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I'm writing this post ahead on the train, because I feel like posting it on the first day of 2018, but I'll probably be too tired to write it after New Years Eve in Amsterdam and eary flight back home on 1st. So here's me reflecting back on 2017 and handing out my promises for 2018 at the end of the post. I always feel sad and sentimental sending off a year. I feel like it's sending off your memories and closing something, when I know it isn't because I don't think of 2016 as a long long memory right now obviously. Maybe it's because I'm getting older almost as soon as a new year starts and that makes me so sentimental as well, feeling like I haven't achieved enough with another number on my age. But that's just a silly thought that motivates me every year somehow. 2017 was a year of big changes for me as I predicted in my 2016 post and I know it's gonna be even more hectic in 2018, but let's first see all the stuff that went on for me in 2017, because whatever I feel like now, it was a fun and really cool year for me with so many new things! I was thinking long how to do this, so I decided to just list everything significant for me with titles and texts and pictures and in completely random order. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it loves! 



As I've probably said here too many times haha, I was the campaign face of Denim Dream Jeans very first collection this year. Denim Dream is a large company here in Estonia that features its own brand, but also Calvin Klein, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. and I was picked to be the face of the campaign with Sandra and the Estonian singer Kristjan Kasearu, which I was sooo grateful for! Why I feel like this is because it was my very first campaign like this, where I was featured in a TV commercial (saucy one haha) and on billboards, bus stops, magazine covers and shops over Baltics. It was also my first experience filming a campaign and shooting one in one day that left me partly paralyzed the next day and exhausted me to the max, but it was the funnest ever. Very weird to see my face everywhere, but I was proud and the event Denim Dream put together for us was so emotional and sweet that it's one of my brightest memories from 2017! 


Denim Dream Jeans campaign photo.


In 2017, I turned 23 and celebrated this with a new collaboration some of us blogger girls started this year - Embassy of Champagne. MY 2017 has been full of bubbly to be clear, because of that amazing collab that has invited us to so many dinner parties, terrace parties and photoshoots with all the bubbly we could drink. I learned to appreciate good champagne and learnt everything about Moet, Veuve and Ruinart, feeling like an expert now on glass types, champagne types and what to eat with what drink. Could honestly say my year wouldn't been half as fun as it wasn't for all these super fun events with EOC, so a big thank you to Hanna and Evelin for putting those things together for us this year! 


Moet photoshoot and white party. 


2017 will forever be marked and stamped and written in my brain because of my university graduation of course! What a landmark in my life! In June, I graduated Lund University, with B.Sc. in Development Studies, with good grades and more credits than needed. Lund was my home for so long and it was one of the happiest (finally done wooop) and saddest moments in my life. Right now I keep wanting going back to Lund so bad, it was such a great city with cool student vibes, but I just might go back there after all for Master's, who knows? Graduation itself was beautiful and well organized, and took place in the amazing historical university building of Lund. The ceremony was grand, the speeches were awesome, but I already had to move back to Estonia the next day, so saying bye to my friends and my long-time home was pretty hard you can imagine. I'm so glad my parents came to my graduation and that J actually could come there in last minute! Meant a lot! I'm gonna post more about Lund University real soon, so stay tuned!


Graduation ceremony and look. 



End of 2017 and me and J are still together haha. Okay okay it's actually special because we hit 5 years this year and he's such a large part of my life by now. There's I think nothing he isn't a part of in my life. He helps me with my blog, he plays football and I love to watch every single game because of my football addiction, we are each others best friends and do so much together. 2017 is also important with the fact that our long-term relationship ended with me finally graduating, so it's been so nice to finally live with him again, learning new stuff all the time and seeing all his sides. I laugh everyday because of him and that's my favourite part. Whatever happens, when I'm curled up sad, he picks me up with his bear arms and places me on his lap and doesn't stop talking until I laugh instead of being sad. My 2017 was great because he is great. And I just can't leave this topic without mentioning how proud I am of my boyfriend this year. He has achieved so many things in football and made himself a hosuehold name this year with his hard work. He won every single aspect of club and national team football, such a rockstar! 
Talking of other relationships, in 2017 I started to catch up and find my long lost good friends and hung out with every one of them after graduating. Also found some amazing new friends for myself, while some started to fade a little due life or due various reasons, but hey, life's like this. Important to have a special one in your life, but also important to have good friends! In 2018, I have to keep reminding myself that all friends aren't friendly with you for the right reasons.
Oh also my fam is doing good and so are my doggies! Happy to spend more time with them now that I'm back in Estonia and it's been pure fun. Sadly I lost my grandpa in 2017, but that's again life and it actually feels a long time ago now, because it was in spring. This was really something that got me good during that time and I really wasn't myself. 

