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Wool blend coat, faux leather pants and animal print top - H&M/ coat HERE     Boots - NA-KD       Bag - Gucci        Sunglasses - RayBan

Hi there!! Meanwhile I have travelled to Estonia as J has his national team break and I have some work and then it's time for Tallinn Fashion Week! However, things haven't gone as I planned as 2 days ago I got a flu that got really really bad really quick. When J came home from his game around 1 at night, I tried to go to sleep hoping I could sleep the horrible feeling off but my face hurt so bad from the inside that I couldn't sleep all night and as the alarm clock went off 6am we had to start travelling to Oslo for our flight to Tallinn and boy was it the worst little trip I've ever had...probably the worst flu I've ever had too. I'm at home, still very sick and trying to do my best to get better so I can start working and go to my events by Thursday or Friday. Wish me luck..or good health that I would make it! Definitely have to do extra busy days once I'm healthy as I'm losing so much valuable time right now and I haven't been sick for so long so I don't know how to sit calmly and heal hahah! 

We took a lot of Oslo trips lately as J needed some new Autumn stuff and well I just like Oslo more and more everytime and always happy to go. I always try to see new areas there so we went to see the palace and the university area before we hit the city centre and I think this part of Oslo is definitely the prettiest I've seen so far! Guess you can tell from photos a bit how beaut it is!

So I'm wearing an almost full H&M look here from the A/W collections and every piece here has found a cozy safe spot in my closet as they are THE perfect basics (and THE perfect animal print). The faux leather pants are such a good fit and I like the almost-but-not-that-much high waist and the zipper details at the bottom. Wearable with anything as is that amazing wool blend coat H&M Conscious btw!) ! I just can't get enough of it! It has this wide chunky cut while still elegant and it looks so high-end! Definitely my current favourite coat as it goes with anything and is so warm with its wool blend that I've been going to football games with it and whenever I needed to be a bit warmer in Norway. That's an absolute gem among the A/W collections in H&M so make sure to check it out in stores quick as they have been in stores for a few weeks and already ran out of in my hometown in Norway! Eventhough the basics are so perfect, the outfit's star is the perfect animal print top. I am not a fan of all kinds of leopard or animal print as it has to be very specific sized with very specific colours for me to like it, but I fell in love with this top as soon as I saw it because it's literally EXACTLY the kind of animal print I like and the top is so cool with its orange details and slim fit! The whole outfit became my go-to in September and October, but I think I have to start changing lighter tops to chunky turtleneck knits under my coats soon because surprise... I got the flu after all! 

It's so good to be home guys! Especially now that I feel so ill and mom does everything she can to heal me up for an important weekend, she's the best! Also happy to cuddle with my furry pups again! Gonna give them some hugs and then reply to some mails before I will hit the bed early. Have a great week cuties! x 


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