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Everything is from River Island (except the bag)

Hey everyone! Hope Easter holiday and that looong weekend treated you well and you got your batteries charged in the sun! We didn't do much as everything in Poland is completely shut down from Sunday to Monday and it was a little too cloudy to sit in the sun, but we did decorate the home with some chocolate rabbits and tulips all around and of course painted some colourful eggs haha! I've been busy scheduling meetings for the only day I will spend in Tallinn on 3rd of May. It's gonna be a crazy hectic day as I will be visiting parents for a few days before that and will drive to Tallinn in the morning of the 3rd and will have 3 meetings plus will try to take some much needed photos and then have to board a plane to Warsaw and drive 2 hours to Kielce, but hey I always find a way to make things more complicated for myself haha! But yep I will be real glad to see everyone I can in this super short time as I will head home on 30th of April. Also learned that we might not stay until June in Kielce but the last game is already on the 18th of May so might go home a lot earlier instead. Otherwise been watching football, enjoying my time here, working and doing a looot of Spring cleaning. 

So today's look is something new for me too. I never thought I would wear a bright red coat but that's what River Island does to me! I really fell in love with this one and realized blondes and bright red are a real good match and of course if something is so eye catching and bright itself then Mer here will add some veery minimalistic additions to it. I was so glad when I found this black suit set from RI because the flared black pants have been my favourites throughout winter and early Spring but I love them the most with a oversized black blazer on top! The blazer is the most perfect thing you guys! It has shoulder-padding, boyfriend cut (but not extreme, more feminine boyfriend cut) and it has the absolute best best thing about it - they have gathered the sleeves a little so you can pull them from elbow up! I've seen people ask bloggers on Instagram how they pull up their chunky blazer sleeves and they've told them all kinds of tricks from hairbands to clips but RI has made it so natural. I will love to wear this look without the coat now that it's warmer outside! The sneakers are of course a huge favourite as you've probably seen from my Instagram. They are very very cute and chunky but not really dad sneaker kind of chunky and go with everything of course! Can't wait to wear them to dresses! Oh and I just suddenly had an idea for a blog post! As I'm a real big fan of the dresses that are trendy this summer (haven't been a fan of trends of last three summers) then I will gather some of my favs and talk abotu them a little. Excited? I sure am haha! 

Today J and I will try some new food place here in Kielce as a lot of outdoor terraces have opened up with the beautiful weather and it's the best thing to eat outside you know. Also I have the pleasant task of washing our balcony since it's gonna be 26-27 degrees in the upcoming days and it has to be all set for major sunbathing (I think you already get that I need my tan on desperately). Just a friendly reminder too - PLEASE WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERYONE, especially on your face!! The tan looks so much nicer and natural like this and also I accidentally managed to get a sunburn on my face two weeks back and was really sad about the way I had fried my face like that. Wanna stay young as long as I can you know haha! Okay bye guys! x 


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