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So how is Poland? I get this question so much more even now that I've been staying here in Kielce for 2 months and I just wanted to discuss this with all of you at once! I'm so glad you've been coming back to my blog and stayed interested in what I do and what I wear haha, but all jokes aside, I really enjoy blogging and I'm glad that during that fully Instagram era there's some who still enjoy reading blogs!

But straight to the topic..So why I came to stay in Poland for a few months is that my boyfriend has a football contract with Korona Kielce club until June and so I'm staying here and supporting him! Poland is all in all great but there's definitely some really good sides and some ot that good ones so it's ike 60-40 with my experience right now (note: summer's not here yet so might turn into more positive soon haha). I really don't like the reaction of some who have an idea of Poland as a far Eastern Europe country as Poland is way better than people who haven't spent time here might think. The country itself is really cool and has so many amazing places to visit and experience! First of all it's of course the prices that are just amazing when you come straight from Norway haha! Pizza for 4 people 7€, a 3-course lunch for two 16€, all food delivery is absolutely free and safe to say all living related is very cheap to compare with Norway and even to Estonia. We have this really modern and beautiful apartment just next to the 2,7 km main street and across the road from a park with a big castle. The apartment has a large balcony, marble finishes inside it plus in the corridor areas and the corridor is just so amazing, with all these huge golden prints on the wall and beautiful finishes. I am super super happy with the place we are staying at which has made my experience so much more better! Also it's so good to have the lively main street just 10m from here with all the restaurants. Shopping is kinda interesting here. On one hand you have tons and tons of these little stores selling low price clothing from these huge warehouses that are definitely not a good thing for the environment, but there's also very cool a bit more expensive stores that I haven't seen anywhere else and really enjoy going through from time to time. The finds here are so different and cool! Either way there are so many shops here because Polish people seem to love having all kinds of businesses and it's fun to go through these on a more free day! Also one thing to love about Kielce is the location. It's in the middle of large cities like Krakow (Krakow is absolutely gorgeous!) and Warsaw, but also close to many attractions and what we recently discovered - huge snowy Tatra mountains! That was the best thing to happen here yet! We took a ride to this mountain city Zakopane down South and took the lift up to 2000m on top of Kraspowy Wierch (I hope I wrote it right) and it was so amazing up there (just check the photo above!!!!). I had no idea South of Poland had such amazing views and amazing mountains. Definitely need to go there again when it's warmer for a spa getaway in the mountains! The food tastes so good here, it's a bit different but really tasty and they don't hold back with ingredients AT ALL and the weather has been treating us real good with minimal rain and lots of warm sunlight early on. And also what I like about it here is of course the football scene. Fans are really passionate about their club and it's not flowers and unicorns when the team plays bad but you will know it and know it well haha and I like that kind of football life. People really care, come up to the stadium and take part in it 100%. Sadly J had the opertaion on his hand as he fell in training and broke a bone in half inside his left hand and had 8 screws put into his bone to keep it together. It was really nasty and I had to help him do a lot of things he couldn't, but now he has healed and can play again, but of course that kind of injury will keep you off the team for a while and it's sad it happened. Hope he will get his position back quick now. 

What I haven't figured out yet is the culture and people. There is very minimal what we would call personal space in Nordics as People pile up in the grocery store line, stare at you if they want to for how long ever they want to and don't turn away heads when you notice it and also they come off very loud and with a high temprament. It's okay of course, but it takes a while to get used to. What's harder to get used to still to this day is that no one speaks English basically, so you have to be ready to explain with your hands and head and pictures in stores and in bank and so. I had a funny incident where I wanted to order fries and asked the girl if she speaks English. She replied "yes, I speak English" so I went on to ask if they sell fries seperately with a dip. She didn't understand so I asked "can I order French fries with dip please" and she was like "Sure, is that all?" and I went home with a bag full of what I thought was fries with dip but when I opened it it was rice with dip hahah. I just miss out you know haha. The cities are very clean and look really nice (would be better with less advertisement boards and billboards everywhere) and I really enjoy walking around in Kielce, but if you get off these amazing European highways and into the city then the roads are so broken that J and I have a real hard time with our huge tires here haha. Really have to be attentive and watch out. Also Poland is still not very environmentally attentive with all the one use plastics and packaging and the clothing industry and consuming that they could really fix plus there are very loud and disturbing political campaigns going on on main streets, but I'm sure it just will take a little time and that's all. 

So here's a long description on how I found Poland so far and I'm glad I worte it all down and blog will be my source of memories one day after all hehe! Looking forward to our stay until June when we see what will happen next! Hope you liked it and talk soon! x 

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