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Ideal of Sweden Golden Jade Marble phonecase - HERE 

Hey everyone! Hope Black Friday is going good! Don't forget to grab everything you've wanted for a long time or need and definitely it's the time to think about good deals on Christmas presents, BUT most of all make sure not to over do it! Black Friday is good for bargains on things you want and need, but overbuying is not good for you or the world. Keep your mind clear, think environmentally friendly and enjoy it for the day it is! 

Now one deal that got me the most today was 50% off EVERYTHING on IDeal of Sweden site! Since the sale lasts all weekend long then I thought I would share the news here as the brand ambassador. I am a true fan of their products and since I know their "how it all started" story then I like the brand even more. I've been fetching a few Christmas gifts to my closest from there today but I'm still sitting here, trying to figure out what I want to have for myself the most as there are so many other cute thinsg besides the amazing phone cases as well like the car phone holder, the wallets and the stylish powerbanks...gotta make up my mind until Sunday and if you wanna scroll through the sale as well then check out the link HERE. Happy shopping! x 

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