Meryl Mägi


Top: 1. Sneakers - VANS         2. Top - Nelly        3. Sneakers - Alexander McQueen

Bottom: 1. Jacket - Tobi        2. Blazer - Zara        3. Cami Dress - NA-KD

Hey babes! Put together a little list I have on my mind for Spring. Of course it's not limited to 6 things only since I simply love clothes, but these are the top basics for sure that I would love to have extra in my closet. In addition to all of these I would love to find a pair of ankle boots that has a little platform, sharp front and a chunky heel, but I couldn't even find a photo of similar into that post, because I've tried to find the perfect ones for months and just can't. If you know where to get similar hit me up in the comments! As Spring comes, a girl just needs a fresh pair of snow white kicks to wear with the first signs of warm weather and this year I couldn't crave anything more but the McQueens, but I also want to have a pair black sneakers and Vans seems to be the perfect fit for what I want as it still has some white to it. I also have a pair of all black new Converse, so I already have that covered. A red blazer for the red addiction and to match my red suit pants; a simple black cami dress, because the cut of the one on photo is so perfect, but I can't find any of these in my size anymore; a little white cami top to wear with high waist jeans and under allll my jackets; and last but not least that camel oversized blazer I found at Tobi...The outfits I had on my mind when I saw this were crazy good and I need to find something similar from Europe. Again hit me up if you have seen something like this somewhere! 

Planning a closet for the new season can be so exciting! Especially when it's either Spring or Autumn, because these season's give a bit more extra to be worn and so many styles to try. Definitely important for me to create little lists like this to keep my mind straight and not over shop haha. My lists are always very small and very well thought through and of course I don't find it all or get everything I want and yes I go overboard some days with shopping, but hey, it's all so fun to do if you love clothes! Already placed an order for three of thhese in my list and hope to wear them all real soon, but I don't think that snow that fell today had the same plans as I do. 


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