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Dress - Dry Lake/ HERE 

Hey all! How are you feeling after Christmas? I'm definitely bloated like a balloon and ready to hit Amsterdam soon and then Paris right after to eat even moooore goood fooood!

I actually noticed a funny thing this Christmas Eve - I have been wearing a Dry Lake dress on Christmas dinners 3 years straight now! Well nothing to be surprised about as Dry Lake does create stunning pieces season by season and their dresses just are the best quality, material and cuts for parties where you want to look very feminine, but also fashionable and feel comfortable. I think on Christmas Eve I've always wanted to put on something that sparkles, glitters, but is not like New Year's Eve kind of bling but really classy you know? DL always gets me. This year I had the best one I'm so sure of that! The Sigrid dress has tons of colourful sparkles on it and it's quite heavy as there's two layers of fabric (love when dresses are heavy!!), but it's sooo soft and comfortable I could wear it anywhere! Since I have two dinners to attend within 3 hours every year then I am so grateful when a dress can hide a food baby bump I might have so this dress saves the day with its loose, but still well-fitted cut. The cut is so interesting though with my favourite turtleneck-on-dress thing going on and these really huge sleeves that go up to elbows. So different and chic, well done DL! 

So hereee's some close ups of that amazing dress as the light made it difficult to take full body shots, but I think close ups were the best way to capture the beauty of this dress and the colour of the sprakle. Enjoy your holidays and I will probably not blog a lot during our trip with J but will see! Have the happiest last days of 2018 and thank you already for everything this year my dearest readers! x 

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