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Wearing head-to-toe River Island (the set is from the RI30 collection)

Hi babes! During last couple of days I've been alone in Sarpsborg, working on my other job and as J came back from his game in Istanbul then we went to Oslo for some shopping and took a lot of photos for me to now work on while he is travelling again (today to Trondheim). So they had the first group stage game in the European League on Thursday as they played against the big Besiktas and I gathered with Nina and Mathilde to watch it that night and it was so much fun watching the European League games with the girls over such a while! As I have been staring at my laptop again for a couple of hours now since it's Sunday and Sunday means e-mails and late week's work to be done, then I will have a little break now after I post this outfit and will start work again in an hour and so thus I won't make it to watch his game anywhere else but from my couch today. Oh and about Oslo, I don't know what's up but I usually like a city or not from a first day I see it but with Oslo I've grown to like this city more and more with each visit and now I've been finding so many cool places lately! I could of course always use some more photospots or cool places to see/visit/taste so let me know if you have something favourite in Oslo, whether it's a food place or whatever you come up with as you think of this city! Let me know in the comments! 

Actually haha, I went full "city babe" at first, with heeled boots and oversized sweater and stuff, but as we were walking through the city for many hours finding spots and J's sneaker stores, I started to get so uncomfortable because I wore my boots for the very first time and I just knew it was a bad idea to have them on all day as I hadn't worn them in yet (you probably know the deal with this) so I was super glad I had brought another outfit with me as I wanted to of course take something so wonderful and shoot it in a bigger and better environment than it is Sarpsborg. Yeaaap this set is so wonderful I can't stop wearing it everywhere these days. It's from the River Island's 30th birthday collection which is full of amazing pieces with cool patterns, mostly scarf patterned and has many super dope looking bags! But this set is just such a grab-and-put-on look when I'm in a hurry or going to town or grocery shopping as it fits all contexts and the loads of compliments I've gotten is just crazy haha! Oh and as I have posted a lot with this set on my Instagram Stories then a lot of people have asked me where to get this set and told me later that their size was sold out (as the collection of course sells out pretty quick) so in case the Tallinn store or any other is out of these sets then I will post the links from the RI website HERE and HERE to this masterpiece. 

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