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Wearing all River Island 

Another Sunday, time goes by just too fast. J is coming home tonight from his Tromso game up in Norway and I've been cleaning most of the day and watching Netflix, but there's so much more preparations to do as my parents and all the dogs are coming to visit us on Wednesday and staying for a few days to see Norway some more (Definitely will visit Halden and Oslo) and see the Besiktas home game in the European League, which is gonna be huge here. It's almost the last game of the season, but definitely the last home game and I am feeling very very sad about this. I've gotten used to the Sarpsborg 08 football club and the little passionate town here and I've made many good friends here that I really like, so it's another ending on top of all endings I've had in various towns, but somehow Sarpsborg has been the most special football club I've ever seen from the sides of. The song, the people, the approximity of everything and the happiness here is very addictive and I am still of course very glad I could have been part of this and will always remember the emotions I got here, especially the ones with the European League victories. Definitely will keep in touch with the girls, but you probably ask now where we are going...well we are definitely moving in December, but first to Estonia as J has about a month of vacation and we will see whether we will go travelling a bit or stay home, but in January another move to another country will take place and I will tell you once he has signed a new contract, until then everything is possible to happen! Excited but so scared you know. I will keep you updated on everything, promise! 

I have been away from Estonia for a few weeks now and it's a bit more than 3 weeks to go until our move and I know I'm gonna miss the Scandinavian shopping A LOT, but at the same time I already miss my favourite River Island too haha! They don't have a RI store here unfortunately, but I do have some photos to share with the perfect basics I found from River Island. I know I do these 'basics' post now and then that are not maybe super innovative or trendy, but I think these are really honest posts, because I am a true lover of good basics and these are the bases to all my other outfits and it's sometimes to good to show you them so that they don't hide behind a fluffy coat or a very very extra jacket or pants, but are matched with other good basics making a really comfy and simple outfit. So here's a complete outfit of only basics that have been in every week use by me since I got them from River Island. RI has so many good basics I've alredy said that a million times here, but it continues to be true by the example of that knit already. It's a really nice greyish white and 'small' knit that fits under everything, but especially nice under blazers in my opinion. I really like these half-turtleneck styles so this knit has been in everyday use by me and the same goes for these stretchy leggings-pants. They are really simple super comfortable leggings, really perfect for travelling, but I think the two golden buttons and the suit pants styled fronts make them way more stylish than any other pair of leggings. I've already posted with the wool coat here once and I'm doing it again as it is a simple coat that really does go with everything so no wonder it's gonna be repetetive here. And the boots are just dope. They have a small block heel and are super shiny, but they are mad comfortable to wear and I think the golden buttons on them go so well with the leggings and they are over all very good basic boots to wear with anything. A bit pricey but they look really good as well. 

Oh by the way guys, have you also been watching Riverdale? Now that J was in Tromso the whole weekend I took the series up due to recommendation by Marii and I somehow can't stop watching haha. I can't decide if I really like it or it's a really cheesy teen show, but one's for sure, it's so interesting with so many twists that I just keep on going. What are your opinions on it? Gonna watch one more episode now and will start working after J gets home and probably will dive into his Playstation soon haha. Lots of luck for the upcoming week cuties! x 

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