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Hey everyone! Christmas is so close now! Truly is the most wonderful time of the year and for me it's because of the lit up streets, thick snow we have here in Estonia and the peaceful family time with no rush with work, just other Christmas-y things instead! I did my gift shopping really early in Norway already so right now I am completely stress free with this, but it's getting harder and harder each year as the world has taken a move from a lot of gifts to meaningful and really practical ones and you have to know your friends and family reaallly well now to make a good gift these days. Gladly I have a really attentive pair of ears and a good memory to keep all the 'wanties' on my mind since probably August haha! 

I've been in my hometown all the days since I've been back from Norway but yesterday I had to head to Tallinn early for a day full of tasks and meet-ups with friends. We also finished filming for the new TV show here in Estonia. It's the same one we did in the beginning of December but there was a lot to still show and talk about so we wrapped it up completely now. No spoilers, but the topic is about blogging, how blogging is perceived in Estonia and what that work really is about. I think it's really important for many people in Estonia to hear about, but especially by those whom I will be addressing in my next blog post. It has a serious note, but it definitely has to be talked about. But I also hopped by showrooms to see the super cool people of our little PR world in Tallinn and as always it's so happy to see them over a long time and then had a coffee right after with a friend. Then I was off for a super quick photoshoot at Hilton and immediately had to rush off to our Christmas dinner at Ribe with our girl gang of bloggers! Had so much fun seeing the girls over a long time and later at night met up with J who had another dinner in town and then we drove back to our hometown late at night. It was such a busy day and I had a migrane since I woke up, but the excitement of everything kept me up and going! Christmas time seems to make people so much happier after all and it can be felt strongly in the city! 

The glitzy party season means sparkle and so I went to the Emprio Armani store a little while back with the idea to pick out my most favourite party dress that is fit for Christmas and New Years Eve and the coziest warm coat on top of it as it is pretty cold outside and you know what? Found them right away! Emporio Armani really had my view on awesome party dresses as they were glamorous and sparkly, some even golden, and I think it's the only time of the year where it's acceptable to show up full glammed up and sparkle whereever and I sure am taking use of this time every year! I remember a long sleeved sparkly golden dress that I still think of but it had run out of the smallest size. BUT I found something gorgeous I've actually never tried on yet - a sparkly sleeveless dress with a turtleneck! Those who know my style well know that I am real weak for party dresses with turtlenecks, but I've always had long sleeves on them so it was an exciting cut for me to do styling for. Of course I loved the dress on the hanger due to the beautiful details and sequin, but it took me by surprise how gorgeous it actually looked on a person! It is extremely elegant, poised and of course describes Emporio Armani perfectly yet again. I think this would be a stunning choice for a more formal Christmas dinner party of New Year's Eve party as the cut makes it very different and exciting and the dress itself is really comfortable to wear all night. You can find a without-a-coat-photo on my Instagram too (@merylmgi) and they had multiple dsizes of the dresses in the EA Tallinn store so definitely worth a go! The coat won my heart because of the dusty colour and how super soft it is. It's a faux fur coat with suede detailing that is so warm that I actually had no problem to stand in a dress outside in the middle of December! Every woman needs a coat that fits most of the outfits and keeps them warm with a mini dress under during New Year's Eve and that beautiful coat is the one! To complete the outfit, I added a black faux fur collar-scarf that fit the shoulder of the coat well, but it can also be worn with the dress under to keep shoulders warm. Also added a sophisticated clutch with a thin chain detailing that is perfect to any firmal outfit or even to a smart everyday outfit. 

Emporio Armani keeps surprising me with the range of different styles in store and I really like the size and selection of the store we have here in Tallinn. Here's the best news though - EA super quality comes with a pricey tag, but now there's a BIG SALE already in the Tallinn EA store so many of the outfits and pieces I've shown you over the AW18 season are on sale and are a real bargain so hurry before the best ones are gone! Enjoy the holidays! x 

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