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Wearing a suit, bag and top from Emporio Armani

Hello again Norway, thanks for greeting with such nice weather! It was a pretty long trip here with J as we took the car and also decided to hop by Norrköping, the city in Sweden where we used to live. So we went to our apartment building there and had the roadtrip lunch break at the spot where we used to have lunch at almost everyday! I really love to go back to places I used to live at and get used to. I've been back to different cities in Sweden where I lived for many times now, but now I've also gone by Norrköping and it's very cool to see how much has changed and how different the city looks after all these years. It was a nostalgic moment for sure, but made our trip much longer than we thought! Now we're back and I'm ready to dig into my laptop work again more now that I don't have that many meetings and trips to Tallinn to make as I did for the past 2 weeks. J is back as well with his injury gone as he played against Greece a bit and a full game against Finland in the national team. Now full focus is on the European League games they start this month hand last until December mid-part plus the Eliteserien games are also still on. Hectiiic tiiimes but so much good football to watch, I'm super thrilled! 

But buuut, before I left took some photos with the amazing golden suit I found at the Emporio Armani store! When I saw it from across the store immediately I gasped as I am a big fan of matching suits, but I haven't met something this gorgeous! It bedazzles in gold, it's like stardust mixed with a glittery golden highlighter or so. The photos obviously cannot capture the glitter and the golden blushy shade of it, which is why the suit looks almost different coloured on each photo. It is just beautiful to look at and while it was so extra in material, it has a more loose fit, which makes it less intense and wearable in a larger range of situations. This kind of high-waist suit pants with a loose but perfect fit blazers are so good to wear without a top under or with a lacey bra perhaps or a crop top or any top you like under it. I chose to go for a more casual look to show how it can be worn as a laid-back version and picked a simpler top with the EA logo on it to go under the blazer. I wore it in two ways on the photos - tucked into pants and also rolled up to show the high-waisted pants more. Then I just added a pair of white sneakers and picked a really effective and cute furry bag to go with the look and make it even more exciting! It's a very cool new season handbag that comes in different colours and if you guys follow me on Instagram you probably realize I have some sort of a thing for furry and feather-y accessories and when I see one, I grab it! This suit is definitely stuck on my mind and if I were to wear it to a more formal event then I would close the blazer, wear a lace-y bra or nothing under it and put some really high heels under the pants without rolling them up in that casual way. I would look like a tall, dazzling golden statue and that's exactly the effect Emprio Armani clothing wants you to have! Shine girl! 

Make sure to check out the Emporio Armani Tallinn store for some really edgy and youthful Fall-Winter jackets and coats and also for some beautiful classics and out-of-this-world looks for formal events to come! The new A/W 18 collection is simply beautiful. 

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