connected to Scandinavia-everything that leaving Scandinavia again was really hard, like leaving a big home that fits me perfectly.

Now in Estonia it's been pretty busy with blog collaborations and I've been picking up some gifts from the brands I work with here and I am so so thankful for all the amazing gifts as I really enjoy working with the brands everytime I come here! Been spending a lot of time with family and dogs since it's Christmas time and I wanna take it easy with the photoshoots a little while, gather some creative ideas before I get into it again. I think it's really important to get some creative breaks to see things more clearly, have the time to think about future content and get the mood really back on. Happy for all that thick snow we have here and the beautiful Christmas tree at home so my Christmas spirit is full on! 

When my parents visited we also took a little trip to Oslo, the shops there and the Christmas market and that's where the photos are also from. I haven't worn pink for ages now and eventhough I wasn't sure about the colour of this teddy coat from River Island at first, I am now really captivated by it. I've gotten so many compliments on the street and train for it as it is a super eyecatching coat and probably this piece you have in the closet that you don't wear everyday but when feeling extra fierce. Love this kind of clothing that is a bit too extra to handle so you feel great on days you put it on. SInce it's really poppy itself then I added really basic clothing to it. River Island does have the best selection of well-fitting ribbed turtlenecks and all kinds of cool jeans, so it wasn't hard to find the perfect basics to this coat. Oh and the boots! I haven't been wearing anything else as much as these boots lately. They are so perfect with the kitten front and small block heels, which means they are comfortable to wear for a long day in the city or when going out. They also fit most of my outfits so it just happened that I found my favourite winter boots so early haha! River Island has huge sales right now so if you haven't done all your Christmas shopping yet then they have really cool accessories and clothing up there, but I recommend checking out their small gift section in Tallinn! I wish you the most stress free pre-Christmas hussle guys and talk tomorrow! x 

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