Meryl Mägi


Oversized blazer - Storets/ HERE        Jeans - Topshop         Crop top - H&M       Sneakers - Alexander McQueen         Bag - Gucci         Sunglasses - RayBan

MY CITY! Copenhagen is amazingly beautiful with every edge of it looking different and super pretty! Probably the most photogenic city I've been to ever as I would like to take photos on every corner I turn to. I really love the Amalieborg area since my favourite form of architecture involves art-like buildings that are beige and have those green iron details and rooftops, so obviously I couldn't refuse to snap my outfit there! The Estonian Embassy on the same street is a dream work spot for sure. I think my outfit fit the look of the city so well haha! Wearing my edgiest plaid blazer ever with huge shoulder pads and a large cut from Storets. Storets clothing is sooo fashion-forward and fun, I just spend an hour on their site usually, going through all the super funky clothes and that blazer is definitely nothing less and will be my cool go-to one this spring/summer! I am super happy to finally collaborate with them and show you the amazing pieces they have! Since the blazer is very extra then I paired it with simple white crop and jeans and white Mcqueens. 

By the way, is this some kind of a law of nature that when I am SUPER BUSY then the weather is the most amazing it's been for a year now probably haha! Of course I just can't work at home during the day with all that rare sun outside, so I try to fix my work in mornings and late evenings and spend the days in the middle of our fast boat on the lake. I'm already quite sunburnt but oh well, who knows how much we will get that anyway! Yesterday I had the most amazing experience when sunbathing on the boat!! So me and dad were just hanging there when we heard a loud noise and saw a freaking fighter jet coming towards the lake! I had no time to grab my phone to record this sadly, but the plane descended to about 20-30m above water and the pilot waved to us hahah! Once in a lifetime experience to wave to a fighter jet pilot for sure!!! So amazing! So I'm about to head back on the lake at noon and can't stay that long as I have to pack for Norway today and by that I mean pack most of my summer clothes as I will already move my stuff there. Me and my parents are gonna have a roadtrip there on Monday and we will be staying for a week at J's, excited for that and to see him!

But most importantly of all, HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to all the amazing mums out there!! My mom is the best! She helps me with everything, really gets into everything I do and wish for and is like one of my best friends who I always have fun and laughs with! Thank you for everything mom! x



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