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Wearing all River Island

Coat - HERE       Pants - HERE        Boots - HERE        Knit - last season RI

Okay okay I know, the quality might have shocked you right now, but guys, MY CAMERA BROKE DOWN! One day when I was taking photos I started to change the lens and after that the camera didn't turn on anymore. It works fine without an sd card in it, so it's very weird and I think I know what's wrong but repairmen don't really wanna be nice with me and it will take some time to get it repaired or I will just buy a new camera quickly. Basically the goal is to get back to photo-taking ASAP to provide you some good content! But life has to go on and so I took my the snaps of my new favourite River Island outfit with phone. I found the CUTEST coat from River Island's new collection! The buttons are sooo sparkly and big and the size and the chunky cut are the best right now with this weather. It doesn't close from front, but it has those high pockets where you can squeeze the coat together with your hands, which gives it major style points as well! Can't stop wearing it! I also fianlly found a wide fit pair of leather pants that fit my skinny legs haha. They are ankle cut which is perfect for boots and sneakers both and they come really high up, so wearing a rib top or crop top above is so easy with them! Love love lovee all these pieces! 

By the way, on these photos, it was actually my last day together in Tallinn with J as he moved to Norway the next day. We spent the day doing what we really like to do together. It's pretty sad right now staying here on my own without knowing when I will move too, because I have a lot of projects going on right now with both of my jobs and I don't want to leave anything hanging. At the same time I really would like to go along with him and discover Norway. He went to play for Sarpsborg for a year and might move on to a next country after this, so it's really tricky for me to plan some Master's studies as well but I have applied to many places now so hopefully it will turn out fine! I have some mean choice-making to do soon! After his training camp he will come back for his car and stuff and I might go drive along with him and see what Sarpsborg is all about. Why am I sad and excited about this at the same time haha? All I know is that I am really proud of his next step and I know this one is going to be a very helpful one in his career!

Oh my it's already half one at night. I have to wake up around 6 to get to the airport at 7 as me and some blogger babes are all gonna hit Vilnius tomorrow woop! A really really special event is happening there and all the Baltic blog girls get together to celebrate it! Keep an eye on my Instagram stories tomorrow (@merylmgi)!! Gonna be fun! But now first sleep, good night my special ones! x 

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