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Hey everyone! So two little tiny magic tubes here, both from my new-found favourite brand Erborian - Erborian CC eye cream and Erborian Glow cream (illuminating face cream). Why Erborian quickly became my favourite was the fact that it's a Korean skincare and make up brand and everything from the Korean skincare world seems to fit my skin type so so well! I was really curious once I heard it's Korean and I haven't even heard of it yet so the first products I tested were its famous CC creams, the one that is anti-redness and the one that gives a real good glow, and also gave them for my mom to try out when I was home and she apparently stole the anti-redness one from me haha, but I'm not mad since I've been using the glow one daily when I need light subtle make up with a healthy natural glow and Erborian is THE BEST at this kind of looks! So the look I can create with these two mini tubes (plus a little bit of brow pencil and mascara) is as natural as it can be but it's super glowy so I cannot wait for summer to get its full 30 degrees on (hopes up) so I could wear as little make up as this and have this amazing glow on a tan and not have heavy-feeling make up on! The key why these little tubes will make me look so much better than my all natural self is the fact that the CC eye cream is pure magic in a tube! Just a little bit of this CC cream around my eyes and all the signs of dark circles or tiredness are just gone! I didn't believe it, I tried it and I'm never going back haha. I would buy this product again and again and I just love how the fresh eyes go with the amazing healthy glow so these two are in my basket as soon as they run out (with that super famous CC cream of course). But let's get to the point now - I will be showing you guys photo by photo how I applied these two products on my tired face and what the end result was when I also added a bit of mascara! Here's my happy morning face: 

Starting off with the glow creme that I just apply straight into my face from the tube making some prettty cute lines all over the face and then I rub it evenly around my face with my fingers because finger applied make up is the most natural make up and that's what we wanna achieve here - no make up make up look. Oh by the way, the Erborian products all smell similar, maybe even the same, and it's a really nice kind of luxurious clean scent, love it! 

And the super radiant glow is on! Now let's get to these tired eyes.

And another cute moment haha! So I apply the CC eye cream like this. I don't know if it's right or wrong but again I just pull some lines from the tube and then use my fingers to evenly spread it around my eyes. I spread it from eyelids to undereyes to both corners, so everything looks even. It might even scare at first how much it covers so it's better to rather build it up than ass tons of it at first. Oh and it's probably good to mention that I do use moisturizing eye creams in the morning but I haven't used it here. The moisturizer plus the CC cream do wonders on the mornings you need it the most! Definitely use a moisturizer too girls!! 

The first eye looks so clear, just love this product so so so much!!! I've been using the Erborian eye patches too when I feel like I need eye patches and they have a lot of different ones but my favourite part is not the fact that they are good eye patches but the fact that they are usable in other areas of the face as well like wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks from smiling to sort of like unpuff them or how do I explain it haha? But here's the final look! 

It all looks really natural, but without the tired eyes and with an amazing glow! All with Erborian and it's Korean wonder products. Of course I have my brows coloured and mascara added since I find them very important to have done. I know it doesn't look much of a glow on the indoor photos so here's the photo I took right after outdoors and you will get my point on that glow part haha! 

Crazy huh!? Thanks so much Erborian for making me familiar with these products and I cannot wait to see and try so much more from the brand! By now I have been su pleasantly surprised because as a blogger I have tried countless of products from many many brands and found many amazing ones so it's not easy to surprise me, but here we are, super impressed by two little tubes haha! You can find the Erborian products from many places, but in Estonia the best place is I.L.U stores for sure!

Hope you found some good natural make up tips for the upcoming summer we all hope is gonna be beautiful! Talk soon guys! x 

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