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At Stotvig Hotel 

Hi blogsters! Figured that before I get ready and go to today's home match I would fill in a little on my life here in Norway right now!

It's been A LOT of sunbathing going on here haha! The weather is at least 24 degrees everyday without a cloud in sight and very little air to breathe so we've been driving around to some sunbathing and swimming spots by the lakes and on some rocks and I've gone to the beach. We have taken a drive to Stotvig Hotel as well as the spa area there is super nice there. The hotel is by the sea and has a beach and a dock and everything. Mostly I've been spending my days creating blog and Instagram content that I needed to catch up with after all the moving that went on recently. I'm catching up pretty well so content is coming everyday here and on Instagram! The sunsets are so amazing here with this weather so most of my content seems to be taken in the golden light now haha! I'm still trying to fit into the routine here and will soon start to look for a part-time job here next to my blog job, but I'm happy that I've already met so many amazing people here whom I've been hanging out a lot in Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad as well. Norway is amazing though! So much to see here as the nature is so stunning even here in the South part and I feel like I don't have enough time to go see and do everything I want haha, but J has been so great by taking me to see sunsets in beautiful places by now so hopefully I will be able to see it all after all! I'm planning to visit Estonia in July sometime and I have to stay in Estonia for many reasons for about 3 weeks straight, so I can't say there's much of a Summer left to experience here in Norway too. But it's been such a peaceful summertime here, exactly what I needed after leaving Tallinn which didn't have a really have a great effect on me. 

Currently J is putting on the suit for the match which reminds me that I have about two hours to get ready, cook and hit the pre-game with girls aaaand finish some editing on recent outfit photos, so let's catch up real soon okay? Sending hugs! x 

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