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Coat & Jeans - H&M (coat sold out online, similar HERE/ Jeans HERE)          T-shirt - Gina Tricot           Sneakers - Alexander McQueen

Hey cuties! So not much has been up lately as after I got back to Norway from Sweden I have been mostly working all week. J has been in Hungary for 5 days and will be 3 more in Greece and since everyone has been away from the town during the national team games break then I've been taking this alone time to catch up on all my editing, e-mails and posting which is not only my blog but also my other work with social media. I've been efficient as hellll this past week and I think I really needed this time to get my life sorted out after all that back and forth travelling haha. Besides work getting done, I've also bought and put up some Christmas lights and got the home in amazing shape plus been having too much home-spa. I really must sound like I didn't have my life in order before and trust me, I didn't haha and not because I was a mess but I always had so many plans that I never took time to concentrate at home. One downside of all this is that I haven't been able to snap a lot of photos during this time and also I've had a really annoying, pounding migrane for the past 4 days that I wake up with every morning. I really appreciate the good advice everyone gave me on Instagram stories and I feel a lot better now, but I'm afraid it might come back in the morning and it must be due to some pressure change or so, because normally they don't last that long for me. They're not like really painful but more just annoying to do my work with and it has made laptop work really hard especially. By the way have you guys hung up your Christmas lights already? That time is sooo magical with the lights on the streets and the Christmas trees being lit always comes so quick every year doesn't it? Like straight from September to Christmas like snap! 

So J will be back by Monday night and I've planned to do a little bit of more work tomorrow on that Sunday, but definitely planning to finally cover myself into self-tanner as I am getting really pale already and that's not good for my type of work haha, and also planning to do some cleaning and laundry and of course watch another one of J's national team games in the evening. I have tried to shoot some detail and product photos indoors but it's been so gray and dark the whole week that I have to have the lights on during the day even. I wonder if the sun will show its face tomorrow so I can finally snap my ideas... will see! 

But I've been living in this coat here recently, boy where do I begin! I grabbed it with me from H&M along with them perfect wash retro mom jeans some months ago becayse I just knew this coat is gonna be the coat of this winter for me and I was not wrong AT ALL. It's huge and if you've been following me from at least last winter you know that I have a weak spot for chunky oversized coats and puffer jackets and this is yet another one into my closet, but I think this one is the best yet! The cut is amazing perfect with a loose fit and just one button to close it up with and I just adore the creamy white and the almost teddy coat look it has. I'm really glad it's not completely teddy looking but also leaves a bit room to wear it with more elegant clothing if you know what I mean. It's super warm and quite heavy because of it, but there's nothing it doesn't go with and I will be obsessed to the limits over this coat. I think it is sold out online, but it can be available in stores still and since I've had so many people asking for it once I posted it on my Instagram stories then I suggest to check out the more brown versions of it on H&M website too, also super cute! I also asked from H&M Showroom about this coat and they said H&M might have it back just one day if the decide to so make sure to keep checking their website often! 

I'm gonna take my tired head to sleep now so have a good night (Saturday night) everyone! x

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