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Okay I could add a pair of crocodile or snake patterned ankle boots here plus a pair of my always wanted Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga boots, but here's a super B&W take on my boots wanties for this Fall and Winter, because well, that's what I wear the most to my outfits and I just love a good selection of black boots as my style is quite broad and sometimes I want a pair of lady like kitten heels while sometimes I want robust chunky boots and sometimes I feel like making my legs long with knee high boots and sometimes I feel like being sky high. But I added two pairs of white boots that have been on my mind lately because I can't always have black to everything and white is the 180 degree turn from black boots and goes with more soft and subtle tones, but still also goes with a large broad of looks as the black ones too. Of course if I were to be even more edgy then I would get a pair of nude coloured snake prints to make my shoes stand out the most. There's a lot of deciding what to get for this season and I tried to come up with ideas while making this post and also share some of my favourites pick from webshops! I already ordered the first row middle ones by the way, because I love that they don't look like they are super high but actually with that chunky platform they give extra 14cm of height! As an under 170cm person I appreciate these boots so much haha. My other obsession includes very chunky flat lace up boots like the white ones above and also boots that go up to knee only, which I've learned makes legs look a lot longer than over knees and the ones listed are sooo good as they are tight as well! I own a pair of brown ones that are loose so a tighter fit would be good to add to my shoe closet! For my next wanties post I'm gonna dig out some super good animal print boots and throw them into deciding process as well, but until then I will continue deciding between B&W. 

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