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Snaps from my 24th birthday! 

Happy birthday to me!!!

Hahah! Turned 24 on 9th of February which was 2 days ago, but boy did I need a recovery from that week until now! Well on Thursday I was off to Stockholm very early in the morning to do a full work day there, which was so tiring you have no clue. Next day I woke up 4:30 to get moving back to Estonia, it was my birthday morning. I knew I would be very tired a long time ago, but I also knew I still wanted to plan something for my birthday because I've always been in Sweden during that time and couldn't get to celebrate a little with my Estonian friends. So I planned a little get together with all of my best girls to introduce them to one another and to have some reaallly tasty coctails on 30th floor bar! Drinks with a good view, sounds good! So everyone except vacationing Marii (jealous) showed up from different cities and I was the happiest for that!! Thanks so much Kerstin, Kätlin, Kätriin, Sandra and Lisbeth for making my day so good and being such an amazing company! Love you all and thank you so much for everything! x 

Btw I noticed that I didn't get much snaps that night, but guess we were just too busy chatting the night away which is just perfect! I was surprised to actually turn sleepy-on-the-verge-of-passing-out only after midnight, as I thought it would happen like 1pm already haha! Headed to parents place the next day to hang out with them too on my birthday and to get a proper minimum 11 hour sleep. Not even kidding though.  

I wanted to tell you all that I am truly happy for all the lovely wishes and messages you have sent me! It's so good to read those adorrable things and I appreciate so much that you took the time to do that! So many things make me happy at once right now that I can't even express it. My only wish would've been having J around too, but he is in Spain right now doing his best and I wouldn't have it in any other way! My family, J, my friends and my followers made me birthday really amazing and I am happy my favourite girls were down for a more relaxed evening due to my work! Thank you again and love you everyone! <3 

(If you're wondering, #imWearingRI on the photos, as in you can find the River Island jumpsuit HERE)

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