With Marii and J, his title and one of my doggies.


Oh I've been wanting to post about this seperately actually. As I said, after graduation I moved to Estonia from Sweden. Summer in Estonia was great, as I started new collaborations, enjoyed summer, spent time with fam and friends and visited Sweden and my friends again. When Autumn came, I started to get sadder as I missed Sweden and school so much and I feel like I don't belong here anymore. Eveyrthing is easy and familiar with everyone also living here, but I don't think my views on life and who I am fit well here. I feel a stronger connection with Sweden by now and that currently hasn't changed, but I am still trying to give my home country a change. The country is beautiful and of course I have my favourite places here that I love and that's why I spend my time in those places as much as I can and doing what I like, Otherwise I would probably be preeettty sad. I did find a great job to do next to my blog job and this has made me a lot happier here as I get to do so many interesting things all week now! There's so much to keep my happy luckily, but I have to think of next steps now that it's time to apply for Master's studies! But yea, it's a very confusing, belonging kind of question for me that I'm trying to figure out. 

One of my most favourite places at home.


Blog has been better than ever and that's completely normal if you keep doing your thing more years. I've learnt so many new editing and photography skills and still on a look-out for style that I feel like is completely me. I've gotten so many new amazing collaborations both in Sweden and Estonia, some bigger than others, but all very important to me. It's been an exciting year with so many blog events I could finally participate in when moved back to Estonia. Every week something cool happens and I've been in a lot of magazine articles, newspapers and online features this year. These make me happy because my very very hard work has been recognized and people like what I do, which makes me grateful and keep on doing what I do. Thank you everyone who has supported my blogging and given me a change to speak my mind on fashion topics and to all my collaborations! You da best! 

I should probably list a few of my fav outfits of 2017 too in another post! 


Few summer-y blog posts. 


I should've travelled more, but I was very busy with graduation and thesis and adjusting to life in Estonia that I didn't get to, but I did visit some places I've never been to so 2017 is a winner in that sense either way! In April, I went to Paris for the first time. I also visited Amsterdam and Netherlands for the first time, which I can't tell you of right now because I'm probably travelling back from there when this post goes live haha. I visted Copenhagen so many times, because it's one of my most favourite cities and found so many new shades of that city that I loved. Also travelled around in Sweden and Estonia, finding new cool places, so I'm glad on that side.


Photos from Paris in May. 

Now that I managed to somehow wrap up the awesome 2017 (hopefully didn't miss something important), it's time to set some goals for the whole long upcoming 2018. Should be plenty of time to reach them, right? So, I PROMISE YOU 2018...

I will drink more water (I hate drinking oure water and that's so bad) 
I will try to travel more
I will donate more
I will erase negativity and negative people
I will try to meet up with my friends even more
I will be better with blogging and my work 
I will continue studies
I will go to the gym more
I will spend even more time with dogs and fam 
I will be more organized with everything


That's a lot of promises I know, but I think the more the better and some of them are way more important than others too. Just wanted to thank my family, J and his family, my friends, my followers/readers and my collaboration partners and everyone else who have been there with me or supported my work. I'm so grateful for each one of you and hope your 2018 is gonna be successful, exciting, eventful and most of all happy!! Happy New Year! Sending a million hugs and kisses and so much love!! xx

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