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Knit dress, sunglasses and handbag - Emporio Armani

Happy Monday morning everyone! It's such a beautiful but cold morning here in Norway. For some reason neither the wifi or 4g on my laptop has allowed me to upload photos on blog, so until I can find out that issue, I've been uploading photos via phone or at cafes where for some reason, the uploading works haha! Maybe my laptop is pushing me to work outside of home, who knows. That is the reason I haven't been posting about Tallinn Fashion Week yet, but I will now as I found out how to get photos up and I have all the outfits to show you guys! The weather during TFW was sooo nice that I could wear a oversized knit with knee boots again! Compared to the previous years, we were very very lucky to have this weather.

So everything besides the boots in this outfit is from the Emporio Armani Tallinn store and I just love LOVE this look! This emeraldish-green knit is actually wearable in so many different ways! It can be worn as I did on TFW, but the collar can be set in many different ways or opened up half way. Also the knit can be opened up fully, making it a really long beautiful cardigan! I always get excited over clothing pieces that can be worn in many different ways because my creative sense just kinda gets satisfied over this, gets my mind going to all the ways to style it. But my favourite part of the knit are the huge trumpet sleeves that make it so elegant and edgy. Definitely look out for trumpet sleeves on tops right now, as they are still very much in. I styled the green knit with the knee boots and simple black accessories and just how gorgeous are these!? The patterned handbag just gets my heart racing so fast! To be honest, it's just perfect. I really like handbags that have a specific rectangular shape plus with the short handles it looks so feminine and warable to anything and everywhere. It doesn't look like a typical office bag as it has really exciting details like the crocodile pattern and the ziczac-like closing. Oh and I have found my new favourite sunglasses from Emporio Armani for the Winter, square, oversized and so cool!! I just love how Emporio Armani keeps surprising me over and over again with its new youthful but still highly elegant pieces. All of the pieces except for the boots can be found from the EA store in Tallinn! 

I'm soon done working on todays tasks already and until I get new ones popping into my mailbox (or head) then I need to figure out what to do with this beautiful and free Monday. Thinking about going to enjoy some beautiful Norwegian nature as J has a day off from football as well. It's been exciting here with football as the European League and Eliteserien games are all going well and it's been fun watching these with girls again, but everything seems to go by too fast right now. It was fun at home with the Tallinn Fashion Week and all the events happening, but I couldn't wait to be back in peaceful Norway and now I gotta head back to Tallinn again on Thursday already for some duties and events and then It's time for a brief visit to Sweden right after. Once I will be back in Norway from Sweden it's almost the end of the season already and we will be leaving Sarpsborg and I feel like I just came here. It's too soon and I am really not ready to leave Norway yet, but of course I'm always excited for what the future brings as football is and always will be the most unpredictable thing in the world. One day you're here and next day you're packing and two days later you live in a new country already. It's gonna be super hard to leave the new friends I made, the routine I have here, the Norwegian nature and the Scandinavian lifestyle I just reckon myself the most with. I think the best way to cope with leaving soon is just to see and do as much as I can until I am here, starting with today and by going to discover more of Oslo tomorrow. We have plans to do some Winter shopping for J and of course take some photos and see something new in the city again! Talk soon loves and have a super great new week! x 

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