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Hiii babes! I have been pushing this post off for way too long now and I am sooo sooo sorry about this, but now on this beautiful sunny Tuesday I pulled myself together and decided to get this over with, eventhough it will take me probably few hours to create, but it just has to be created guys. So I've collected together some AMAZING products from my PR packages, friend suggestions and collaborations that truly work for me and that are genuinely tested (for a longer period of time) and loved by me. This is my personal opinion of course and what works for me might not be perfect for you, but I hope you will get some good tips and new products to test out of this or just something you are looking for currently! Oh and my skin type is kind of mixed, sometimes dry sometimes normal sometimes more oily, depends probably on what I eat and if I am stressfully busy or so. That is why there is quite a big range of products here as well as I use some of them only when my skin calls for them. So let's dig into it! 


The Skin House Rose Heaven collection - I am a HUGE fan of South Korean make-up brands and The Skin House has been one of my favourites the whole 2018. I have introduced you them before HERE when I talked about the Vitamin collection, but as I used it so much over the Summer I wanted to give another series a try. They have sooo many it was so hard to decide which to pick next so I decided to for to a firming one because of its lifting abilities but also because of the rose scent of the products! That's right, rose scented beauty products make me feel really really good, because they are usually very fresh and this strong flower scent gives me some feminine vibes and makes me feel almost princess-y. I don't know, hard to explain. This collection is a bit thicker version than the Vitamin one I used in Summertime and taht's good towards cold weathers. As instructed, I use the Toner first to tone my face, then the Serum to make it bright and make up easily applicable, then the Emulsion to really ut the toner and serum into my skin and then finally the day cream, which is super moiturizing. After using all four my skin looks super clean, smooth and glowy and this glow is amazing to apply make up on or go without make up as the skin is clear and pure looking! Can't wait to try another series once I've gone through last ones! 

Here's a mix of different products:

1. Madara Pihlaja Drops Glow Booster by Noora - Haha me and the blogger girls call this the magic oil. I've made every single person who have tried this buy at least 2 bottles at once (J's mom bought 5 as gifts to her friends) because this thing is simply an amazing product. Madara makes amazing products as we all know but the collaboration Finnish blogger Noora was a spot on collection with this glow booster oil as the star. Some like to use it before bed, some like to use it in the morning, it depens on how strong you want the result to be in the beginning of the day. I use it at night, because I wake up with an amazing bautiful glow on my skin while some of my friends use it with foundation or under it for a really strong glow. Everyone's face looks amazing with this so it's a huge recommendation from me.
2. It's Skin PO Effector serum - These It's Skin serums look really cool and this product here is something I use under make up when I feel like my face isn't really foundation ready as in looks weird, oh god how do I explain this. Well basically this serum evens my face beautifully for it to be make up ready and easily applicable. 
3. Kocostar Lip and Eye patches (the red lip container and the golden wet container on photo) - So many Korean brands here haha, but Kocostar is yet another amazing brand, but I find their best products to be their patches. I have tried the pink lip patches and now the red ones and somehow have heard that the red ones are better fit with naturally blonde hair!? Weird coincidence but red ones fit me so much better as well as in really work on my lips to get them moisturized and soft! It looks funny and you can't talk and it freaks out my boyfriend, but they are so good! What are even better are the Princess eyepatches that I use after travelling or if I hadn't gotten enough sleep, because my eyes look wide and open and cleared up after these. They do their work perfectly! 
4. Madara Smart Anti-Fatique Eye Cream - And we come back to Madara of course. Here's another product from PR boxes that blogger girls around me ADORE! This is what I've been appyign every single morning under my eyes to make my skin highly moisturized and even there. If used for a long time, it thickens the skin under eyes thus reducing dark eye circles too! It's so pleasantly creamy. I'm running out of mine any day now, but I will give some new ones a try as well before I run for a new tube of that, because I am a blogger I gotta test different stuff! 
5. Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Lip Balm - Everyone who gets broken mouth corners and dry lips with one little wind breeze listen up! This was recommended to me by 8 (8!!!!) people before I went to get it after they heard that I get dry broken lips easily. They were so right, because this HIGHLY moisturizing little container is full of magic and rainbows haha. The only thing that can moisturize and soften my lips up in seconds and keep it that way for hours not go off immediately. Huge recommendation on that one, it is exactly what you've heard it is! 


D'Difference Nourishing Night Cream, 5D Whitening Face Cream and 4D Universal Revitalizing Face Cream - Now we've come to the series that I use every single day and night almost, because the amazing Estonian brand D'Difference makes brilliant everyday skincare products that probably everyone will love to use, even my boyfriend loves them (they do have a men series as well, but he uses mine). I still can't believe this world class brand is Estonian-born and since I was born in Estonia, I know the nature and products that are from Estonia are a really good fit for my skin. Since I am still in my twenties, I can't use much of the 5D products that are meant for anti-aging process, so I only use the Whitening Face Cream when my face isn't even and has many colours like a bit redness and so, because the cream evens this. My boyfriend uses the same cream but more because he has some pigment spots and it works against these. Now what I use everyday is the 4D Face Cream and it's sooo good! Mostly my skin feels fine and this is a very soothing light cream that isn't overtly moisturizing but just enough to make the skin look beautiful. I use it every single morning. Now we've come to the only night cream that I have ever used and I am so happy with this one that I won't even probably change it for anything else. It is exactly like the day cream, but a bit easier on the face for night time use and my skin looks so much fresher when I use this at night. It shares it spot with the Madara Oil and a Breeze Body night face mask (when I need extra nourishing), but is again most used among all. Have I mentioned already how good they smell!? It's a true luxurious brand with an amazing Instagram-friendly packaging that is like a piece of interior accessories itself and feels luxurious as well! 

