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Another year of blogging where I can wish my best to all of you for Christmas while being so grateful you support me by checking back here so often! It is the best gift I could ever ask for with my social media work and I am truly honored by all of this! The only reason I keep doing this year after year is my passion and YOU so I wish I could send you all that love back on this beautiful season! Christmas is such a wonderful time (THE most wonderufl time as the song doesn't lie at all!) and I hope you get to spend it in the way that makes you happy and peaceful. Of course every Christmas might not be ideal as some might be far away from families and friends or have some other reasons but luckily we get this wonderful holiday every single year so try to remember that social media is not what it shows itself to be and no one should be affected by what they see there. Bad times and good times pass quicker than we realize, but it's important to find happiness and peace in every situation. 

I was yet again blessed enough to spend my Christmas time at home with J's and my family (with 3 dinners in total) and we had the best time! I really appreciate how I got to take some time off everything and truly value the idea of this season. We played boardgames, ate good food, had hours of funny chitchat and gave out presents and now I am so ready to jet off to Amsterdam and then Paris for our little New Year's trip with J! 

Oh and aren't we lucky in Estonia to have had such thick snow outside during Christmas that looked like a fairytale day and night?? The weather this year has been absolutely perfect with hot long summer and really snowy Christmas! Definitey one of the highlights of 2018 for many many people! When I get back from our little European tour then I will definitely go have more fun in the snow and try to relax as long as I can at home since who knows when J will jet off to another country and it will be time for me to move along as well. 

But as I gotta drive to Tallinn Airport really early tomorrow then MERRY CHRISTMAS again my dearest readers and I hope that your holiday season will continue to be cheerful and will be topped up with a fun and wonderful New Year's Eve!! Thank you for everything again and again and le's hope that really good 2018 will turn itself into an even better 2019! Sending hugs!! x

(PS! I am wearing an amazing Mongolian fur jacket from the Pello Bello brand that has kept me warm and cozy in snow lately! Plus it's gorgeous and so so soft and I love every bit of it!)  

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