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My Instagram stories vote between SS19 trends for dresses and a new outfit post was very tight with a 6% win to SS19 dress trends so let's start there! The outfit is of course also coming but a little later. SS19 dress trends are over a long time something that I really really REALLY like! Previous years have been a) too girly b) too overtly detailed c) didn't fit my body well so I'm really glad for these feminine and cute but also very flattering and variating trends we have coming up for the Spring and Summer season. I have even become lowkey into some prints now which is a big wow, but still keeping it subtle, just florals and some animal print. It was however super hard to collect all these examples together and took me a good two hours and the end result doesn't look the most flattering to the eye as the pictures are very different in onlien stores but I had it my best go and hope you can find something cool to wear that fits your taste the best! 



The satin slip from 90s are still in and have been for a very long time now, but we all know why! It's another one of these dresses you can wear up or down depending on the occasion but it does fit to wear to so so many places and it is both beautiful and quite hot to be honest haha. Only thing is that I think they are getting longer now. But the dress, it's light, it's eye-catching, doesn't need anything to it than just the dress shining in the sun itself and if you're obsessed with anything silky and satin like I am then you probably own one already but more colours never hurt right? That's why I have 4 different coloured satin skirts in the closet and now I'm gonna need almost the same amount of slips! Especially need that ruched version from Topshop...


1. HERE  2. HERE 3. HERE

Really simply white and flowy dresses have become one of the best dresses to wear this season and it's with a good reason obviously, everyone loves them! Whether shorter or longer, the dress usually has a very flowy material and is of a breathing material like linen or flowy chiffon that makes you feel amazing during summer! These are really simple to style woth any shoes and accessories and of course wearable almost everywhere, but I recommend for a really stylish look to pair the dress up with light coloured knee high boots (or trendy cowboy boots) and a large blazer on top (black or beige for example)! Definiely gonna test that out! 



It's that really little cute dress that just screams retro-vibes! I think the best example of these dress come from the beautiful brand With Jean that depicts the romantic mini dress just as it should be. This dress should be in your vacation suitcase whereever you vacay during the summer and should probably have a sweet blush tone and fabric similar to the ones my mom had when young when they made a lot of their clothes themselves and it's so exciting for me to see that similarity! The dress is super flattering on everyone and I just love when it comes with off-shoulders cut! Look for "sweetheart dress" online.


1. HERE 2. HERE  3. HERE

Everything that looks like Zimmermann dresses basically (first one is an example from Zimmermann itself). I have seen this kind of dresses around for a while now and I think these are going to be the super trendy dresses everyone wants to have and wear, but doesn't find anywhere (unless you can get your fav ZImmermann just like that, oh well). H&M has a whole wide selection of cute floral and ruffled dresses like that and most of them are already sold out. This kind of dresses are the ones you can wear absolutely everywhere and with all kinds of shoes and they are always memorable! Of course it doesn't have to be short like I have pictured here but it's also gorgeous in midi and maxi lenght and they have that second H&M one in many sizes. Also they are flowy and feel very light and good. My favourite ones are the ones with open back and sides which makes these dresses not only adorrable but also pretty sexy. I ordered the third one from ASOS and can't wait to wear this all summer! 


1. HERE  2. HERE 3. HERE

Another trend still going strong for a long time now, maybe years already. The blazer dress is the ultimate fancy thing to wear and this season it has taken a step further from the usual belted one. Now girls try to find oversized blazers or their boyfriend's blazers that are so large that they are good to wear as dresses but aren't really meant to. That means that the shoulders will be huge and same goes for the rest of the cut and the sleeves, but that is the point - super oversized! Of course that look doesn't go everywhere and it's really hard to find these oversized blazers so I struggled hard to find anything and couldn't, again sold out! The closest I found to this idea was the third pink one and it's so open, but it's really cool to have a T-shirt under the blazer as well! So at least there's a wide selection of tailored ones everywhere so pick your colours and whether you want shoulder pads or not (I would get the shoulder pads any given day).Oh and another thing - try wearing your long blazer dress over a flowy midi skirt or a midi straight-cut satin skirt for a really stylish vibe! 

So here's a few that I have noticed around Instagram, magazines, different editorials and my own cut-feeling about what's gonna be trendy to wear this season. Of course it always comes down to what's your style and what you really love to wear but sometimes a little guidance is good when an event comes up or a vacation to Italyyy, whatever may it be but I hope I could be of some guide with this post! I also wanted to add that there are two more trends I've noticed - SILVER DRESSES AND CARGO DRESSES - that are really cool! Cargos are everywhere by now but I noticed some amazing choices of silver dresses in Zara and girls, that's where you should fetch that wedding guest dress! 

You know I LOVE to chitchat about clothes and could do it forever, but I'm gonna hold myself back and keep myself together now haha! J is about to come home from cinema so we'll watch some Office and head to sleep soon, good night! x 


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