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#ImWearingRI IN OSLO

Wearing all River Island (except the bag) 

Coat - Sold out online, but available in stores!      Top - HERE        Trousers - HERE        Boots - HERE (on SALE!) 

And I'm back in Estonia! So enjoyed my little break in Norway! It went by pretty fast and the reason I went there in the first place was to see if I like it there and would like to join J there soon. The answer is yes by the way, since I had such a good time there and I think it will be amazing there during summer with all that nature and the cute Norwegian small city vibes. What I really like is the fans and everything else surrounding the Sarpsborg 08 team. I think it will be an amazing journey this year for J and I wanna be right there to see it all and support him. I already met the girls too as we met before the Rosenborg game and they're so great! Definitely gonna have so much fun with them. Oh and by the way, they WON ROSENBORG!!! J was amazing in defence and they actually for the first time in history won over Rosenborgs BK and I was so glad to witness thus on spot. Proud girlfriend and even prouder as yesterday he already scored his first goal in the Norwegian league. Season has started so well and I'm really happy for him. 

On his free day we went to visit Oslo, but it was so cold outside that we mainly stayed at shops and cafes, but I'm looking forward to seeing other sides of Oslo when its warm as now we've mainly seen the shopping streets in the centre. I wore my favourite set from the River Island Studio collection. This year the Studio collection from RI is simply amazing! It's really 'me' as it's simple but very catchy and the color scheme with black and white and violet is so beautiful. All the pieces look gorgeous and it was hard to pick out favourites, but this set caught my eye the first minute I saw it. It's very warm and comfy to wear and does look a little like a skiing suit, but that's what makes it so cool! It's very special with its connection stripe and those exapnsing pieces that go under shoes at the bottom of the pants. Paired the set with a eye-catching mustard coat and ba-bam, outfit is ready! Probably gonna style this set up again for Riga Fashion Week next week...

Came back on Friday night, but yesterday night J arrived here as well after the game as he gets one free day before joining the national team. Gonna be a long time since I will see him again, but at least the season is on and there are so many games to watch, which makes it exciting. We're gonna grab some lunch somewhere now as the weather is beautiful and have some quick errands to run so talk to you soon! x 




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