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Dress and shoes from River Island 

Hey guys! So now the week with my parents visiting us in Poland is over and I'm trying my best to get back on track with work as I did sooo little of it during that time but you know what, I'm not even feeling bad but actually so extra more energized to do it all and a lot more! I just love it when my parents, boyfriend and dogs are all with me so I get to spend time with everyone and not pendle between countries or cities the least so I of course had the best time with them here in Kielce with me. We went shopping to many different cities, watched a Korona Kielce game, visited Krakow, ate a lot of delicious food and had so many walks around town with the doggies. The dogs absolutely loved the park next to our apartment building haha, I think Nööp wouldn't mind to move in!

I'm really glad everyone is home safe now, because the drive here from Estonia was pretty horrific to be honest. We had large 20inch Summer tires under both of our cars (we took J's car to Poland so we needed two cars to go with) and to our worst surprise, the road before and after Riga was COVERED WITH SNOW. It was impossible to drive on, we were so slow at that point and I was so scared the whole road as I also had my mom and dogs on the same car with me. As the snow went away quick we thought we were clear for the rest of the trip but nope, the whole way from Latvia to North of Poland a snowstorm was following us! It was so crazy to drive in these conditions when you don't know which part of the road is suddenly slippery as hell and with zero visibility at so many points. Everytime we passed the snowstorm and made a gas station stop or so the storm came back right at us. Once we got to the hotel we were so tired we couldn't even speak or see properly. I appreciate it so much that we actually made it out of this mess safe and clear and of course I appreciate my dad for being so good at everything and leading us through that weather so well. Crazy..still weird to think that I drove 1000km in these conditions..but I guess that's where the experience comes from. Parents and dogs got home with the most perfect weather and I am so glad for that too. I'm gonna stick around here in Kielve until end of April probably when I have to make another trip to Estonia regarding the bloggg and some other things that need to be fixed then. 

In Tallinn when it was still snowy and crispy out, me and Kristjaana headed to Tallinn Botanical Garden because we had some pictures to take but also just wanted to check out that place because I  neither of us had never been there once. I actually really loved it there haha! They had little cute birds running around and so many cool trees and plants, but most importantly I discovered THE place where I'm gonna head when I am tired of cold and snow in Estonia because this place makes you feel exactly like you're in a tropical jungle with the warmth, sounds and moist air. Also know now that it's not the ideal place for photos because of that air that really messes up your well put together look hahah. By the time we took the photos half of my make up was off and nothing was left of the volume of my hair, but oh well, I still think this stunning River Island dress comes out well in that kind of scenery! This dress was such a hit the time I posted it on Instagram, the beige one was already sold out in the Tallinn stores and almost online and then the grey and yellow one started to go as quickly right after. They still have the yellow version of that dress at Viru keskus as I saw the last time I was there. But it's so awesome how much everyone loves the cut of it because that was the reason I fell in love as well! It's the most versatile dress to have in the closet, wearable literally everywhere from dinner parties to daily looks and it's due to that classy cut! I need a bit of a more tan for that light beige, can't wait for the weather to be warm so I could wear it. It was kinda sad to tell so many girls that it's sold out because I got tons of messages and still to this day get some messages about it and I hope River Island quickly quickly restocks it! But I also wore my square toe heels from RI to this dress and I recommend checking these ones out in the store, especially if you're about to graduate. The square toe is a big trend this season and the heels are super bright and cheerful with its blue and yellow patterns, but most importantly they are very comfortable to walk in eventhough they have quite a bit of heels on them. Perfect for any occasion again! 

Jumping from one topic to another as usual, but right now I'm waiting for J to get back from his away game with the team and prepping some snacks. I'm glad he's now recovered from his surgery (will tell you about it more in the next post) and the flu he had a few days ago because while there are still so many games left this season, time seems to fly by sooo quick again.

Hope you're all doing fine and talk soon! x 


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