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Wearing everything from River Island

Hey loves, I'm back with another full RI look and this time going full on Fall with the first teddy jacket of the season! Why I'm claiming it to be the first is that I have already gotten my hands on some super SUPER cute teddy coats from different brands and I will be showing them all Winter long because hey, who doesn't love them? I sure do and they are lifesavers for Nordic bloggers haha! So the very honorable first is something I wanted to get my hands on last Winter already - a brown teddy jacket. When I last went to Amsterdam in January I felt like I wanted to wear this exact colour there because I thought it would fit the aesthetics of the city perfectly and it was somekind of a boom of this kind of jackets in Amsterdam that I somehow got so caught up into, but what I didn't find anywhere was this jacket. Either sold out or with a big hoodie, so thanks so much River Island for launching this perfect short brown teddy to snuggle into and that I can bring me to Amsterdam if me and J decide to go again this Winter, because we loved the city! It's now cold weather football game watching tested as well and yes it is super warm! SInce I like to wear very simple basics with my teddies then I went for a simple white tee and white sneakers with pretty details look, but I found these gorgeous satin skinny pants from River Island as well and thought they looked funky for the outfit. These pants will be used at so many parties and events during Winter for sure as they have such a beautiful glow and can be worn with so many things because they are like formal black jeans you know.  

So what has been going on in daily life..been watching lots of football games and working hard on laptop basically, but me and J have been a lot in the nature recently as it is so beautiful at that early Fall phase and the weather has been relatively good but SO COLD suddenly! Also I've managed to break my laptop's mouse pad in other news haha, had to go buy a mouse for it as otherwise you wouldn't be hearing from me and pictures would go unedited and untouched. Today we're gonna shoot some photos again and tomorrow it's the big European League homegame day that I am scared and excited about at the same time. It's still so crazy cool that J actually plays these games with his team..outsiders succeeding at its finest! But where it gets tricky is that we don't know if we will be flying to Estonia on Friday or Monday for the national team games break again. It makes it a bit tricky for me with my colloborations in Tallinn as I have no idea how to plan my schedule for the weekend but hope I will get to know as early as possible. In Tallinn there will be events and collabs waiting but foremost it's time for Tallinn fashion Week again! I am super excited about this year's TFW as the line up is so great and I can't wait for the fuzz and these dark but fashionable October nights to start again! Also there are of course two home games for the national team that I'm gonna attend and otherwise will be working and spending time with family and friends and my cutest doggies again. Definitely will hop by to get a treatment from Decus Clinic again and I will tell you about that amazing beauty clinic in the next or the second post I'm gonna publish depending on my schedule what I have planned to tell you about in my blog! 

Now I'm gonna wait for the delivery guy to bring my packages and off I go! Have a loooovely humpday beautiful peeps! x


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