1. Mizon Honey Black Sugar Scrub - This scrub is a face scrub that smells like Coca Cola. It might be a little intense to some, but I like it a lot! The scrub itself is super smooth and more for those skin types that don't require a very hard scrub but subtle. The package doesn't lie as it does leave a very smooth and radiant skin immediately. 
2. -417 Body Peel - This is the best smelling scrub I've ever tried! Kiwi plus mango together are perfect and that makes the scrubbing sooo enjoyable! The scrub works as it should, makes the skin soft and pure! 

Purederm Purifying Black O2 Bubble mask and Mizon Dust Clean Up Deep Cleansing mask - I'm a big fan of sheetmasks and have tested out numerous different brands and their different masks and eventhough there have been so many good ones, these two are my favourites for two reasons - the bubbly masks do leave a better finish eventhough they are a bit more annoying to use and second, I have a very small face and most sheetmasks are sooo big for my face so they start rolling off and hanging which makes it very hard to use for me, but these two are meant for a small face and fit me perfectly so I really enjoy using them! 

1. Dior Life Micellar Water - This was a gift from Kätriin who said it's the best micellar water she has ever tried and since I love to use micellar water on lazy nights, I was super happy for that gift! The micellar water first of all smellls sooooo nice and has that high-end cosmetics scent you know and second it cleanses without rubbing your face with that cotton pad and leaves a really nice clean skin for the night. 
2. Emma Hardie Amazing Face Morning Cleansing balm - So this here is another one of those gold-worthy products that I've heard everyone love once they've tried it! The name says that it's a morning cleansing balm, but of course you can use it whenever and I love to use it before bedtime. It's this luxuriously smelling balm that you gently apply on your face and then with a damp little towel (you get one with the balm) you gently remove the balm with strokes and oh my god how beautiful the skin looks! Honestly makes me believe I have flawless skin at these points. Emma Hardie as a brand is a bit pricey as it's a luxurious and well-known skincare brand that features tons of amazing products, but it's so well worth it as the balm lasts very very long. 

Dirty Works Shimmer Lotion - So this is not maybe that much skin care product, but I think it fits here more than it fits to the make up section as I use it on my body for a beautiful finish. Probably the most budget item on the list here too! I got this off a blog recommendation that introduced different body shimmers and since I hadn't tried any golden body shimmers until then then I went for the cheapest one I found from Tallinn and I love it! I'm now almost out of it as I used it almost everyday for my photos and when going to events. It leaves an amazing shimmery skin with a golden touch that really reflects the sun beautifully and looks amazing on photos, especially on legs and shoulders. I recommend everyone to try this who want to test golden shimmer on themselves, but I learned it the hard way that you can't sit on a leather car seat right after applying boyfriend is sure not happy about this! 

1. Madara Supreme Hydration Body Lotion - I just love all Madara body lotions okay. I just really like very liquid and smooth body lotions that leave a shiny skin and this is exactly that. It's also supreme hydration which means it gives a really nice soft moiturized feel. 
2. Heloise De V. Hand Cream - Heloise De V. is a french perfume house that creates perfumes from scents felt in the nature (flower garden and parks and so) and I love love love these perfumes. They are these extra powerful feminine scents that are so different that you are not sure at first if you like them or not but you sure can't forget them! But they went even further and created hand creams with the exact matching scent to the different perfumes and every scent has a beautiful story. My amazing hand cream is called Cocoon Dejeuner Sous le figuier which is isnpired by lunch under the tree where everyone is happy and the time stands still. So you can imagine that this feeling makes me wanna apply that hand cream 8 times a day as this scent is truly unforgettable. 

GlamGlow Gravitymud Glittermask - Yes the one and only GlamGlow Glittermask people!! Who knows knows that this mask looks aesthetically amazing, but does it work? Sure does! The fabulous mud mask should firm the face and of course as the brand depicts - make it glow - and that's exactly what the mask does. I use it everytime when I need a bit of a facelift and glow into my life (before important potoshoots or eents for example) and I just love using it so much but I also don't wanna use it too much as I don't want it to run out haha. If you don't know what I'm talking about then Google this mask and see how it looks like on face. It's so glittery full of stars and shiny little dots, it's too fabulous to be a good mask but it is such a good mask! Always excited for it as it also is a peel-off mask and I somehow like the peel-offs so much more than other masks, it's just so satisfying to pull it off, I don't know what's wrong with me. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this skincare post and got some interesting new products out of it to try! I will make sure to review some cleansing masks, mists, absolutely new products I will have found in future time  and more lip-care products in my next skincare posts. Oh and it's better to be sonsistent with one certain product at a time, because then you can actually see the result, but it's okay to have some side products that help you when your skin has some certain needs and looks different from usual or just needs something extra you know. That's how I do it and it works, I've never had better skin in my life than I have now and it makes life and make-up so easy honestly. Oh and these products are a 20+ girl approved so they are a more of a good fit for women my age, but the featured brands of course have lines for younger girls and older women than I am too so make sure to check their lines out! If you have any questions where to get any of the products listed or have any further questions about any of them, then write into my comments, I love to reply to your questions! For more products I've used and loved check out my BEAUTY category on blog! x 

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