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Wearing everything from River Island (only boots are last season) 

So the Oslo trip didn't go well as the weather forecast is the most unreliable thing currently. It said it was gonna be 10 degrees and sun all day so we were really hyped about going there and spending a long day but it ended up SNOWING in the morning and once the snow melted it was 0 degrees and thick rain all day, so we hopped by town, the photos of course failed completely and then we went to the National Museum instead. I was happy to see the Edvard Munch famous paintings and get familiar with the artsy side of Norway and even J got kinda into the paintings, which was very very surprising to me haha! Now I'm in Estonia again (yep again) as I took up a few projects here to do and will go to straight Sweden after a few days. Yesterday I had one of the funnest nights over some time and definitely one of the funnest blog events yet with a bunch of girls and Lindex. We drove almost two hours to a distant cabin house by the sea where we all got ready in our pre-picked Lindex glam outfits and had a private chef make us a 4-course dinner with so much wine and bubbles, while we chatted all night and then we all got into our custom pijamas and played boardgames with more wine and made the silliest videos haha. This really amazing but also silly night with the blogger girls was exactly what I needed at that point. Just need some girls-only getaways now and then and I am so so thankful to Lindex and Grete and all the other brands that plan fun events for us as sometimes they truly are needed for more inspiration and motivation when spending great time with other bloggers. Thanks girls, it was so so fun with you! 

As my Oslo photos failed, I quickly wanted to shoot my favourite outfit in Sarpsborg before my trip to Estonia, because this here is one of my recent favourite looks for Fall. Everything is from River Island by the way! I already owned a pair of this kind of black leather cigarette trousers and I've worn them a lot during last months, so when I saw the brown version I knew I had to get them immediately and I was so right to get them. These are even funkier than the black ones because they stand out more now that the black ones are everywhere and on everyone and also I just love how they look with an all-black combination! Of course they go really well with other neutrals as well like beige and grey, but I think all black brings them out the best. To the pants I added some realllly good RI basics like this warm black coat that actually has a fur collar and a belt, but they are removable and I thought that less detail is better to this look. Then I found a top I've been looking for a long time and I somehow tend to find everything I've been looking for for a long time from RI stores. It's a sleeveless turtleneck top. Oh and that bag haha, listen up! This bag is THE BEST for everything. It already looks so cool as it is 100% all faux fur, handles and everything, but it's also so comfortable to carry heavy stuff around with. My laptop is super heavy as it's a Macbook Pro from a few years back and I also sometimes have my charger, camera, water bottle and so so many things with me and this bag is such a hand saver if you know what I mean girls. The handles are furry so it makes it soft to carry any weight and that also makes it a perfect travel bag which it has been in use for me lately of course. You can also wear it over the shoulder with a longer strap so this is something River Island has really nailed it with. There's many more colours like animal print and emerald green so I definitely recommend this bag to everyone carrying around a lot of stuff! 

Now I'm gonna head home from Tallinn to spend a few days there and pack for Sweden/Norway as I'm not coming back from Norway until mid-December and I need my Winter slash party clothes all with me and not to forget the outfits I gotta prepare to take with me to Malmö and Copenhagen in near days! Can't wait for the Swedish hop over!! Talk soon! x 

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