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Find the Balmain Hair Couture Cordless Titanium Straightener from HERE

Hey babes! Oh I've been wanting to share this post with you for such a long time and was supposed to do that last Monday but had some technical errors with the photos I took so I took new product photos quickly before we came to Estonia from Sarpsborg. Here's my new favourite hair styling product that has completely changed my life for the better in comfort sense! Balmain hair Couture has created a super fab cordless titanium straightener that doesn't need a wire or a plug whatsoever! So that's what I've been using over and over on roadtrips (car, train, plane, any place!) and on early mornings when I have had no time to straighten or curl my hair and want to do it on the go. Also comes in handy on photoshoots for some touch ups! That sounds amazing I know haha! It is as amazing as it sounds as I only need to charge it for like 2 hours and it will last for a very long time depending of course which of the three heat stages I will choose as it seems to last a bit less with the highest heat, which is up to 200 degrees. Also the plate of the straightener is of titanium so it is less harmful for hair and the plate is floating so it's super easy to curl hair with this straightener as it doesn't leave those sharp edges into hair. I love how the straightening leaves my hair really soft and silky, like it had given it some major treatment suddenly. I was su surprised to red that this is exactly what Balmain Hair intended the straightener to do - create silky looks! Well nailed it, I'm in love. Okay three more things I love - it heats up super fast, the straightener is fool-proof as in people who suck at hairstyling like me can create pretty looks and the straightener comes with a GORGEOUS heat bag! I've been using this heat bag as a clutch where I have my straightener and my keys, car keys, phone and cards in it and well who doesn't love a leather Balmain clutch!? I'm so so happy with my travel straightener and a cordless straightener is something that people have begged the hairstyling market to have and it's here in a super powerful and stylish way finally! Thanks for that Balmain Hair, really.

In Estonia you can find the Balmain hair Cordless Titanium Straightener on spot at Decoris Showroom hairstyling and make-up salon along with all the other Balmain Hair Couture products or you can order it from HERE.  

Now that these major recommendations are down on paper, I would love to chat longer about everything up, but I'm gonna head to sleep early as I have to drive to Tallinn early tomorrow with J for some blog work and showroom visits and well J heads to the national team for training not to the showrooms haha. We're gonna also drive back for the night so it's gonna be a long long day for me! Good night lovelies! x 

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