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Everything except for boots is from Emporio Armani.

Hey everyoneI I've been travelling A LOT these few days, going from Norway to Estonia, from Estonia to Sweden and from Sweden to Copenhagen for a day and now I'm on the train back to Norway haha. Such a Scandinavian/Nordic trip in such a little time frame (8 days to be exact), but the reason is that I had many projects, events and collaborations (and a little TV show filming) during the weekend in Estonia and had to go home for these and since I planned to go see J's European League game against Malmö in Sweden anyway then I went there straight from Estonia. Met up with my uni versity friend Rebecca and had a lot of fun at Copenhagen with her for the day. Copenhagen is as good as ever and I will probably never in my life get tired of this amazing city with amazing vibes and artsy royal buildings. Apparently haha, I managed to break my pants there so I had to quickly get a new pair which was a very awkward but really funny situation, a first for me definitely. After the CPH day I was sooo tired, so went early to bed as I wanted to get up early as well the next day. Helped Rebecca with her interview for her Bachelor's Thesis and wanted to be in Malmö early for the game to have a bit of din-din and beers before the match. I've never been to Malmö Stadion so obviously we were a little late trying to navigate ourselves there through the city haha, but the game went so well as it was a tie again between the teams and Sarpsborg is now second in the European League Group I. So proud of my babe! Will now get to spend two-three days with him in Sarpsborg before he's off to his national team games in Greece and Hungary, so I will be having a lot more free time working on my laptop when I'm alone in Norway. I have so much to catch up on now that I've been having this hectic travelling schedule, but I of course gathered some content on the way and can't wait to publish everything I've planned to now. 

One of the pending posts has been one of my recent favourites as this outfit is everything I love about Emporio Armani and everything that is just 'me'. As I've been collaborating with Emporio Armani, I've come to learn that their suit pants are the best ones I've ever tried on anywhere. It started with the  golden set a few months ago when I was really surprised about the cut and fit of EA suit pants as they didn't look like they would suit me on a hanger but once I put them on I felt like they will probably flatter everyone and so many body types. See the post HERE. Now I tried on about 5 pairs recently and I was again sceptical about the fit of all of them but once I tried them on they were absolutely amazing and I heard suit pants are the best sellers in Tallinn as they are really this type of suit pants that you can have from formal events to office and back onto streets, so I decided to go for a bit of a street-look with the pants too. I found this really perfect grey pair that looked so beautiful from the back and I thought that a pair of platform boots would go so well with them if I folded them up a bit. I was so right about this as I fell in love fore sure! Of course I then went on to match the fur jacket I've been having on my mind for months now with the pants. This jacket is so cool I wish I had it in every colour possible! It's so warm and soft, but the best part is the HUGE Emporio Armani logo at the back with EA written out itself. This kind of short fur jackets with large logos and texxts in the back are really in right now, but I bet they will never truly go out of fashion so this jacket is definitely an investemnt piece for wintery years to come and it won't disappoint with any outfit as it is so edgy! Probably no winter outfit screams 'Meryl' more than a turtleneck matched to it and nothing better than EA quality knits and turtlenecks to keep warm. The whole outfit is a really great go-to look through Fall and Winter to have and matching styles like suit pants and casual fur jackets will never let down style wise. You can find the whole look from Tallinn's Emporio Armani store and definitely online as well! 

I have about an hour left until I reach my little Norwegian home so I will down my green energy shot and edit some photos on Lightroom until I get there. Will probably remember more details about my last few weeks once I am not so tired and have more time to put my thoughts together about all the overwhelming days so I will share them here later! Until then have an amazing weekend angels! x 

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